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10 Best Restaurant and Cafe Themes for WordPress

April 29, 2018
Restaurant & Cafe WordPress Themes

In today’s mobile-first world, you need an online presence to grow your business. Some folks might think –

Oh I don’t need a website, all my customers are local!

Why of course, they are. But you’re wrong. You cannot unequivocally say that nice looking website will not get you more customers, or that the cost of initial setup exceeds the returns. You’re probably wrong. Why? Because my imaginary friend, Will, has a story to share.

Will setup a small eatery right by the intersection of two of the busiest streets in town. His primary customers we regulars – office folks and social workers alike. He only sold tea (and biscuits) twice a day, once from 9.30 to 11 AM and in the evening from 4-5 PM.

Days passed by and Will’s business grew. Soon the shanty old tea stall hired the building in front of which it had setup shop for the past 5 years. Things were looking good.

One fine evening, a young digital marketing consultant by the name of Sonora tasted a cup of Will’s special tea. And she was amazed. “Hey you should totally put this online – people should know about this,” said the anxious Sonora. It was in this moment, that our story had arrived at a crossroad. Will had two choices:

  1. Take up Sonora’s offer and get his business online OR
  2. Politely refuse Sonora’s offer, and keep things as is

I don’t know how things would’ve gone if Will had picked number 2. He picked number 1 and took up Sonora’s offer. By the virtue of her field, Sonora had a good idea about WordPress. She loved it. For the next three days, she took an extra five minutes for her evening tea break, and bought a domain, a small hosting package from BlueHost and installed WordPress. All of this was done in the first day and had found a new home in the Internet.

But lo! There was still the matter of a nice looking website – one that would give the customers a pleasant feel. So she spent the next 4 days (that’s around 20-25 minutes) surfing for restaurant and cafe themes on ThemeForest and other WordPress theme marketplaces. She mostly preferred ThemeForest because of its extensive categorization and organized presentation of things. Here are a few themes she liked:

Disclaimer: WPExplorer is an affiliate for one or more products listed below. If you click a link and complete a purchase we could make a commission.

1. Frattini | A Premium Restaurant, Cakes and Coffee WordPress Template

01 Frattini A Premium Restaurant, Cakes and Coffee WordPress Template

Of the themes Samona liked, this one piqued her interest the most. Knowing that Will’s website would be one featuring tea and coffee, she checked out this theme.

She found that the theme was ideal, not only for cafes, but also for bakeries, ice cream shops and restaurants. The theme had everything a an online shop needed – AJAX enabled contact forms (that’s when the customer can send you an email from your Contact Us page, without having the page to refresh or reload). Other than that, the homepage featured rotating image sliders, powered by the FlexSlider or the bxSlider WordPress plugin which is included in the theme.

Finally, from a technical standpoint, the theme was powered by the latest technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3, the Open Sans Google Web Font, Font Awesome icon – all of this based on the mighty Bootstrap 3 framework.

2. Cafe Food & Drink, A Total WordPress Theme Creation

Cafe Total WordPress Theme

Cafe is a beautiful single page website design for any restaurant, cafe, deli or ice cream shop. It’s one of the many demos for the Total WordPress theme, so to use it all you have to do is import the demo. Total’s theme features include:

  • Four premium plugins for FREE: Visual Composer, Templatera, Slider Revolution & Layer Slider
  • Hundreds of customization options via the Live Customizer
  • 700+ Google fonts to choose from plus font size, color, spacing and more
  • A custom header & footer builder
  • Fullwidth & boxed layouts
  • Custom post types for portfolio, staff and testimonials
  • A beautiful (and customizable) blog
  • And so much more!

Total is a great theme if you want powerful options with the flexibility to create the website you want. With all of the custom Visual Composer elements, live theme Customizer options and premium plugins there’s nothing you can’t create.

3. Ristorante – Creative Restaurant WordPress Theme

02 Ristorante - Creative Restaurant WordPress Theme

Samona found the Ristorante theme to be brilliantly designed with a handful of stunning options.

  • The first of which were Dishes – you could categorize them under Entrees, Desserts, etc. (something Will could use later)
  • Taxonomy helped filter different food items for people with very particular taste – such as only Brazilian coffee beans.
  • The Events option was there just in case Will decided to run a special 2 hour coffee promo.
  • Other than this, the theme had a page builder plugin and dedicated WooCommerce integration, so that Will’s customers could book a reservation!

