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10+ Fun WordPress Plugins to Jazz Up Your Website

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Fun WordPress Plugins to Jazz Up Your Website

I think you’ll agree when I say: as a beginner, creating an engaging website is one heck of a task. Where do you even start? And since you don’t know any fun WordPress plugins, which ones do you choose? We know it can be confusing but relax.

You are probably dealing with questions such as:

  • How do I make my website more exciting or interactive?
  • Can I improve my conversion rates without breaking the bank?
  • Why do I have such high bounce rates on my WordPress site? I mean, why do many people visit your website and leave almost immediately?
  • Is my website content any good or what am I doing wrong?
  • Does it take a lot of effort (and time) to engage more of the people who come to your site?

Shrug off all the questions. Turns out you can boost interactivity on your website quickly thanks to a few fun WordPress plugins! As a result, web visitors spend more time on your site, which means better conversion rates and improved WordPress SEO.

Today, you get fun WordPress plugins to boost engagement on your site. Read on to discover 10+ plugins that we think are worth a try, keeping in mind the market for fun/weird/interactive plugins is tiny. For that reason, please share your favorite fun/weird WordPress plugins in the comments. But without wasting another second, let’s have fun!

All plugins here add an element of fun to your WordPress site. And while that’s amazing, they are also utility items that serve a functional purpose. Additionally, most are free, but there are some premium options for the power user. Whether you choose a freebie or fork out some cash, all the fun WordPress plugins here are sure-fire ways of increasing engagement on your WordPress site.

That out of the way, let us make your WordPress site more engaging.

Disclaimer: WPExplorer is an affiliate for one or more products listed below. If you click a link and complete a purchase we could make a commission.

Slider Hero

fun wordpress plugins slider hero

In my time with WordPress, I have come across several excellent WordPress slider plugins (Slider Revolution anyone?), but Slider Hero is something else. Between us, I unabashedly spent over 45 minutes playing with the demos. Why? They are super exciting! For years, I have tried many sliders, but I have never come across the one.

You are in for a great treat with Slider Hero, and I’m not kidding, guys. It’s a fun WordPress plugin no doubt, but it is also one of those plugins that fill a functional need.

Slider Hero is not your typical slider plugin, no it’s not. Thanks to new innovative effects and features, Slider Hero helps you to boost your conversion rates twofold. The plugin is fantastic at engaging visitors on your WordPress site without trying hard. It focuses on your message and not image presentation like many other slider plugins.

Even if a visitor hates your site at first, they might start enjoying or clicking your sliders. Who knows? Perhaps, your visitor ends up loving your product in under 45 minutes. See what I did there?

The Best Slider Hero Features

  • 85+ impressive effects,
  • cinematic intro builder,
  • 173+ background gradients,
  • video support,
  • unique text animations,
  • border decorations,
  • crazy CSS3 & JS animations you won’t find elsewhere,
  • Gutenberg-ready,
  • fully responsive,
  • and if we cover all features, the list becomes lengthy to read.

The bottom line is Slider Hero is a super fun and exciting WordPress plugin to boost engagement on your WordPress site.

There is a Slider Hero free version available on which we’ve linked above, but if I were you, I would spring for the premium version without any reservations.

Why is that so? The premium version offers you more effects and features, plus premium support in case you need help. And we all know premium support comes in handy, especially if you have no time to tinker with technical stuff.

Yeah, I agree with you; time is money. Slider Hero premium saves you time and money, so yeah, the $30 bucks you pay for the premium version is a worthy investment.


fun wordpress plugins mycred

How do you boost engagement and sales on your WordPress website with less marketing effort? That’s simple: you create a loyalty program or gamify your website.

A loyalty program allows you to reward points to your visitors when they complete specific actions. We are talking about activities such as logging in, reading a post, buying from your store, and so on. Later on, users can use earned points to complete purchases, upgrade memberships, access premium content, and complete several other desired actions.

