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20 Best Live Chat Plugins & WP Ticketing Support

March 17, 2016

Most customers like some form of assistance while making a purchase. They may have niggling doubts even after reading the detailed product description, reviews and FAQs. Would it not be nice to have someone from the store help you with your purchase? Someone to whom you can keep getting back to until you are sure of your purchase?

This is where the best live chat plugins can give you a leg up. These plugins step in smartly to do the job of sales assistant or a customer support person. They can answer all customer queries and be available 24 x 7 x 365. Your store is no longer a faceless URL, but is immediately transformed to a salesman or store owner who can hold a conversation with visitors and convert them into valuable customers.

Phone calls and emails can also do the job, but a live chat system has some advantages:

  • It doubles as a Feedback and contact system. The feedback can help you in tweaking your marketing strategy.
  • Visitors get instant and real-time support, they do not have to wait for a reply.
  • Keeping a customer engaged and in touch is likely to turn them into loyal customers.
  • It can cut down on the number of abandoned carts.
  • The chat records can be used as a ready base for future campaigns.
  • It can grow into a forum or chat support system.
  • If tickets are issued, the response is easier, as it is trackable and will not be lost sight of until resolved.
  • It can improve SEO ranking, as visitors will stay longer on your website.
  • It converts into an automated email system when you are offline helping you generate valuable leads.

There are a good many live chat plugins, from the very simple and free ones, to comprehensive premium plugins. I am listing a few of the good ones here.

1. Support Board

Support Board - Chat WordPress Plugin

Support Board is a great way to add a live chat to your WordPress site. Built with options for human agents integrated with Slack and AI driven chatbots via Dialogflow, this chat plugin is full of features to help you manage visitors’ questions. With Support Board WordPress Chat you’ll surely be able to provide a better experience for your site visitors – just install the plugin and in minutes you and your support agents (or bots) can get to work!

Support Board - Chat WordPress Plugin

As mentioned, Support Board integrated with Slack and Dialogflow and offers plenty of rich message types that your agents or bots can use in their responses. These include buttons, dropdown lists, a list of text inputs, email submission form, registration form, timetable, articles, static text list (with or without titles), tables and a form to rate the agent. Or you can create your own custom (static) rich messages. You can even set office hours to hid your chatbox, disable your chatbot and/or display a timetable when a visitor types a message outside of your defined hours. All of the conversations are easily accessed from the Admin Area. From here you can manage messages, save replies, manage/organize users and view visitor insights from your WordPress dashboard.

Other awesome features include options for notifications (email, desktop and flash), knowledge base articles, and automatic sync for your users and structured data. Support Board is also supports RTL, offers 19 different languages and is translation ready if you want to add a new language. All this for just $59!

2. ThriveDesk


Chatbots are a great way to ensure that customers or new visitors to your website don’t feel ignored. However, there are a ton of options to choose from. If you’re looking for an effective live chat option that integrates with your website and helpdesk system seamlessly then you should checkout ThriveDesk. This all in one solution is a great choice to improve communication with visitors to your site and increase overall customer satisfaction thanks to fast support.

The plugin makes adding ThriveDesk’s chat box to your site easy. There are customization options to edit the branding (colors, logo and welcome message) to fit your site. ThriveDesk even supports a number of widgets to make your chat box more helpful. This includes live chat, contact form, knowledgebase search, and app specific integrations (such as WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Envato, Autonami CRM, Slack, etc).

ThriveDesk Live Chat

Setup your live chat to show an “away” message when agents are offline that prompts users to enter an email address. Plus the live chat supports a shared inbox, so all of your agents can see new requests and reply promptly. You can create canned responses for your team to use to further speed things up, and soon you’ll also be able to create a list of automated replies for frequently asked questions to provide even faster support!

But as mentioned – ThriveDesk is not just a live chat plugin. When you signup for one of their premium plans (starting at $25/mo at the time of writing) it includes supports multiple team members, multiple inboxes, knowledgebase and community support and built-in reports. With these features your team can manage customer service starting from first contact, so you’re really getting a lot of bang for your buck! And if you want to try ThriveDesk for yourself, or if you’re on the fence, they offer a 14 day trial plus the plugin is available right from your WordPress dashboard – so why not give it a shot?

