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5+ Best Knowledge Base & Helpdesk WordPress Themes

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Best Knowledge Base & Helpdesk WordPress Themes

Every business depends on its customers, without exceptions. So the question becomes, what type of customers will help your business flourish? The answer is quite simple. Your customer base can be divided into two broad categories.

  • The ones who will buy your product only once under a promotion
  • The ones who will sign-up and continue to be your regulars clients

Most marketing efforts (like WordPress theme stores) are inclined at getting a customer to buy a theme or sign-up for the membership pack – usually with the help of attractive evergreen “one-time only” sales pitches. And they sure get the job done. With the right marketing pitch, marketers are able to achieve excellent conversion rates.

Your marketing efforts should be equally focused on keeping your regulars happy.

Why? Because, if your customers are happy doing business with you, they’ll surely come back to buy more of your product. At the end of the day, the happier you customer is, the more likely he is to keep buying your product and refer you to his circles.

You get the classic “word of mouth” referral which expands your consumer base and propels your business to the next level.

That’s the kind of relationship you’ll want to build with your customers.

To help you a little more in your endeavor, we’ve shortlisted the following 15 modern, professional and efficient Helpdesk, Knowledge Base (KB), FAQ and Support WordPress themes. Using these themes will help you avoid the cost of buying expensive help desk software.

1. KnowAll

The WordPress KnowAll theme

KnowAll is a Knowledge Base support center theme package with intuitive features, KnowAll helps you reduce support queries and have happier customers.

By offering self-service support with a knowledge base, tutorials and troubleshooting, customers can help themselves without having to raise a support ticket. This frees up time for you and your support team.

Find out where your customers need help and fix it. The Knowledge Base analytics tool allows you to visualize visitor interaction, see what content is working and what is letting you down. Analyze view counts, feedback, search patterns and topics which result in the most queries.

It isn’t rocket science, but it is powerful and extremely useful for knowing where you should spend your time such as writing new articles where visitors are not finding results or refining existing content where visitors are raising a support ticket.

2. Ask Me

Ask Me Q&A Knowledgebase WordPress Theme

Ask Me is a fully responsive Q&A style Knowledgebase premium WordPress theme. This template is perfect for providing support for your products and services.

Having a great product does not mean that you will have no support. No matter how awesome you, your services or your products are people will always have questions for you. Make your life easier with a dedicated knowledgebase and support site using Ask Me. This theme makes it easy for you to keep track of user support requests, and for users to find answers to their questions.

A very useful aspect of this theme is the built-in options for questions, since they are what will make up your entire knowledgebase. Ask Me includes an “Ask Question” page template, support for user profiles, options for authors and users to both answers questions, support for users to “favorite” submitted questions and the ability to mark questions as solved. Plus each question entry displays the category, number of answers, number of views and other useful tidbits in the question entry shown on the homepage and category pages.

This theme also includes great options to make the theme match your business. Choose from boxed and full width layouts, 3 different headers, 10 color skins (or choose from unlimited colors to create your own), custom shortcodes, lots of widgets and more. Ask Me is a great option for your Q&A, FAQ or knowledgebase site.

3. Manual Online Docs

Manual Online Documentation WordPress Theme

Manual is a an online documentation premium WordPress theme that you can use to provide online support for your product or service. Create beautiful and easy to use online docs, FAQs, knowledgebase or even a community forum in no time at all!

The theme comes with awesome features to help you better help your customers. Use the included FAQs to add common questions and answers, or to add user guides. Manual also includes a couple more neat features like a live user views counter and an upvoting system for users to let you know which answers are helpful.

You can also use Manual to create an online community forum since the theme includes complete support for the free bbPress plugin. Simply install the plugin and you’ll be able to setup community forums where you can have support staff go through and help customers, or where customers can help each other. Neat huh?

4. Q&A Engine


QAEngine is a lovely knowledgebase premium WordPress theme designed by Engine Themes. This would be a perfect fit for a support site, company FAQ website or a general question and answer type site. If you are selling a product or service, chances are you have a lot of support questions to deal with. No problem. QAEngine makes it easy to set up a knowledgebase and Q&A forum for your company. The theme is easy to install and setup, so you can have your site up and running in just minutes.

The theme includes plenty of options to make you and your users happy. Organize questions using tags and categories, then Accept answers as your support team (or other users) provide responses. Plus users can up-vote questions to bring them to your attention. Another great feature is the built-in points & badge system so users (or staff) who provide answers are rewarded for their hard work!

Other features include a clean and modern design, a styled intro page, advanced search options, question view counter, color options and more. QAEngine is the perfect theme for your company’s knowledgebase!

5. Flatbase

Flatbase - A responsive Knowledge Base/Wiki Theme

Flatbase is a clean and responsive knowledgebase style WordPress theme on Themeforest. This theme is perfect for creating an online knowledgebase for your product or service so customers can easily find the answer their looking for.

No matter what you sell (or even if you giveaway a product for free) people are going to have lots of questions. Creating a knowledgebase is a great way to provide answers to commonly asked questions in an easy to use format. Plus it means that you can quickly add new questions and answers in a snap. This makes support less stressful for you, and makes your customers much happier.

Flatbase also includes bbPress support. This way customers can share their experiences and help each other. This save you time since customers you’ve assisted before can now share their knowledge with other users. Another great feature is the “Like” support on posts, so your users can let you know which of your posts are most helpful.