Gamification, on the other hand, boosts engagement and makes your website fun by adding game-like features. In general, gamification includes awarding experience points, ranking users, finding objects, quizzes, competition, and so on.

The point is, loyalty programs and gamification help you to add an element of fun to your website. And if you’re in the market for a reward system, we are glad to point you towards the myCRED WordPress plugin.

myCRED is a top-rated point management system that boosts engagement on your WordPress system. In other words, it helps you to create a loyalty program and gamify your WordPress site in a matter of clicks.

This fun WordPress plugin is easy to configure and use, and comes with an impressive suite of features.

The best part is myCRED is free, but if you need more power, the developer offers you a slew of cheap premium add-ons. Premium add-ons include lottery game, scratch cards, and wheel of fortune, among others.

myCRED integrates seamlessly with your favorite tools, e.g., WooCommerce, PayPal, BuddyPress, Contact Form 7, AffiliateWP, and so on. As such, you can create a fully-integrated rewards system and manage it like a pro.

H5P Interactive Content

interactive content h5p fun wordpress plugin

Interactive content boosts engagement on your site by enticing visitors to connect with your website. And the longer they stay on your website, the better your chances of converting mere visitors into customers.

After all, they have something fun to do on your website, which evokes good feelings towards your website. And if they associate good feelings with your website, your job is half done.

Now, thanks to the H5P fun WordPress plugin, you only need to figure out how you will get the users to your CTAs. Keeping them on your site for longer won’t be an issue anymore with H5P.

H5P ships with a good number of interactive HTML5 elements such as:

  • interactive videos
  • personality or arithmetic quiz
  • memory game
  • charts
  • image hotspots
  • collage
  • grid word game
  • 360-degree virtual environments
  • flashcards
  • and so much more

Setting up H5P on your WordPress website is as easy as pie. The plugin is entirely free and open technology. It’s fully responsive, too, meaning your content looks great on multiple devices.

Elevated Comments

elevated comments

We’ve covered the best WordPress comment plugins before, but that list included plugins that only improve the comment area. We didn’t cover a plugin that brings your posts to life using comments.

Now, Elevated Comments is that plugin. Thanks to machine learning and language analysis, you can automatically add the most relevant and thoughtful comment near the top of your post.

Furthermore, you can control where the comment appears in your post via a simple shortcode. Either way, the comment appears in the form of a beautiful pull quote. If need be, you can customize the styling extensively to fit your website.

Comments are a significant part of any post and mainly where users interact. If you want to boost interactivity on your WordPress site, the Elevated Comments plugin is a real winner.

The plugin fosters conversation by showing your best comment while linking to your comment section. It quickly sparks discussion while looking all benign. It’s like having a featured comment in your post, and not after the post.

Or, in the words of the developer:

The [best] comment no longer lingers at the bottom of the page. It has been whisked to the top where it is more likely to be seen, thought about, and replied to. Fantastic! – Postmatic

Fun and functional 🙂 Oh yeah, and completely free.

WP Triggers

wp triggers

Conditional logic offers you a lot of power to enhance interactivity on your WordPress site. The technology works like: if you do this, then that happens. In other words, a particular trigger activates a specific action.

You can use conditional logic to nudge site visitors to activate specific actions, which leads to more engagement. If you do your job well, you can get your visitors to your CTAs quickly.

The best part is you don’t have to edit your PHP files to leverage the power of conditional logic. Instead, you can take advantage of the WP Triggers premium plugin, and get conditional logic working for you in a matter of clicks.

