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12+ Best WordPress Pricing Table Plugins

September 8, 2014
Best WordPress Pricing Table Plugins

If you offer a range of products or services, you’ll want to help your customers make the right buying decision. One of the best ways to do this is to present everything you offer in handy pricing tables. By presenting your products/services side by side, you can show potential customers what differentiates each option, as well as providing a price for comparison. Using pricing tables this way can also help push customers towards a higher priced product. It’s human psychology: if you feature your mid-range option as the “best deal” or “most popular” it can influence the customer.

Adding a pricing or product comparison table to your website makes it easier for your visitors to come to a decision. But unless you’re a developer, you might not know how to display your offerings in an attractive pricing table.

We’ve taken the time to find the most popular and (in our opinion) best WordPress pricing table plugins on the web. Our collection includes a mix of free and premium items, as well as a wide range of features. So there’s sure to be an awesome pricing table plugin for your project!

1. Easy Pricing Tables

Easy Pricing Tables

Easy Pricing Tables by Fatcat Apps has proven very popular since its release. The table builder is very easy to understand as all the columns are displayed on the same page, allowing you to compare them as you add the features of each product or plan. Being able to preview the table at any point is handy as it allows you to get a good idea of how it will look as its being built without, interrupting you workflow.

You also get access to some customization options for your table. This covers font sizes, border radius, and buttons colors. And there is an option to set a featured column. However the majority of these options are greyed out and reserved for the users of the premium version of Easy Pricing Tables. While the color options and design templates in the free version might be a bit lacking, this is a solid choice that works well and is easy to use.

There is quite a bit of upsell for the premium version on the back end of this plugin, which might put some users off. However the free version does work as advertised and allows you to create attractive pricing tables in WordPress with ease.

2. Easy Pricing Tables (Premium)

Easy Pricing Tables Premium

This is the premium version of the aforementioned Easy Pricing Tables plugin. As well as the great features of the free version, the premium plugin gives you a lot more customization options for fine tuning how your tables will look, while also giving you access to four more table templates.

Another interesting feature of the premium version of Easy Pricing Tables is that you can add a toggle to your table. This toggle allows the potential customer to switch the table to see the offers for paying monthly versus yearly. This makes it easy to offer a discount for long term customers, and help increase sales.

Other premium features include displaying 10 templates, a featured column ribbon, expanding the featured column (always or on hover), column hovers, color options, Google Analytics integration, table tooltips, and the ability to insert icons. The extra features (compared to its free counterpart) should help you sell more product or sign up more customers.

3. ARPrice Lite

ARPrice Lite Free Pricing Table Plugin

ARPrice Lite is a great, free option to add pricing tables to your site.This responsive pricing table includes tons of options to create an eye-catching table. Choose from preset templates and color schemes, unlimited color options, featured columns and shadow styles.

Plus building your tables is easy. Just use the real-time editor to add your packages. You can even drag and drop columns to quickly reorder them. Other plugin features include multisite compatibility, translation ready files, and crossbrowser support. Plus, if you discover you want more from your plugin you can always upgrade to ARPrice Premium.

4. ARPrice (Premium)

ARPrice Premium WordPress Pricing Table Plugin

ARPrice Premium is a step up from the similarly named Lite version. You still have all the same ARPrice features (easy live editor, styling options, featured columns, etc) and then some.

When you upgrade to the premium version, you’ll have access to a whopping 300+ pricing table templates, integration with popular WordPress page builders (including WPBakery, Divi and Gutenberg) and a unique monthly/yearly plans toggle. With the live editor you’ll be able to add custom text, images, fonts, hover effects, tooltips and toggle prices. Plus you can easily export/import to reuse tables you’ve built (especially helpful if you’re using the plugin on a multisite).

ARPRrice also features built-in analytics. With this you can see the total table views and link clicks. It’s a great way to see which tables and product/service plans are performing best.

