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Best CRM Tools for WordPress in 2021

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Best WordPress CRM Tools

Building a strong and loyal relationship with customers is important and necessary when running a successful business. To make this process easier it’s best to configure a single platform to make the communication with customers smooth and systematic. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools are one of the best ways to manage the communication between the customer and business efficiently. They also help to improve sales, understand potential customers, manage business leads and convert them to sales.

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What is a CRM tool?

CRM tools allow you to store customer information in a database, create unique accounts for each customer specifically, and connect with them individually. Hence it opens a huge opportunity to collect customers’ data to analyze, which in turn helps in making better business decisions to boost sales.

An ideal CRM tool helps improve communication with customers by integrating email, live chat, and social media channels into a single system. And, it also offers records and analytics of the communications to get an insight into the current market value of your business and how many potential customers exist. Based on the analysis, you can take relevant actions, predict the future of your sales and work on them.

Simply, we can say that an ideal CRM tool creates a bond with customers by interacting with them through a trackable system that would also help to boost your sales and profitability.

CRM tools for WordPress

Many business websites are built on WordPress. To integrate a CRM tool into a WordPress website, adopting a third-party plugin or system is preferred. There are many free and premium CRM tools and plugins available for WordPress websites in the market. Each one carries a different set of features and specifications to improve the business’ relationship with customers.

In this article, I have picked 8 of the best WordPress CRM tools for your website and will be discussing their major features briefly. If you are in search of the best CRM tool for your WordPress website, you can go through them and pick the one which would totally suit your business requirements.

The 8 CRM tools we are focusing on in this article are as follows:

  1. Open Source HelpDesk & Customer Support Ticketing System
  2. WP ERP
  3. HubSpot
  4. UpiCRM
  5. DX Sales CRM
  6. vCita CRM
  7. WP CRM
  8. ZERO BS WordPress CRM

Now, let us go through these CRM tools one by one…

1. Open Source HelpDesk & Customer Support Ticketing System

Open Source HelpDesk & Customer Support Ticketing System

This open source help desk system is also compatible with other website platforms in addition to WordPress. It is basically an out-of-the-box solution that inherits all the features of an established WordPress help desk plugin – WSDesk. But, if you need to customize the existing feature set according to your business needs, you can get it customized with the help of their support team.

This helps to get connected with customers by providing a portal or form on your website and collect data regarding their requirements as well as they can raise tickets if they are existing customers. You can seamlessly integrate any third-party live chat and social media channels to gather messages and enquiries of customers in a single platform. Also, with the help of IMAP and Google OAuth integration, you can convert all emails that are received on a specific support email ID into trackable tickets. In addition to these, it generates analysis reports on time regarding the performance of your help desk system as well as agents who manage the communication to customers.

Other key specifications:

  • Allows storing all data on your own server to ensure security and avoid external dependencies.
  • Can add unlimited agent profiles.
  • Offers managed hosting services.
  • Can easily add charge for support options.
  • Efficient knowledge base integration.

Pricing: Open Source Helpdesk comes with 3 subscription plans such as Starter, Pro, and Ultimate from which you can choose a suitable plan based on the number of tickets you are required to manage in a day.



This WordPress Enterprise Resource Planning (WP ERP) is one of the popular CRM tools available for WordPress websites. It basically comes as a free plugin that already wraps up with essential features required to manage basic business-customer communication.

It helps to manage communication with the customers and helps to generate leads. In addition to that, it also helps you in human resource management and accounting.

Other key specifications:

  • Helps to add as many agent profiles as required and assign them to communicate and deal with the customers.
  • Supports around 40+ currencies to accept payment from customers.
  • Can make notes for your customers for better customer service and assistance.
  • Provides an option to check activity logs to go through the previous messages and communication with the customers.

Pricing: WP ERP basically comes as a free CRM tool. But if you need more advanced features, you can go for its premium version which starts at $129.90.

