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17 Best Quiz Plugins for WordPress to Improve User Engagement

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Best Quiz Plugins for WordPress to Improve User Engagement

At some point during the course our online entrepreneurial journey, we find ourselves asking what next? What can we do to keep our readers engaged? Sure, video is a great way to improve user stickiness. So is podcasting. But sometimes, we just don’t have the bandwidth to carry out those activities. Creating good videos and podcasts take time and effort – not only to plan, but to prepare and market as well.

Here’s an idea – quizzes! Quizzes are an excellent way to keep your users engaged. People spend time interacting with the quiz, as a result of which they spend a lot of time in your site. Here’s why quizzes are great for your content marketing efforts:

  • People start spending more time on your site. This means lower bounce rates.
  • Lower bounce rates mean better SEO scores.
  • Quizzes improve user-engagement and stickiness – they set you apart from the test
  • People tend to start following you as a brand, which build brand loyalty.
  • Loyal users are the most likely people to purchase your product or service, and stick through it.
  • If the product is good, loyal users become long-term users, which increases the customer lifetime value.
  • Loyal users also tend to recommend your product or service to their friends, family and colleagues – classic word-of-mouth marketing.
  • All of the above factors directly increase conversions and revenue.
  • Plus, quizzes are a heck of lot fun to create!
Disclaimer: WPExplorer is an affiliate for one or more products listed below. If you click a link and complete a purchase we could make a commission.

Why Quizzes are the Real Deal

To give you an idea that we’re not fooling around, check out this BuzzSumo report that highlights the most shared content in social media in 2015. #8 in that list is quizzing people. For example, a quiz entitled What is Your Most Dominant Trait? from PlayBuzz got almost 4 million shares on social media.

Here are a few sites killing their social shares using quizzes:


screenshot of disney's quiz

Disney’s top quiz “Who is your Disney Spirit Animal” received over 800,000 shares.

Barcelona Football Club

Barcelona’s Big League Quiz received over 100,000 shares.

Liverpool Football Club

Their Beatles lyrics quiz was the most shared content item on their entire site last year, receiving over 600,000 shares.

Country Outfitter (Fashion brand)

This fashion brand’s Garth Brooks lyrics quiz received over 60,000 shares, making it their tenth highest shared piece of content in the last 12 months.


Well, it’s Buzzfeed.

The Best Quiz Plugins for WordPress

Now that you are (hopefully) convinced that quizzes do well for you, let’s get started. Today’s post will cover some of the best free and premium quizzing plugins for WordPress.

OnionBuzz Viral Quiz Creator Premium WordPress Plugin

OnionBuzz Quiz Maker

If you want to build your own BuzzFeed-like quizzes then the OnionBuzz quiz creator is the plugin for you. This powerful plugin includes easy options for quiz layouts, feeds/categories, MailChimp integration (lock quiz results), and even custom formats including:

  • Personality
  • Trivia
  • Lists
  • Ranked lists
  • Flip cards
  • And more to come!

Just use the built-in options to create your custom quiz, then use the automatically generated shortcode to insert it on any post, page or widget ready area on your website. Plus all of the quizzes you create with OnionBuzz are completely responsive and mobile friendly – so it’s the perfect addition to your viral website!

OnionBuzz Quiz Maker allows you to use 3 different types of answers for your quizzes: lists, grids or matches. These answer types will provide any of your quizzes with interesting choices, which could be even transformed into an exciting story or interactive adventure for your users. Post-answer options can display the right variant just after the user`s selection or after the end of the whole test.

Social sharing buttons can be easily added to any of your quizzes, which gives ample opportunities for your content to become really viral. You can also add the subscription form to your email newsletter. This will help to enlarge your subscribers base significantly, especially in a conjunction with content locker (providing a user email to continue a quiz or to see the results). Mailchimp integration allows to add new subscribers directly to your base on this service.

OnionBuzz Viral Quiz Maker ensures the wide customization opportunities for styles, layouts and question ordering. You can display quizzes as a full list or as a slider with one question per slide. User-defined or random question ordering can increase the revisiting value for each quiz.

OnionBuzz is suitable not only for entertainment purposes, but also for serious test on some school or university subjects, as well as a tool for preparing and checking your knowledge.