5. Pricing Table by Supsystic

Pricing Table by Supsystic Free WordPress Plugin

This free Pricing Table plugin is another solid (and affordable) option. And it’s packed with great features you might have thought you could only get with a premium plugin.

The plugin includes an easy drag & drop table builder with easy to use templates to help you get started fast. Add unlimited columns and rows (just don’t get too carried away), and customize them with color, hover and button styling options.

Plus, you can use the Pricing Table plugin to create a comparison table of your top products. Or get fancy, and use a comparison table to display affiliate products (just add your affiliate link to the button). This specific plugin also includes options to add the price to the top and bottom of the table, alternate background colors and to use different fonts for table elements.

6. Go Pricing Responsive Tables (Premium)

Go Pricing Responsive Tables Premium Plugin

One of the most stylish and arguable best WordPress pricing table plugins out there is Go Pricing. Go allows you to build beautiful, responsive pricing tables, with up to 7 columns and an unlimited number of rows. Even better – it’s compatible with top page builders including Elementor, WP Bakery and Beaver.

This premium plugin looks great and has lots of appealing features. These include a large selection of 250+ table templates for promoting and comparing a wide range of product types. In addition to lots of customization options for further personalizing your tables. You can choose to list a price for each product/service, but you also have the option to hide the price, meaning you can use the plugin for other creative purposes. Good examples of this includes comparison tables, or meet the team tables.

The Go plugin also includes support for inserting images, videos, and audio players into the columns to make it clear to the reader what products are being compared. Other features include a color picker, tooltips for providing visitors with more information, and optional responsive layouts. Perhaps due to the fact this table builder plugin has so many features, building the tables was the least intuitive out of the options featured here. However, if you do persevere you will be able to create attractive, media rich comparison tables.

7. Pricing Table

Pricing Table – Free Price List/Table Plugin

The free Pricing Table for Price Lists/Tables is a quick and simple option to get a pricing table added to your site. There are 4 built-in table templates – just pick one and add your plan info. Tables are responsive and include easy column settings, header colors, button colors, featured columns.

And using your tables is easy. The plugin includes a couple options to add your tables to posts and pages. The first is to display by post ID, and the second is with a shortcode.

8. WordPress Pricing Table (Premium)

WordPress Pricing Table Premium Plugin

WordPress Pricing includes great layouts for responsive columns, grids and tables. Add custom plans, complete with icons/images, headings (and sub headings), pricing, buttons, disclosure (like a “money back guarantee”), and key points with tooltips (great for FAQs).

Plus you can pretty much customize your tables or grids as you wish. Choose colors, borders, font sizes, corner border radius, and more. Or make things easier for yourself, and take advantage of predefined skins and feature elements.

9. WPDarko Free Responsive Pricing

WPDarko Free Responsive Pricing Table Plugin

Who doesn’t love a free plugin? Responsive Pricing Table is a free option to build responsive pricing tables for WordPress (shocking, I know). This is a quick and simple plugin you can use to create pricing tables in minutes. Straightforward options for plan content, color, icon, buttons and custom CSS meant that you won’t spend hours tweaking your tale design. Just pick a few settings, and you’re good to go. It is worth noting that there is a PRO version (with added skins, tooltips and a height equalizer) but it’s fully up to you if you want to upgrade.

10. Drag & Drop Pricing Table

Drag & Drop Pricing Table Free WordPress Plugin

Design a lovely little pricing table using the Drag & Drop Pricing plugin. Add unlimited columns and rows, drag and drop to reorder, choose any Google font, add custom widths and even use custom background images. But a unique feature is the option to add Youtube videos (or images) to your plans, as well as clever column ribbons to draw attention to specials or “popular” options.

11. JetElements Premium Addon for Elementor (Premium)

JetElements Premium Addon for Elementor

This particular plugin is far more than just a pricing table, but if you’re using the Elementor page builder it’s worth looking into. JetElements includes 50 widgets that add more features to the popular builder. On of which is a feature rich pricing table.

