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Restrict Content Pro Review & Guide

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Restrict Content Pro WordPress Plugin

Hello again friends! We’re back with another awesome deal for you. This time it’s for the Restrict Content Pro WordPress plugin from Pippin’s Plugins, which will allow you to easily create a membership site. Now let’s get into why this plugin is so awesome!

Reasons To Add Memberships To Your Website

There are may reasons to add a membership system to your website. Here are a couple of the reasons why you might want or need to add a members only section to your website.

Start Your Own Online Store

Restrict Content Pro Plan Options

Memberships are a great way to make a living from your website, and if you want to sell product or service packages on your website you’ll want to integrate your own membership platform. Restrict Content Pro comes with full support for plans with lots of customization options so you can edit the price, duration, access level and more. And the plugin even has add-ons to integrate with Download Monitor (so you can manage your own downloads from your own website) as well as AffiliateWP (if you want to start your very own affiliate program).

Grow Your Business

Restrict Content Pro Restricted Content

You can also offer free memberships, which area a great way for you to grow your business. With a members section you can provide more value and gain more readers. Here at WPExplorer we have users sign in for our exclusive free themes that you can only find on our site. If you want to offer any form of exclusive or members only content, Restrict Content Pro is a great way to do so.

Add Memberships With Restrict Content Pro

Adding memberships to your website doesn’t have to be hard – Restrict Content Pro makes it very easy! Just install the plugin and configure the options for your subscriptions, manage your members, export financial data and more.

Restrict Content Pro Subscriptions

Everything is available from your WordPress dashboard and is clearly labeled (with descriptions) to help you understand and fully utilize each of the features at your fingertips. And you can add multiple levels, upgrades and even discount codes.

Restrict Content Pro Reporting

Oh, and there is a pretty stellar reporting section as well. You can view graphs for your earnings and signups (which are both filterable by subscription level and time span so you can monitor your progress).

What Sets Restrict Content Pro Apart From Competitors

We know there are many free and premium options to consider, but for many WordPress bloggers and entrepreneurs Restrict Content Pro is on of the best options. First of all, you can try out the plugin for free by downloading the Restrict Content Free WordPress plugin from Once you know it’s the right plugin for you, upgrading to the Pro version is as easy as picking your plan.

The plugin has also been coded with a purpose. We’ve know Pippin for a very long time and we know that he is one of the best plugin developers, hands down. Why else would trust him to review submissions? When he creates a plugin, like Restrict Content Pro, every line of code and every plugin feature is selected thoughtfully and with purpose. This makes for a strong, reliable and secure plugin.

But the backend of the plugin isn’t the only important factor, Restrict Content Pro is also very easy to use. All of the options and features are available right from the WordPress dashboard (like your earnings & signups reports, pdf invoices, or export options to member & payment data). And there are shortcodes so you can insert forms, restrict content, add subscription details and more wherever you might need them.

Plus, if you have a question you can probably find the answer in the comprehensive online documentation. Everything is in there from installation and using shortcodes, to developer focused docs about action hooks and functions. Even better, there are videos and screenshots to walk you through each step of every guide so you can follow along. And on the off chance you can’t find an answer, or if you have a feature request, the Restrict Content Pro support team is happy to help. Just submit a request and a tech will get back to you as soon as they can.

Oh, and while not specific to Restrict Content Pro, a premium plugin membership for one of Pippin’s powerful plugins grants you access to exclusive tutorials and resources on his website. A great resource for any WordPress power user!

And Restrict Content Pro Can Do So Much More, With Add-ons

Restrict Content Pro Add-Ons

Want even more? There are ton’s of features you can add to your installation of Restrict Content Pro with add-ons. Currently there are 12 free and premium add-ons created by Pippin, for Download Monitor, AffiliateWP, WP Job Manager, MailChimp, Braintree Payment Gateway, Campaign Monitor, Wysija Add On, Math Verification, bbPress integration, CSV User Import, EDD Member Discounts and Enforce Strong Passwords.

And there are 9 additional 3-rd party add-ons to boot, for ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, iDevAffiliate, MailChimp Pro, BuddyPress, taxamo, GetResponse, Terms & Conditions and EDD Discounts. You can view and learn more about all of the Restrict Content Pro add-ons on the website.

Restrict Content Pro, A Top Notch Plugin

We give Restrict Content Pro 5 stars for easy of use, availability of add-ons & extensions and the quality of documentation. It’s a great plugin for beginners since the options are easy to understand and configure, but it’s equally suited for advanced developers who will take advantage of the action hooks, template files and more.

Get Restrict Content Pro Today

We look forward to seeing you back tomorrow for another all new exclusive deal from one of our favorite resources for WordPress – Might Deals!

Article by Kyla staff
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