OnionBuzz Viral Quiz Maker is fully mobile responsive and optimized for use with WordPress widgets. Special feeds option can help to filter your quizzes by categories.

WP-Quiz Freemium WordPress Plugin

WP-Quiz is an all-in-one quiz plugin which lets you create unlimited quizzes, that are optimized for mobile view and works with any WordPress theme. The plugin makes it very simple to create three types of quizzes:

  • Trivia
  • Personality
  • Flip

It gives you an intuitive interface for each of these quiz types. Once you’ve created a quiz, you can include it in any post or page using a shortcode. You can also split the quiz into multiple pages, which increases pageviews. However, some users (including myself) might drop off, if they are unable to get a single-page view of the quiz.

Apart from these features, the pro version of the plugin gives you enhanced features such as Google Analytics and Facebook’s Open Graph integration, randomize questions, etc.

A set of features that I particularly found interesting were the “conversion centric” ones. Humans by nature are curious people (that’s how we got where we are today), and this feature leverages that very aspect of human psychology. Features like subscribe or share post to see results plays on the curiosity of the user and forces them to take action (i.e. share or subscribe), in order to view their results.

WordPress Viral Quiz Builder Premium WordPress Plugin

Viral Quiz Builder enables you to quickly build BuzzFeed-style quizzes, which are also capable of capturing leads. The plugin supports MailChimp and Aweber and ActiveCampaign email marketing software.

There are two types of quizzes – personality test and trivia, with the option to randomize the order to questions. You can also create multi-page quizzes with “browser refresh” feature, which increases your site’s pageviews.

The plugin supports hiding the quiz results behind content lockers such as an email optin box or social share, compelling the user to subscribe or share your post, before they can see the results.

Quiz and Survey Master Free WordPress Plugin

Quiz and Survey Master helps you build customizable quizzes and surveys in your WordPress website. Question type includes multiple choice with radio boxes, dropdown menus, multiple entries using checkboxes, binary answers (such as true/false, yes/no, etc.) and open ended questions.

The plugin has other useful features such as emailing the results, setting time limit, displaying hints, answer explanation placement, comment boxes for each question, require user login, etc.

Watu Freemium WordPress Plugin

Watu enables you to conduct quizzes with open-ended, multiple-choice and single choice questions. Questions can also be made as mandatory, where the user must answer it to participate in the quiz.

Like most plugins, each question can be assigned a unique score, which at the end of the quiz is calculated in the result. Watu can also generate a basic bar chart showing user points vs. average points on a given quiz, along with a list of all participants.

The Watu to MailChimp Bridge is an interesting companion plugin that automatically adds uses who take your quiz, to your MailChimp list. It is always a best practice to notify (or even use an opt-out checkbox) the quiz participant that he/she will be subscribed to the list upon taking the quiz. That way you’d avoid negative sentiment for your brand.

The premium version of the plugin starts at $49 (including one year of support and updates) and brings features such as quiz result exports, login-only quiz features and more. The higher plans at $87+ gives you the ability to charge users to access a quiz. Furthermore, it has additional quiz types such as “Fill in the Blanks” and “Sort the Values”, and other useful features such as Intelligence and Reporting modules.

Quiz Cat Free WordPress Plugin

Quiz Cat enables you to creates immersive quiz landing pages. This feature itself can lead to a possible increase in social shares, when compared to in-post quizzes. The plugin supports multiple choice questions and the ability to randomize the options, in order to ensure that the reader actually reads the questions. At the end of the quiz, you can create unlimited custom message based on the user’s score.

Chained Quiz Free WordPress Plugin

A fairly new plugin in the family, Chained Quiz has only over 1000 installations at the time of writing this post. The plugin enables you to build dynamic quizzes where the next question is dependent on the answer of the previous question. It can be used to create pretty cool quizzes which reveal your personality or emotional quotient.

You create single-choice, multiple-choice or essay-type questions in your quiz, and assign points to each answer. The results are calculated based on the final scores.

OpinionStage Freemium WordPress Plugin

OpinionStage is a hosted content-enhancement solution trusted by brands like BBC, MTV and ReadersDigest. The platform can be used to create beautiful polls, detailed surveys and engaging quizzes. (We’re going to stick to the quizzes part.)