Form a visual perspective, the theme supported 6 different layouts – such as single column (with or without images), two columns side by side (with or without images), and a gorgeous carousel display listing three or five items.

4. Montmartre – Cafe & Restaurant WordPress Theme

03 Montmartre Cafe Restaurant WordPress Theme

Samona had earlier used themes from CMS Masters and she absolutely loved their work. This new theme was also a stunner. It had event scheduling, custom post-types, tight WooCommerce integration for table bookings and home deliveries, shortcodes for menu, and the all-powerful CMS Masters admin panel using which you could customize almost every aspect of the theme.

5. Grand Restaurant | Restaurant Cafe Theme

04 Grand Restaurant Restaurant Cafe Theme

True to its name, Samona found that this theme author had left no stone unturned while developing this theme. The theme features a live customizer so you can track and make changes in realtime. It also has the drag-and-drop content builder, multiple Google Maps support (so that anyone can locate any branch) and WooCommerce integration for food delivery.

6. Vicky – WordPress Restaurant & Cafe Theme

05 Vicky - WordPress Restaurant & Cafe Theme

Another brilliant theme, Samona found this one to have a fully responsive, mobile first design, drag-and-drop page builder, parallax effects and 5 restaurant options including coffee shop, wine shop and the regular restaurant. Booking a reservation via a smartphone was especially easy and useful, thanks to the tight WooCommerce integration.

7. SNDWCH – Restaurant WordPress Theme

06 SNDWCH - Restaurant WordPress Theme

What Samona found most interesting about this theme is that it comes with a reservation system powered by an iPhone app! As crazy as it sounds, here’s the exact quote:

The application is called “Reserved” and will launch simultaneously with this theme. This application is for restaurant managers, owners and hosts. It is designed to communicate directly to your WordPress website. Someone goes to your website and submits a reservation and you can seat your guests using the iPhone or iPad version of this app. The purpose of this application is to simply how you manage your restaurant’s table reservations. Your website will generate a secure password that you can plug directly into the iPhone or iPad app.

The theme comes with advanced functionalities such as data tracking unlimited menus with a price and calorie counter and the theme’s contact form stores the data directly in your database.

8. WordPress Restaurant Theme – Resca

07 WordPress Restaurant Theme Resca

Samona loved this theme for two reasons. One, it came with a built-in plugin called the WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugin which made it incredibly simple to create Will’s menus. The second being the ability to book a table with OpenTable or built-in reservation form. Besides this, the theme was based on the Bootstrap 3 framework, had amazing parallax effects and WooCommerce integration.

9. Tavern – Professional Restaurant Theme

09 Tavern Professional Restaurant Theme

Samona found that this theme also makes the list thanks to it multipurpose nature! The theme has 4 demo layouts ready (admittedly not as many as the previous one), but it supports reservations via OpenTable, and a drag-and-drop page builder plugin comes with the theme!

What really impressed her was the minimalistic layout of the theme, which focussed on present the content in the most appealing way. The one-page layout coupled with the generous font size made a great user experience.

On the technical side, the theme is powered by the Slider Revolution plugin and which supports advanced parallax scrolling including the arrow keys from the keyboard. It is also approved by the Google Mobile Friendly Test, so you know your customers can book on-the-fly. Oh the theme also had an awesome admin panel powered by the redux framework and came with tight WooCommerce integration.

10. Brewery: A WordPress Theme for Beer Makers

10 Brewery A WordPress Theme for Beer Makers

Last but not the least, this theme was the most intriguing of the lot Samona saw. This one, as the name suggests, was the perfect theme for beer makers. What is Will’s business (remember him?) was an awesome pub that served only hand crafted special beer? This theme would surely be the one, then!

I mean the theme had a Beer Directory where you could categorize your beer for easy reference. It also had a store locator (powered by Google Maps) and online ordering via WooCommerce. The most interesting part, however, was the Live Customizer. I’m not going to tell you what it is. Head over to the theme’s page to find out! 😉


I hope you’ve enjoyed this awesome list. My imaginary friend Will and his friend Samona will see you in the next theme list! If you have any theme you’d like to suggest for Will, please go ahead and leave a comment. I’ll make sure Will gets the message.

Article by Sourav WPExplorer Author
Published on: February 2, 2016
Last updated on: April 29, 2018
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