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10 Best WordPress Multi-Author Management Plugins

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10 Best WordPress Multi-Author Management Plugins

Setting up and Managing a multi-author blog has its own challenges. But with WordPress, nothing seems impossible, thanks to dozens of useful and powerful plugins it comes with. And managing a multi-author website is no exception.

In today’s post, we are going to share 10 best WordPress multi-author management plugins you can integrate into your website to make things a lot easier.

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1. Co-Author Plus

Co-Author Plus

When you run a blog with multiple authors, you can either display posts under editorial staff name or show co-authors name by linking their profile individually. If you are planning to go with the second way, Co-Author Plus is a perfect choice for you. It is one of the most popular and advanced Multi-author management WordPress plugins that lets you display authors name below every their blog post.

Impressive features of Co-Author Plus:

  • Lets you change the order of the author by simply dragging and dropping their name
  • Also allows you to change author by clicking on their names
  • Comes with a search functionality to make it easier for you to search authors from your author list.

2. Revisionary


Users usually don’t have permissions to edit a published post when working on a multi-author blog. However, Revisionary, as the name suggests, enables you to integrate a system that automatically gives permission to all the users to suggest changes in their already published post. Of course, no changes will be made without the approval of the administrator.

Impressive features of Revisionary

  • Comes with Enhanced Revision Management Form
  • Pending Revisions allow designated users to propose modifications to a currently published page or post.
  • Front-end preview display of Scheduled / Pending Revisions with “Publish Now” link
  • Comes with a new WordPress role, “Revisor”
  • Works with blog-wide WordPress Roles, or in conjunction with Press Permit or Role Scoper

3. Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar is the most advanced and feature-rich plugin that is used by a wide range of websites. The plugin allows you to add a beautiful look at the upcoming posts. Editorial Calendar also enables you to create drafts as well as a schedule a time right from the calendar itself. You can then use those drafts on a daily basis or modify the time.

Impressive features of Editorial Calendar

  • See all of your posts and when they’ll be posted.
  • Drag and drop to change your post dates.
  • Manage your drafts with our new drafts drawer.
  • Quick edit post titles, contents, and times.
  • Publish posts or manage drafts.
  • Easily see the status of your posts.
  • Manage posts from multiple authors.

4. Edit Flow

Edit Flow

Edit Flow is a free plugin that advertises simplicity and speed. It empowers webmasters to collaborate with their editorial team within their WordPress powered websites. The plugin offers easy customization, thanks to its modular structure. Edit Flow is packed with a convenient month-by-month calendar.

Impressive features of Edit Flow

  • Comes integrated with Custom Statuses to define the key stages to your workflow.
  • Equipped with editorial comments
  • Editorial Metadata – Keep track of the important details.
  • Offers timely notifications of the updates on the content you’re following.
  • Lets you view your upcoming content budget with story budget
  • Comes with various user groups to keep your users organized by function or department.

5. Author Avatars List

Author Avatars List

Author Avatars List is yet another popular multi-author WordPress plugin that makes it easy for you to show a list of user avatars, categorized by user roles, on your multi-author website. It also enables you to add single avatars for different email address or users into a page or post.

Impressive features of Author Avatars List

  • Allow you to show a custom title
  • Also, let’s hide certain users or show specific user groups
  • Change the sort order of users or show in random order
  • Limit the number of users shown
  • Optionally show a user’s name or biography
  • Adjust the size of user avatars

6. Ad Sharing

Ad Sharing

Ad Sharing employs various methods to help you manage authors on your website. The plugin allows you to share ads such as Adsense with your writers and authors on either a multisite network or a single install. Also, it allows you to provide 100% of the revenue to your authors.

Impressive features of Ad Sharing

  • Lets you add ads either above or below posts
  • Offers an interactive way to share ad revenue
  • Automatically inserts codes without having to write or modify the code.
  • Allows you to choose any advertising partner you want including context ads, AdSense and much more

7. Post Pay Counter

Post Pay Counter

Post Pay Counter is similar to Ad Sharing, which allows you to configure payment calculations on the basis of admin-defined fields such as comments, images, visits, the number of words, and the number of posts.

Impressive features of Post Pay Counter

  • Allows you to pay per post, visit, word, comment, and image
  • Also lets you pay with an incremental system
  • No need to sign-up to set up or use this plugin
  • Comes with customizable permissions to prevent users from using functions and seeing stats that they are not supposed to see.

8. Users Submitted Posts

Users Submitted Posts

Users Submitted Posts is considered to be #1 plugin for user-generated content. The plugin allows you to add a frontend form via shortcode or template tag that lets you users upload images and submit posts. You can add the shortcode [user-submitted-posts] to any widget, page or post.

Impressive features of Users Submitted Posts

  • Post submissions might involve post, URL, author, category, tags, title etc.
  • Enable users to submit posts from anywhere on the website
  • Consider submitted images as featured images
  • Includes hidden field, customizable captcha and input validation to stop spam
  • WP’s built-in rich text editor for post content

9. WP User Frontend

WP User Frontend

Want to limit the access of your authors to the backend of the website? WP User Frontend can make it possible for users to add their posts directly from the frontend of the website. The plugin also allows your users to create, update, edit and delete posts right from the frontend.

Impressive features of WP User Frontend

  • Lets you create a new post
  • Allows you to edit post
  • Edit profile from the front end
  • Allows administrators to limit any user level on accessing the backend of the website
  • Attachments can be uploaded from the frontend
  • Uploading Post featured images
  • Lets administrators manage users from the frontend

10. Capability Manager Enhanced

Capability Manager Enhanced

Capability Manager Enhanced is a modest, robust and powerful WordPress plugin that enables you to change the inbuilt capability of a user role in the WordPress powered website. It offers the simplest way to manage WordPress user role definitions such as author, editor, contributor, subscriber etc.

Impressive features of Capability Manager Enhanced

  • Allows you to create roles
  • Backup and restore Roles and Capabilities to revert your last changes.
  • Lets you manage role capabilities
  • Supports negation and lets you set any capability to blocked, not granted or granted
  • Also, enables you to copy any role all network sites
  • And mark any role for auto-copy to future network sites
  • Revert capabilities and roles to WordPress defaults.

Over to you

So now as you have gone through the list of best multi-author management plugin, you can choose the most suitable one for your website. Also, if you think more plugins can be added to the list, please share it in the comments below.

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