First off, the solution is hosted, it means that your server’s resources are saved – the calculation is managed by OpinionStage.  You can create personality and trivia quizzes, and customize elements of the quiz including font size, colours, etc.

Once you create a quiz, you either host in in OpinionStage website or embed it in your own site. We highly recommend the latter, since our objective is to increase user-engagement in our site.

The premium version of the plugin starts at $19/mo, and gives you access to deeper social network integration, better analytics and the ability to generate leads from your quizzes.

Riddle Free WordPress Plugin

Riddle is a polls, surveys and quiz hosting service with the ability to capture leads when a visitor participates in a quiz. Like OpinionStage, the service is used by big brands such as AdWeek, The Huffington Post, etc.

The plugin supports lead capturing to multiple channels such as Aweber, MailChimp or other CRMs via Zaiper. The Integrations feature enables you to search and embed images from Facebook, Instagram and Google Images, straight into your quiz.

mTouch Quiz Free WordPress Plugin

mTouch Quiz is a simple quiz plugin that supports multiple choice questions. The plugin enables you to specify hints based on answer selection, give a detailed explanation of the solution, specify when the correct answers are displayed and randomize both the flow of questions and answer options.

WP-Pro-Quiz Free WordPress Plugin

WP-Pro-Quiz is a feature-rich plugin supporting five question types including:

  • Single Choice
  • Multiple Choice
  • “Sorting” Choice
  • “Free” Choice
  • “Matrix Sorting” Choice

You can randomize both the questions and answers, allocate different points to each answer and have multimedia such as images and video in the questions. The plugin also has cool features such as a leaderboard, import/export quiz, quiz summary email notifications and more.

SlickQuiz Free WordPress Plugin

Although the plugin hasn’t been updated for over two years at the time of writing this post, SlickQuiz still enjoys 4000 active installations. It includes all the basic features of the quiz plugin including multiple-choice questions and randomization of both questions and answers. At the end of the quiz, the results are displayed along with a customizable ranking.

WordPress Simple Surveys Freemium WordPress Plugin

Similar to SlickQuiz, WordPress Simple Surveys hasn’t been updated for over two years, while having 5000 active installations at the time of writing this post.  The plugin supports multiple-choice questions, weighted results and CSV export of the quiz results.

The extended version of the plugin ($35) enables you to add text or images to your post and give the user a URL containing his/her answers.

WordPress Quiz Premium WordPress Plugin

WordPress Quiz enables you to create highly customizable quizzes with the ability to limit quiz submissions based on cookie and IP address of the user.

You can use images and videos in the questions, limit the number of questions a person take answer and randomize the order of questions in the quiz. The plugin shows statistical information of completed quizzes – giving you an idea of your visitors are responding to your quiz.

ViralPress – Viral news, Lists, Quiz, Videos & Polls Premium WordPress Plugin

ViralPress is your one-stop destination for creating highly engaging content with exclusive features such as meme generators, like/vote buttons, GIF reactions, image comments, etc., with advanced social media integration.

In terms of quizzes, ViralPress supports four types of questions – trivia, two personality type quizzes and the default multiple choice questions. The social shares are tracked the number is saved in your database for each post.

There is a lot more to this plugin other than quizzes. If you’re looking to create a BuzzFeed or 9GAG themed website, ViralPress could be a good option for you!

GuessOn – All in One Viral Quiz & Polls Premium WordPress Plugin

GuessOn for WordPress supports multiple quiz question types such as:

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Flip type questions
  • Before & After questions
  • Personality test
  • Trivia Contest

The plugin supports locking quiz results behind social lockers and custom, timer countdown for personality and trivia based quizzes, automated Twitter hashtags, and support for advertisements. GuessOn also supports rank lists and open ended submissions which can be great for building a community and a loyal user base.

WordPress Quiz Engine Plugin Premium WordPress Plugin

WordPress Quiz Engine Plugin is the jack-of-all-trades quiz plugin for WordPress with five question types:

  1. Single and Multiple Choice
  2. “Sorting” Choice
  3. “Free” Choice
  4. “Matrix Sorting” Choice

In each question, you can embed multimedia files, assign different points, embed custom fields, and display hints along with a correct or incorrect response message.