3. WP-Chatbot by MobileMonkey

WP-Chatbot by MobileMonkey

Love Facebook Messenger? With WP-Chatbot you can easily addd a Facebook Messenger chat widget to your site. Love it or hate it – more than 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger

So why WP-Chatbot? Simply put – it’s a great (and easy) way to add a 24/7 live chat to your WordPress site. WP-Chatbot seamlessly integrates with your Facebook Business page, so you can build your following and start connecting with your audience right away. And best of all – because it’s based on Facebook Messenger you can pick up a chat with a customer at any point. You don’t have to rely on collecting phone numbers or emails to contact them with new information or offers (though if you want to – this is something you can setup with a premium plan).

WP-Chatbot by MobileMonkey Widget

WP-Chatbot also features easy options for a custom theme color and welcome greeting. You can also set the chat language, and hide the widget based on custom post type. Want more? You can upgrade to a MobileMonkey premium plan to add custom branding, live chat & kickoff calls, a helpful chatbot, drip scheduling, advanced chat analytics, built-in advertising and more.

4. WSChat – WordPress Live Chat

WSChat ELEX WordPress Live Chat Plugin

Upgrade your site with an efficient, AI powered live chat using WSChat. This lightweight plugin adds a helpful chatbox popup to your site that is mobile ready and works great on any device.

WSChat WordPress Live Chat is full of features for fielding site visitor questions, and it’s easy to get started. After installing, design your own pre-chat form with required information and style your chatbox widget using the built-in color options. You can also add an unlimited number of agents, as well as enable agent alerts so they’ll be notified as soon as a visitor engages in a chat.

WSChat Live Chat Example

There are also options to display online/offline status, Google Dialogue flow support to define and automate responses, and advanced chat tools for attachments, screen recording (so customers can better explain an issues), send chat history to email and chat ratings. Plus with WSChat, all of your data is stored on your own server enhancing chat (and data) privacy.

Use the reporting feature to view customer support performance complete with ratings, quality scores, and the number of tickets per agent. This way you can see at a glance if your visitors are getting they help they need. And the plugin is also integrated with the popular WSDesk plugin, so you can seamlessly funnel customer support questions to your helpdesk. Making it an all around awesome support solution!

5. 3CX Live Chat Support

3cx live char plugin for wordpress

To be able to keep multiple chats going simultaneously with your customers, try 3CX Live Chat. Both user and visitor will find it easy to use the interface. All the fields in this box can be edited and the box itself can be dragged all over the screen and placed where you want. When live chat is switched off, the offline messages can be stored.

You can fully customize the chat experience so that it fits into the look and feel of your website. Add yoru logo and your support team photos. A quick response box can be inserted. Visitors can remain anonymous, if the name and email requirement at the time of chat initiation is disabled. Or you can limit access only to registered users. Animations can be applied to the chat window and chat records can be maintained. If you have found an IP address to be of nuisance value, you can ban it. There are many reasons to vide 3CX a try – including the fact that the Startup plan is completely free!

6. Awesome Support

Awesome Support Free WordPress Plugin

Awesome Support is a solid WordPress based help desk. It is designed to be totally compatible with all WordPress themes, both free and premium. All features get turned on when the plugin is installed and activated, so you can open Help Desk and set up customer support in no time at all.

Awesome Support Free WordPress Plugin Settings

Visitors can open tickets for their complaints in the frontend and this can be tracked by the Customer service team from the backend. Old tickets can be identified with tags. Customers can be requested to accept Terms and Conditions before they open a ticket.

Emails are sent promptly to the right persons so they can act on it. The chat between the customer and your team person will remain private. You can add fields to the chat box and support as many products as you want.

If you want to add extensions to your chat facility, Awesome Support offers extensions for WooCommerce integration, canned responses, email piping (replying via email) and more. These extensions are both free and premium. Both big commercial organizations and small businesses can use this plugin to advantage.

7. Userlike

Userlike WordPress Live Chat Plugin

Make sure your live chat is easy for you to mange and for site visitors to use with Userlike. This free plugin integrates seamlessly with the powerful Userlike platform, allowing you to provide tip top support to your site visitors via your website, Facebook Messenger and/or Telegram. And by making your live chat helpful and convenient you’re more likely to convert visitors in to customers.