3. HubSpot


This CRM tool is totally free and helps you communicate with customers and capture their data through email, live chat, and forms. This tool will capture the data submitted by customers through any third-party forms

It also provides an analytics report and advanced options for email marketing. You cannot host this CRM on your own server, but you can access the data from your dashboard directly without going through the HubSpot every time.

Other key specifications:

  • Can create forms, pop-ups, and a live chat widget on your website with this plugin.
  • Can easily design, draft and send emails.
  • Allows setting triggers for sending automated emails to customers who do an action through the form on your website.

Pricing: Hubspot is totally free.

4. UpiCRM


This CRM tool will help you manage, track and organize communication with your customers. It has a feature to export all your customer contacts for pushing into another system without losing the data. And, it also allows you to collaborate data and communication from customers via multiple channels.

It is compatible with third-party forms like Gravity Forms, from which it can fetch data of customers. And, you can also assign the team members to deal with each and every customer by assigning them.

Other key specifications:

  • It has dashboards to display the reports and KPIs.
  • Helps to add status notes for the better management of leads.
  • Supports URL tagging.

Pricing: UpiCRM is a free plugin.

5. DX Sales CRM

DX Sales CRM

This WordPress CRM plugin will help you to keep a loyal contact with the customers as well as manage your leads in its interactive dashboard. And, it will make the communication with customers stronger since it lets you know what you have communicated with them before.

Also, this plugin helps to check the total number of sales that closed every week. And, it has dedicated features to list all your customers, their company, and the project you are committed to.

Other key specifications:

  • Deals with account management.
  • Provides self-service portal option.
  • Efficient database management of customer information.

Pricing: The DX Sales CRM plugin is available for free.

6. vCita CRM

vcita client management software for small businesses

This CRM plugin is compatible with almost all website platforms in addition to WordPress. It comes up with advanced features that you can use for CRM management irrespective of the profession and the area in which you concentrate your business on.

It gathers all the information regarding customers and their contact details in one place from where you can track the details of the products or services they are looking for and monitor their purchase history.

Other key specifications:

  • Also available on mobile interfaces.
  • Allows adding notes to customers’ profiles.
  • Helps to initiate the follow-up with the customers on time with its efficient options.
  • Customers can access their profile and make edits.

Pricing: vCIta is a premium plugin, and plans start at $19 per month.



This plugin is best suitable for small businesses since it simplifies customer-business contact management. It also contains features for better project management and, open for integrating third-party applications.

It offers a single platform for managing all the contact with your customers. You can manage all contact details and other data from your WordPress dashboard itself.

Other key specifications:

  • Helps to send invoices and accept payments from clients.
  • Can trigger email notifications to the admin.
  • Open for personalizing the system in accordance with your business niche.
  • Efficient campaign management features.

Pricing: WP CRM is a premium plugin that comes up with 3 pricing plans such as Plus, Enhanced, and Professional. The basic plan starts at $99 per month.

8. JetPack CRM

Jetpack CRM

This is basically a free plugin and 30+ premium extensions are available for it to integrate more advanced features into your CRM system. It allows you to manage unlimited customers in a single platform and you can build customer profiles in detail and organize them properly for easy access.

Using this plugin, you can also send invoices, quotes, and proposals to clients.

Other key specifications:

  • Compatible with almost all WordPress tools and SaaS systems.
  • Helps to create custom forms as well as integrates forms built with other tools.
  • Allows you to send emails directly from this CRM system.
  • Highly recommendable for WooCommerce stores.

Pricing: JetPack CRM is free.

You would find more WordPress CRMs in the market. But, these are the few best picks that I found really helpful. Before integrating one for your business, go through their features thoroughly and do a trial if it is a premium one.

Wrap Up

CRM tools are essential to manage the overall communication and relationship with customers. This will help you create a single platform to gather contacts from multiple sources and manage them effectively. Also, some CRM plugins offer HR management and sales management in addition to the basic functionalities – making them a must have for most online businesses.

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