In the quiz, you can define a time limit, randomize the questions, preview quiz before submission and display the quiz statistics in the leaderboard. The plugin as other interesting features such as import/export a quiz, and enforcing a requirement to finish a dependent quiz before starting a specific one.

WordPress Quiz Engine is fully compatible with caching plugins such as WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache, which ensures a speedy site and a seamless user experience.


It’s a crowded blogging world out there, isn’t it? We all want to stand out. For that, we need a following – a loyal user base. However, building a loyal user base is no easy task.

Once you start getting steady traffic in your website, you should parallelly start the nourishment process. It takes time to nurture your visitors and convert them into readers, and eventually into loyal fans.

When you prepare a quiz for your visitors, you tend to stand apart from the rest. The more relevant the quiz is to your content – higher the chances of building loyal visitors.

Bonus Reading: Check out this infographic from PlayBuzz that talks about what quizzes work best with your audience.

Just remember – traffic is a generic term. All websites get traffic. Niche websites get targeted traffic. Getting traffic is getting visitors.

Visitors don’t convert easily. Readers to. Loyal users convert better.

So, the next time you launch a service or product, who do you think is going to buy it?

What are your favourite quiz plugins for WordPress? Did we miss your plugin? Let us know in the comments below!

Article by Sourav author
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  1. Candace Newell

    Hey, The post is interesting because I have been searching best quality quiz plugin for my client website. After reading this post, I found Watu is suitable for my site. Thanks for recommending the wonderful plugin.

  2. villaribo

    I love OnionBuzz, quizzes look great. Thanks for sharing!

  3. it's me

    Does anyone know any user generated quiz tools?


    • Kyla Avatar Kyla

      The only one I am aware of is a free plugin called “WPLMS User Generated Quiz” but I believe it requires purchasing the premium WPLMS theme from ThemeForest.

  4. Shardul

    You’ve compiled a fantastic list of Quiz plugins. However, there’s one more plugin that can make an excellent addition to your list. WordPress Quiz by WPeka allows you to create quizzes which goes viral like BuzzFeed Quizzes easily. You might want to check out this plugin.

  5. meike

    The only one I am aware of is a free plugin called “WPLMS User Generated Quiz” but I believe it requires purchasing the premium WPLMS theme from ThemeForest.

    • Kyla Avatar Kyla

      Yes – that is a free plugin extension the VibeThemes team developed specifically for their premium WPMLS theme to make it easy for admins/educators to create quizzes.

  6. Dali

    I love OnionBuzz, quizzes look great. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Nick Daly

    The Topgrade quiz plugin is worth checking out. It allows multiple choice, ordering, matching and fill in the blanks questions with images and explanations. It’s free, I’ve found it useful.

  8. bosola

    Hi, great list you have here. I noticed you didn’t mention Snax plugin though. However, I’ll probably try Onionbuzz and see how it works. Thanks for sharing

    • Kyla Avatar Kyla

      I hadn’t seen it before – but Snax looks like another great option! Plenty of poll and quiz features – we’ll have to get it added to the list in the next update!

  9. Livinus

    Please I am searching for a plugin that enables users to come back to a particular question even though they have logged out of the site. Eg. A user is answering the quiz and for some reasons couldn’t finish up. Next time the user logs in, I want a plugin that allows the user to continue from the last question instead of starting from the beginning. Thank you.

  10. LIANA

    Hi, quite good post and useful information, just I think it would be fair enough to add Quiz Maker plugin into the list. I am using it now after trying several plugins and it is the one that have met all my needs. I highly recommend to those who are still in search.

  11. Mildred

    I have been wanting to try quizzes for a while but there are so many quiz makers to choose from. However, the problem I am having is the questions I will use with them. Am not the creative type to just create questions out of thin air. None of the software here seems to have some sort of quiz bank that I can buy with it. If you know of where I can get a quiz bank that would work with any of these quiz makers please please let me know.

    • Kyla Avatar Kyla

      You might want to checkout the ProProfs Quiz maker, which offers 100,000+ ready to use quiz questions. Just keep in mind that it is pricy as this feature is only included with Premium ProProfs plans ($starts at $480 per year with their current promo).

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