To get started with Userlike and add a messenger to your website you just need to signup for a free account. This allows you to add 1 live chat widget for 1 support agent to your WordPress site, plus includes access to all of Userlike’s powerful core features for design customization, language options (7 popular languages supported), message center, multimedia and file sharing, conversation tagging, canned messages, customer feedback and more. Userlike also maintains contact details for all of your customers and offers GDPR privacy settings to keep your data safe.

Userlike Chat Example

For added features like built-in chat analytics, video and audio support, screen sharing, live translations, advanced routing and the Chat Butler chatbot you will need to upgrade to a premium plan. These start at 90€ per month and also allow you to add more widgets, team members and a WhatsApp channel. Premium plans also offer access to integrations with third party services, so you can connect to your MailChimp list, Github resources, Slack channel, Hubspot CRM, Matomo analytics, custom API and more (there are current 34 available). So there are plenty of reasons to consider upgrading for your business.

8. Brosix Live Chat

Brosix Live Chat Plugin

Add live chat to your WordPress site in a way Whether you work in web design, WordPress maintenance, healthcare, IT, finance or if you have an e-commerce site built on WordPress – Brosix is a great option to help your customers. The plugin is quick and easy to setup, and it makes it easy for your team to log in and offer support.

The Brosix plugin is free for one user and includes the features you need to get started with real time chat. On the front end Brosix includes options for chatbox location, colors and three agent availability settings. So you can quickly style your chat to fit your site, and ensure it’s clear when agents are (and aren’t) available. On the backend, Brosix offers teams the ability to manage team members, chat monitoring, chat history, customized groups for agents and an activity log.

Brosix Live Chat Box

But for features like unlimited users, custom branding, screen sharing, chat rooms, audio and video support, plus added security (like private groups, multiple admins, user history expiration and antivirus) you will need to upgrade to a Brosix Premium plan. But plans start at just $6 per added user per month – so you only pay for what your team needs. All this and more make Brosix a great option. And a few extra bucks a month is well worth the increase in customer satisfaction you’re sure to see.

9. Zendesk Live Chat

Zendesk Live Chat Free WordPress Plugin

Zendesk Live Chat is a popular plugin that interacts with your customers in real time and helps them in making a purchase. You need to create an account with Zendesk and link this account with the plugin. Once this done, a message box opens at the right bottom corner of your screen. Visitors can begin talking to you straightaway, and if you are not online, an email can be sent. It works well with all the major browsers and is an easy way to integrate live chat on your site.

Zendesk Live Chat Free WordPress Plugin

The widget is simple and can be customized to be in sync with your brand. It is optimized for mobiles and is available in 40 languages. The free version allows only one concurrent chat at a time and a chat history of 14 days is maintained.

Proactive chatting enables you to give pre-defined responses. Triggers can be set, so every visitor is reached automatically. From the dashboard, you can monitor all traffic and initiate a chat whenever you feel a visitor needs assistance. You can do a number of things on the dashboard – adjust the settings, effect updates, setup shortcuts or ban some visitors.

10. WordPress Live Chat Complete

WordPress Live Chat Complete  Premium WordPress Plugin

WordPress Live Chat Plugin is an open source premium plugin that you can install to quickly add a chat box. You can create your own operators, customize the chat box and maintain chat logs. If you wish, more than one agent can respond to a user.

WordPress Live Chat Plugin

When operators are offline, visitors can fill in a contact form. Email notifications are received when all agents are offline. Want to use the plugin on any number of websites? You will have to go with Live Chat Unlimited.

11. Acobot Web Assistant Free AI Chatbot

Acobot Web Assistant Free AI Chatbot Plugin

Acobot is a chatbot plugin for WordPress that provides instant help to your site visitors, even if your customer service team isn’t around. Simply install the plugin and configure the settings. It’s that easy. With hundreds of avatars to choose from, styled chat widgets (just choose the one that’s right for your site), and customizable colors Acobot is a great chatbot option.

Acobot Web Assistant Free AI Chatbot Plugin

But what really makes Acobot special is that it’s powered by ai. This means you don’t have to program in answers – Acobot studies your website and teaches itself everything it needs to know to help. Plus Acobot’s smart enough to know when you make changes to your site and it will update it’s answers accordingly.

That’s not all Acobot can do – this chatbot is also helpful with lead generation. After a user interacts with Acobot it can request their contact information for you. You can choose either a direct or polite manner, but in either case Acobot will present a reason for requesting information (for example, to have a “human colleague” follow up on a complex request). Depending on your website Acobot may also ask a guest to like or follow your company on social media, present a call to action (such as a demo), locate and autofill a form for a guest, off a free trial and more. Plus built-in exit intent detection means Acobot will do it’s best to ensure you don’t lose a lead.

