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Increase Sales and Revenue with Pricing Comparison Table Plugins For WordPress

April 29, 2018

Adding a pricing or product comparison table to your website makes it easier for your visitors to come to a decision on whether to make purchase or not, giving them the ability to compare prices and features at a glance.

Offering your own products in a number of packages can also help increase the amount of revenue that is generated. These versions and upgrades can then be displayed in a comparison table. Also by comparing the products you are promoting against the competition, you can let your visitors do their research on your site, and increase the chances of them making a purchase through your affiliate link, rather than going elsewhere. We’ve taken the most popular WordPress pricing table plugins for a test drive to help you decide which the best option for your needs is.

Disclaimer: WPExplorer is an affiliate for one or more products listed below. If you click a link and complete a purchase we could make a commission.

Easy Pricing Tables: Easy to Use, Works Well, Looks Good

Easy Pricing Tables

Easy Pricing Tables by Fatcat Apps has proven very popular since its release, with almost 50,000 downloads so far and a positive user rating. The table builder is very easy to understand as all the columns are displayed on the same page, allowing you to compare them as you add the features of each product or plan. Being able to preview the table at any point is handy as it allows you to get a good idea of how it will look as its being built without, interrupting you workflow.

You also get access to some customization options for your table. This covers font sizes, border radius, and buttons colors. However the majority of these options are greyed out and reserved for the users of the premium version of Easy Pricing Tables.

Premium users also get access to five templates for their tables, while the free version only includes one. There is quite a bit of upsell for the premium version on the back end of this plugin, which might put some users off. However the free version does work as advertised and allows you to create attractive pricing tables in WordPress with ease.


  • Easy to use intuitive table builder
  • Can preview tables at any point before publishing them
  • Options for customizing the table appearance
  • Set column as featured
  • Adds button to the post editor for easy table insertion
  • Responsive table layouts


  • Free version only includes one template
  • Limited template options

While the color options and design templates might be a bit lacking, this is a solid choice that works well and is easy to use.

Get Easy Pricing Tables

Easy Pricing Tables Premium: Make Your Tables More Effective

Easy Pricing Tables Premium

This is the premium version of the aforementioned Easy Pricing Tables plugin. As well as the great features of the free version, the premium plugin gives you a lot more customization options for fine tuning how your tables will look, while also giving you access to four more table templates.

Another interesting feature of the premium version of Easy Pricing Tables is that you can add a toggle to your table. This toggle allows the potential customer to switch the table to see the offers for paying monthly versus yearly. This makes it easy to offer a discount for long term customers, and help increase sales.

Other premium features include displaying a featured column ribbon, expanding the featured column (always or on hover), choose from a selection of color schemes or build your own scheme, Google Analytics integration, add tooltips to your table, and the ability to insert icons.


  • 5 table templates
  • Lots more customization options
  • Hover table column effects
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Show monthly vs. yearly offers on the same table
  • Add custom CSS to format the table


  • Not free
  • Inserting images into tables isn’t straightforward

With prices starting from $29 this isn’t the most expensive premium plugin out there, and the extra features should help you sell more product or sign up more customers.

Get Easy Pricing Tables Premium

Easy Pricing Table: Nice Design but Not Quite Ready

Easy Pricing Table

Not to be confused with Easy Pricing Tables featured above; this recently released plugin is another free option for those wishing to add this type of table to their WordPress site. The main attraction of this plugin is the attractive design of the tables and how they will look when they are published on your site. Unlike some of the other options here, you don’t get a set of templates to choose from to apply to the design of your table, but you can use a color picker to customise the appearance in that way.

Despite looking good, the table builder isn’t very intuitive as you can only see the current column you are adding, rather than the whole table and how it might look when it’s published. Once the table is published, it does look pretty good, although the hover effect felt a bit clunky as it also affected the size of the background layer, which didn’t look right. The table layouts are responsive and they do look OK on a smartphone.


  • Great looking table templates
  • Attractive interface for building the tables
  • Can set a time duration for the price: year, month, week, hour


  • Cannot disable time duration or only offer a one-off price
  • Reportedly poorly coded
  • Lots of typos on the back end
  • No table templates

Considering the competition, this plugin is probably best avoided for the time being until a few issues are resolved.

Get Easy Pricing Table

Go Responsive Pricing & Compare Tables: Most Options but Complex

Go Pricing Tables

This premium plugin from Code Canyon looks great and has lots of appealing features (we actually included it in our Thunder WordPress theme to give users lots of pricing table options). These include a large selection of table templates for promoting and comparing a wide range of product types, and lots of customization options for further personalizing your tables.

The Go plugin also includes support for inserting images, videos, and audio players into the columns to make it clear to the reader what products are being compared. Other features include a color picker, tooltips for providing visitors with more information, and optional responsive layouts. Perhaps due to the fact this table builder plugin has got so many features, building the tables was the least intuitive out of the options featured here. However, if you do persevere you will be able to create attractive, media rich comparison tables, although it might take you longer than the other options out there.


  • 90+ design templates
  • Create your own color schemes
  • Optional responsive layouts
  • Supports custom icons
  • Tooltips
  • Insert images, audio, and videos into tables
  • Import demo tables


  • 5 column maximum
  • Slightly complicated table builder
  • Not free

You won’t be creating tables as quickly as you will with the other options. However you will have the opportunity to create more advanced tables than you can with the other plugins.

Get Go Responsive Compare Pricing Tables


Whether you are selling your own products or services, or promoting those offered elsewhere, adding a pricing or comparison table to you WordPress site has never been easier. Even if you only offer one variety of your product, by comparing it to the competition, you can control which features your potential customers take into consideration when making a decision, and save them the trouble of leaving your website to check out the other available options. By making it easy for your visitors to compare the options on your website, you can increase the chances of them signing up then and there.

Article by Joe Fylan WPExplorer Author
Published on: September 8, 2014
Last updated on: April 29, 2018
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