Customizing Flatbase is easy. Use the built-in theme options panel to make your site one of a kind, and the live theme customizer means that you can change fonts and colors and see a preview of them before committing to your changes.

6. Lore

Lore - Elegant Knowledge Base WordPress Theme

Lore is a knowledge base and documentation theme perfect for your help site. The theme includes options for adding a forum, support for the Elementor or WP Bakery page builder, and Gutenberg compatibility. Plus the theme is RTL and translation ready.

Why Is Customer Support Necessary?

The secret to a successful online business is to deliver what the public demands. Your product should speak for itself and deliver great value to your customers. But even when your product is designed in the most user-friendly way as humanely possible, there is going to be people looking for help. And you as the service provider, must provide support.

Let’s take a look at a familiar example. Suppose you design a sophisticated WordPress theme with tons of useful features. Even if you have an awesome documentation aided with video tutorials, you’re going to have to provide timely customer support.

People expect answers when they pay for a product. If they aren’t able to run the $60 theme they just purchased (even if the fault is their own), they’re going to leave negative reviews.

Consider an alternative. If you are able to help out this confused client to his satisfaction, then chances are that he’ll happily recommend you to his circles.

Their product is really good, but their customer support is even better!

That’s the golden line you should be aiming for.

Customer Support Channels

Hosting Customer Support

Since we’re on the topic of customer support, I’ve taken the liberty of summing up some of the most popular form of customer support you see on the Internet today. If you’ve ever bought an online product or service (like a domain or a hosting service), you’ll surely have run into one of these.

Telephonic Customer Support

  • Telephonic customer support offers real time personal assistance that builds an excellent customer relationship
  • On the flip side it could be quite expensive as it requires 24×7 dedicated support staff for international business spread across different time zones
  • Example: Most hosting companies like HostGator and BlueHost offer toll-free phone support

Live Chat

  • The next best thing to telephonic customer support, live chat provides similar personal assistance to your customers, in real time.
  • However, it is easier to maintain and is widely available.
  • Businesses with lesser budget may employ this model.

Email Support

  • The main advantage of customer support over email is that the customer faces no overhead of having to deal with helpdesk software. You could simply reply from your email app without having to login to a specialized helpdesk software.
  • However on the flip side, it is quite unorganized since your inbox comprises of multiple messages from various sources.

Ticket Support System

  • Ticket support system is the most widely available and commonly used customer support system. Almost all hosting companies rely on this.
  • Each support request is assigned a Unique Ticket Number which can prioritized according to urgency, and categorized according to the department of support required.

4 Ways to Educate Your Customer

LearnDash Groups

In this rapid information age, informing the customer about your product is turning out to be the most promising way to attract their loyalty.

Market your product well

#1 Features Page

This is a typical page displayed in almost every product. It job is to highlight the essential and outstanding features of your product in moderate details. You features page should have the minimum amount of copy possible. Ideally, it should be a list highlighting the best features of your product/service.

#2 Introductory Video

Depending on the type of product sold, you can also create a video depicting the product’s features and its usability. This will help your customer understand the product at great depths and will also act as a guide as and when they use it. Due to the visual interaction aspect, it reaches out to the customer personally, which in turn helps your cause.

#3 Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is a directory of articles and guides about your product. It provides your customers explicit details about your product(s). This becomes very helpful when you have a big inventory with similar type of products.

#4 FAQ Section

The frequently asked questions section, as the name suggests, is generated based on the feedback of initial testers, followed by future customers. This is a very efficient way of support as the FAQs are placed according to the frequency of the questions asked.


  • The development of the FAQ section begins with the feedback from the initial testers. This forms the alpha stage of the testing process.
  • Then the product is launched to closed group of people, who do the same job of the initial testers, but who have zero knowledge about the product. This forms the beta stage of the testing process.
  • Combining these, the product is finally launched to the general public.

The FAQ Section is updated at regular intervals based on the comments and feedback of the customers. This is increasingly becoming the most useful and promising way of providing quick valuable support to your customers on a very large scale.

Now that you’ve made sure that your customer will be satisfied with your product as well as your customer service, you can finally sit back and relax as you now have created a loyal customer.

Keep your customer support top notch and you’ll never have to worry about having dissatisfied customers.

This is one of the fundamental ways of building a prosperous business. We hope that we’ve been able to help you in your search to find a theme to your liking, which will help you create a personalized and attractive customer support. Do let us know your thoughts. Happy selling!

Article by Sourav guest author
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  1. Graham Nichols

    Support is much more of a hot topic than people think. Companies can live or die based on their level of customer support (or lack of it). Another option to consider in conjunction with a help desk is a service like ‘Help on Click’ live chat. Great for both support and creating conversions for sales pages. Give good support and customers will tell other people. Give bad support and customers will tell a LOT of other people (on average 11 other people, from studies made in this area). Social media can then spread that good/bad experience worldwide. So, take care!

  2. Websupporter

    Basically I think these functionalities shouldn’t be placed in a theme but in plugins as themes address less specific functionalities but issues of design and layout. Anyway, there are a lot of cool support plugins out there, so example – What thats mine? No way 😀

    • AJ Clarke

      Thanks for sharing your plugin with the WP community 😉

      • Websupporter

        You’re welcome 🙂 thanks for letting me.

  3. Rohan

    Great post and so many options to choose from. This post opened my eyes a bit because currently I am rolling out a website that needs support. Anticipation a large amount of inquires so we were thinking about going with zendesk or desk through salesforce. I am going to jump into these and these maybe a good choice for what were are going to need it for.

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