Acobot is free, but only for small websites (25 pages or less) and up to 250 users. For companies or larger sites an upgraded Acobot Chatbot plan is a must. Starting at just $29/mo it’s a great investment in your business, as Acobot is sure to help you increase leads and conversions.

12. WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System

WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System

WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System works well for a company, real estate or service desk system, an appointment recruitment system, technical support system and other similar support areas. It can handle the ticket management of large organizations effectively.

WP Support Plus Settings

Opening a ticket can be done at the front end, through admin or even on behalf of a user. You can restrict ticket submission at frontend to a specific kind of user, and this will be useful for WooCommerce powered sites. Tickets can be categorized, prioritized, assigned a status and even deleted. Guests can submit tickets, even via Facebook. Google No CAPTCHA, reCAPTCHA for guest forms can be enabled.

An email confirmation is sent for each ticket, both to admin as well as to the visitor who raises a ticket. Email piping is an option, depending on host compatibility. Skype features are incorporated and you can call or chat through Skype as well. Files can be attached to tickets, replies and mails.

Tickets can be assigned to agents (team members) and agent wise statistics can be maintained, so you know how your team members are performing. A Supervisory role can also be assigned to any one agent for management of the ticketing.

A responsive support button can be added anywhere, and custom fields can also be added. AJAX based filters are employed, so sifting through the tickets and response time is fast. FAQ and canned reply functionalities can help to reduce the number of tickets that are raised or the number of tickets requiring custom replies.

Multi user ticket submission, status check on tickets, responsive layout, agent categorization and file attachments give this plugin an edge. While the plugin is free, some of the features are available only in the premium version. You will find that to make really full use of all the features, you will have to upgrade to the premium plugin.

13. WP Flat Visual Chat

WP Flat Visual Chat Premium WordPress Plugin

If you want a simple chat plugin with a flat material design that you can install and start using right away then WP Flat Visual Chat is a great option. This lovely plugin comes with color customization options and an easy to use interface that integration seamlessly with your WordPress installation.

WP Flat Visual Chat WordPress Plugin

This simple plugin allows you to provide real time, live ajax chat support to your site visitors. Operators are able to view which page a reader is on and they can initiate the chat offering help. WP Flat Visual Chat also support options for canned responses, message sound notifications, chat logging, customer IP identification and the option to transfer a chat to another operator.

14. Tidio Live Chat

Tidio Live Chat Free WordPress Plugin

Tidio Live Chat is designed for WordPress and integrates with it real fast. It is free for 7 days and you do not have to login or register to use it. After the 7 day period, you can choose to go pro or downgrade to the free version. With a star rating of 4.9, it is a popular plugin that you can use to add live chat to your website.

Tidio Live Chat

Downright easy to install, you can track your visitors and contact anyone who peeks at your website. The chat box appears immediately on installation and you see a list of visitors who are currently on your website. You can reach out to anyone you pick.

It comes in three designs and you can choose the colors that you want it to display. Visitors can contact you by email, if you are offline. Major email service providers are integrated with this plugin.

An integrated widget also supports 140 languages, so you can chat with you customers in as many languages.

15. Uber Chat – Ultimate Live Chat

Uber Chat - Ultimate Live Chat WordPress Plugin

If you’re in the market for a chat plugin with lots of options look no further than Uber Chat. Marketed as the “ultimate live chat WordPress plugin” it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Uber Chat WordPress Plugin

Packed with features including WordPress and Windows client support, enquiry form fallback, multiple operator support, audio notification settings & customizations, full discussion and submissions history, chat state continuity across your entire site, preloaded color schemes and more.

Uber Chat also supports canned responses to speed up your support response time, multilingual interface and WPML compatibility, and you can install Uber Chat on any WordPress multisite (just remember that each site in your network will operate as a stand alone website and chat interface). The only system requirement is that you operate the plugin on a server with enough power for the number of conversations you plan to start at the same time (for example – you probably can’t support 1000 clients if your site is on $1/month hosting).