Customize your tables using the front-end Elementor page builder. Add your pricing plans with icons, images, custom fonts and colors, backgrounds, ribbons, buttons, borders, drop shadows and more. Everything is fully responsive and easy to change thanks to the intuitive Elementor builder.

12. Pricing Tables for WPBakery Page Builder (Premium)

Pricing Tables for WPBakery Page Builder Premium Addon

Using the WPBakery page builder? No problem – the Pricing Tables addon is a perfect fit. This addon includes 21 pre-styled and customizable pricing tables you can use in conjunction with the page builder. Choose colors, icons, hover effect, borders, shadows, gradients and much more. This addon is a great option if you’ve already built most of your site, and just need a little something extra for your pricing page.

13. uPricing – Pricing Table for WordPress (Premium)

uPricing - Pricing Table for WordPress

uPricing is a premium WordPress plugin that will allow you to easily add a sleek pricing table to your website. This plugin is perfect for business websites that want to show the pricing for their products or services. Not only does it look great and is super user friendly, but adding a pricing table to your website could also help increase conversions.

Other features include a sleek slider front end and admin, multiple themes, and quick setup. Plus it includes documentation and integrates easily with popular plugins.

14. CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare (Premium)

CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables

CSS3 Web Pricing Tables Grids For WordPress by Themeforest are great for creating pricing tables in any WordPress theme. The plugin comes with ability to choose from 2 table styles as well as 20 colors with varying hover states. This powerful plugin comes stuffed with pricing table options including column height, width, padding, alignment, ribbons, tooltips, and much much more. All pricing table features and settings are easily managed in the admin panel.

More features of this plugin include: multiple table styles, 20+ color versions, hovers, CSS3 tooltips/hints, column and row sorting, column ribbons, and sample configurations. Plus, when you build your tables you can add an unlimited number of tables, columns and rows with customizable widths, heights and alignments. The plugin is also multisite compatible, and features an easy shortcode to ad your tables to any post or page.

Whether you are selling your own products or services (or promoting affiliate goods) adding a pricing table to WordPress has never been easier. Just grab on of the best WordPress pricing table plugins mentioned above! By making it easy for your visitors to compare plans or product options you can increase the chances of them signing up, increasing the profitability of your web business.

Do you have any questions about the plugins mentioned? Or another option that you think should be in our list of the best WordPress pricing table plugins? Leave us a comment below!

Article by Joe Fylan guest author
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  1. Frank

    Thanks for sharing this post .

  2. michewriter

    Hi Joe, thanks for this awesome post. While I’m deciding to use this on my wp plugin, I would like to know if I can use it in anyway in blogger blog. Thanks. will appreciate your reply.

  3. Jim

    Thanks a lot for the great pricing table plugins list. I used some of these plugins but recently I found another one. It’s available on WordPress (wpdevart pricing table) so you can check it out.

  4. Adrita Chakraborty

    Hey Joe,

    Which pricing table will be better for my online busniess, CSS3 WordPress pricing table plugin or WPdrako’s responsive plugin? It’s a bit confusing for me, so I would be quite happy if I get a reply.

    • Kyla

      I think that depends on your budget and also whatever WordPress theme you’re currently using. Many multipurpose or business themes with a page builder already have a pricing table built in, so it would be better to use what’s already available to you.

      If you’re just using a basic theme (no page builder) then choose based on your budget. The premium CSS3 plugin is going to offer more features/options to customize your pricing tables, but the WPdarko pricing table is completely free and still a good looking option.

  5. Jil Yana

    Can you suggest me the best way to create Pricing table without using plugins at all?

    • Kyla

      If you don’t want to use a separate plugin you can add a very simple table with html (there’s an example at the beginning of this post) or if you’re already using a page builder (Elementor/WPBakery or even Gutenberg) there is likely a pricing table or at least the option for columns so you can design a table. It just might take a little extra effort with these options if you want something fancy!

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