16. Pure Chat – Free Chat

Pure Chat - Free Chat WordPress Plugin

If you are a small business, Pure Chat should interest you. This software has been designed with small businesses in mind. It is simple and you can chat with multiple customers at the same time, by organizing tabs in your chat window. You can chat with other team members, and multiple team members can join in on the conversation with a customer.

Pure Chat

The Chat box can be customized to change color or text, or to add animation or images to suit your brand. Set your chat box to pop up a few seconds after a visitor lands on your page. From the details panel, you can know more about the visitor and have a more meaningful conversation with him. Canned responses can take the tedium out of routine replies.

Visitors can be directed to the right department by assigning departments to widgets. Categorize visitors and allow them different access levels. This will help you manage your team. The performance and rating of each team member can be tracked, so you get to know the best performing team members.

iOS, Android and Kindle apps are available meaning you can chat without being confined to you desk. Connect Pure Chat with over 500 apps using Zapier and use extended functions immediately. Even if you do not have a website, you can have a standalone chat box on Pure Chat’s hosted pages.

Pure Chat is both a free and paid software. For a totally free package, the number of chats per month is restricted to 15, and you will need to upgrade to the Starter, Business or Growth Plan after that. For unbranded Chat boxes you will have to pick the Growth Plan which comes at $99 per month, paid annually.

17. Formilla Real Time Live Chat

Formilla Real Time Live Chat Free WordPress Plugin

Formilla Live Chat allows real time monitoring of visitors, and comes to you free as well as in many paid packages. With the free version, you will be able to install chat on one website, hold one chat at a time and be entitled to 30 chats/ emails every month. You can also set it so that a chat is initiated by you after a few seconds after the visitor comes to your website. Messages inviting visitors for a chat can be customized.


Auto responder can step in and collect contact details when you are offline. If you are tapping at the keyboard, your visitor will know that your response is on its way. Desktop or sound alerts can be set for an incoming chat. A Help Desk or Inbox will help you filter, prioritize chats and restrict or ban users. Tickets can be assigned to chats and prioritized.

If the agent is busy, the chat will be queued and the user will always know their position in the queue. Chat transcripts will be maintained. Emails can be customized and email data can be exported. The dashboard will give you an overview of chat activity and reports can be generated from data gathered. Chat times can be scheduled and hours of operation can be fixed.

Packages range from $11.99 per month to $16.99 per month. With these packages, you can increase the number of agents, websites and chats. You can chat from mobile devices, be entitled to upgrades, monitor visitors in real time, customize the chat box, use Attention Grabber, remove branding and be entitled to phone support.

18. Flyzoo Chat

Flyzoo Chat Free WordPress Plugin 

Chat by Flyzoo is not really intended for business, it is designed specially for the chat use of a community. Being more social in nature, it is well integrated with most of the membership and social networking plugins. Webinars, dating websites, online traders or gamers, events, local associations and similar outfits can make good use of this plugin.


Users can find and chat with friends, join group chats and . User profiles are automatically synchronized with the chat and avatars can be pulled in from many other plugins like Gravatar, WP User Avatar, Ultimate Member and Buddy Press. Users can chat in more than 20 languages and multiple private chats are possible.

Chats are hosted on a cloud, so there is no drawing on your server resources. Chats can also be moderated with customized filters to exclude bad language, ban some visitors, to block IPs or to restrict the length of chat or rate of sending chat messages. Pop-out chat windows will enable chat in separate browser windows. For SSL/HTTPS based websites, the chat can be encrypted. Chat history is maintained and previous conversations can be accessed. Subdomains are allowed and many sites can be connected to the same chat.

You can try Chat by Flyzoo free for 14 days, and on request, it will be extended for another 14 days. With the pro version, real time monitoring of visitors, sharing of files, embedding group chats into pages and restricting access based on roles is possible. The last feature of restricting access is specially suitable for different levels of subscription based services.

19. Casengo Live Chat Widget

Casengo Live Chat Widget Free WordPress Plugin

Casengo Live Chat Support is a well designed, easy to use, feature rich live chat support plugin. You have to sign up for an account with Casengo and you can set up your chat window on your website within minutes. You can respond to visitors via live chat or email. The chat boxes can be customized.

The plugin streamlines all incoming chat messages from WhatsApp, live chat or email into one inbox, so you never lose track of a single message. The whole team has a clear overview of the chat traffic and coordination is ensured. The entire chat history with customers is maintained, so your team members can respond better.

A knowledge base is handy which team members can look up for replying to customers.Team members can also forward the query to anyone outside their chat group or can seek the help of others in the group.

As the plugin can work just fine on hand held devices, you can be on top of any customer query all the time. Combined with Facebook and Twitter integration, chatting on the move is possible. Multiple mail boxes and multiple brands can be managed from the same website.

With the free account, the number of users, chats and conversations is limited. There are 2 paid plans – Premium and Enterprise, with the entire set of features only available in the Enterprise Plan (and custom features available in tailor made Elite plans).

20. Conversational Chatbot Chatbot is the world’s simplest chatbot builder. You can build chatbots for your WordPress site in a matter of minutes using the drag and drop templates. Now you can convert your visitors into customers, grow email lists and schedule appointments with these automated chatbots. They run 24×7 and make collect data seamlessly giving a delightful experience for your website visitors.

Increasing Customer engagement on the website is the key to the success of every business. Traditionally, websites relied on static forms for this purpose. But they have proved to be a huge upset.

So creating a seamless customer experience is vital to online shopping. The main reason behind the success of a brand in the real world is the emotional attachment they leave on their customers. The best way to replicate the same persona in the online world is through interactive conversations. Talk to your customers just like you would in a real retail shop.’s chatbots can take three forms:

  • Launcher Form – The chatbot will appear on the website at the bottom
  • Embeddable Form – The chatbot can be embedded anywhere on the website. Thus any section of the website can be made conversational.
  • Sharable Form – The chatbot can be shared via URL. This can be used to conduct surveys. enables you to do just that. And the best part is that the conversations are completely automated. All you have to do is script the conversation that you want to have with the customer and deploy them on your site. Use them to get customer feedback, reviews, contact information of potential customers and much more. Most importantly, you get the chance to establish an emotional connection with your online customers.

Live Chat is a handy tool for boosting customer service by several notches. The plugins discussed here will fit the need of any organization quite well. All the plugins are popular and highly rated in the WordPress repository, so you really should get a conversation going and see how it impacts your business.

Article by Vishnu guest author
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  1. Hannah Bunek

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    We have been using Wise Chat for some time and it is a very impressive solution!

    There is no need to pay for a server, it has no limits to the number of chat rooms and users, it filters bad words, support images and files posting, moderation, private messages, WordPress multisite and much more!

    It boosted user engagement on our website!

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    The best WordPress chat plugin is the Facebook Live Chat plugin on codecanyon. take a look.

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      That plugin looks really cool! And easy for customers since many have probably used Facebook to chat with friends before. I can definitely see this plugin being a huge asset, especially if you’re already using Facebook Comments for WordPress on your blog.

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    I came across this chat plugin Live-Chat-Support&Sales by it as all the essential details and features needed.

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    Live Chat, Support, Sales plugin on WordPress is simply awesome.It has a live support, web analytics and online marketing application. Single users can also use it for personal communication. There is Layout customization like client-chat colours, and other coloured features and you can Change the colour of your chat widget (colour of chat theme). Check it out!

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    Thanks for your blog post it was really interesting. Check out live chat support wpadm for more features and unlimited innovation of speed great flexibility and accessibility with an optional offline message support its free with easy and friendly installation

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    It’s a great list and informative blog. But the chat plugin I use is not on the list.The name of my live chat is WPMU dev WordPress Chat and this is a very nice WordPress and BuddyPress chat plugin.

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      Thank you for sharing!

  11. Sinead O'Connor

    Great Article but I found the best Live Chat for me was 82 Live Chat. It integrates with our Mailchimp account and their update now includes browser notifications. Super useful!

  12. Joann Bloom

    Nice list share of good live chat plugins. I am using LiveAdmins WG Live chat plugin

  13. Ahmed Fouad

    Nice list! I wanted to add that Member Chimp now has a built-in addon that enables messaging between your site members. It was designed for the use of a community. And it is only available in the PRO plan.

    Thanks for the great article.

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    Exceptional article concerning chat for WordPress! I’m exploring some more service and Board Support is seriously innovative and really WP integrated. Take a look at it.

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    I enjoyed reading your article! It’s super nice. Recently I started using live chat plugin by helpcrunch and it really stands out from the crowd. It comprises auto-messages, in-app messenger, and email automation. At the moment, it’s the best live chat plugin that I’ve ever used before.

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