Things you can do with WP Triggers:

  • Lead visitors to a secret page
  • Promote specific products only
  • Create adventure stories
  • Create virtual scavenger hunts
  • Provide Zip Code searches on your site
  • And most of the stuff that involves conditional logic on a website

But the above list would be vague if we didn’t throw in a couple of features. Here are a couple of features you can expect from WP Triggers:

  • Multiple wildcards meaning you are free to create unlimited triggers
  • Gutenberg-ready
  • Placeholder text
  • Endless styles
  • Support for images, videos, and text
  • Shortcodes
  • Email marketing
  • Responsive design
  • Shake animation
  • And so much more

The bottom line is, WP Triggers helps you to add interactivity to your WordPress website instantly. You won’t have to dig into code to get the plugin working. You get an intuitive interface to create triggered actions on your website in record time.

SVG Avatars Generator

svg avatars generator

Do you want to give your visitors something fun to do while making your website stand out from the competition? Offering your visitors the chance to create custom avatars is an excellent way of keeping them longer on your WordPress site. Besides, visitors will love your website as they create downloadable avatars. That’s not all; they can upload the avatars to to use anywhere they fancy, like on your website.

So, do you want to attract visitors and offer them a reason to love your site? If that is a loud yes, the SVG Avatars Generator plugin by Dee Themes is your fix. The plugin lets your visitors create avatars in SVG or PNG formats.

The avatars look amazing across multiple browsers and devices, which is perfect for responsive user experience. On top of that, users can customize the avatars extensively thanks to the intuitive interface.

Setting up the SVG Avatars Generator is super-duper easy you don’t need a developer. All you have to do is install the plugin. Next, place the generator anywhere on your site using a simple shortcode. Just keep in mind SVG Avatars Generator is a premium WordPress plugin.


fun wordpress plugins imgmce

And when you think you have seen the last of fun WordPress plugins, imgMCE makes a grand appearance! Guys, the plugin is bigger than an image editor; it’s a powerful HTML5 content builder that will Blow. Your. Mind.

You’ll have a splendid tool to create elements such as GIFs, interactive images, animated forms, and so much more. Additionally, you needn’t edit your images in Photoshop before posting. Thanks to imgMCE, you can edit images on the fly as you write.

The plugin boasts of a fantastic list of features including:

  • drag and drop editor (which means you don’t need coding knowledge to build surprising HTML5 elements),
  • capability to create impressive animations,
  • gradient color picker,
  • 600+ Google Fonts,
  • integration with your favorite tools such as WooCommerce, bbPress, BuddyPress, WPBakery Page Builder, TinyMCE, Elementor and so much more,
  • fully responsive design,
  • API integration with Unsplash, Giphy, Flaticon, and Font Awesome,
  • Capability to create animated HTML5 ads,
  • layers
  • and so much more

imgMCE will change how you work with images in WordPress. The plugin helps you to add interactivity and boost engagement on your WordPress site 10X. The only limit is only your imagination.

Image Hotspotter

image hotspotter fun wordpress plugin

Do you own a photography website? If so, Image Hotspotter helps you to “…enhance your WordPress posts with an elegant image-centric, responsive user interface.”

How? The plugin allows you to create a beautiful, user-friendly, and interactive image map that makes it incredibly easy and fun to share your photos and images.

The best part is you don’t have to write a single line of code; you can create the image map drag-and-drop style. In a matter of clicks, you can create clickable hotspots on your graphics, which opens up a lot of opportunities not only for photographers but other website owners as well.

With the clickable hotspots in place, you can then customize your image maps until you drop. For instance, you can add custom HTML into your image map, allowing you to link your images to any page on your site.

Additionally, you can customize your image map extensively to showcase your graphics in style. With such options (and more) at your disposal, you can use the Image Hotspotter to create stories that drive engagement on your WordPress site. The plugin is straightforward to configure we don’t expect you to run into any issues.

The developer offers three price packages: Single-Site license at $29.95, three-site permit at $59.95 and an unlimited-site usage for $129.95. Choose what works for you.

Counter Number Showcase

fun wordpress themes counter number

Are you looking for a beautiful way to showcase essential stats on your WordPress site? If so, you will like the Counter Number Showcase plugin, courtesy of WPShopmart.

Putting up excellent stats on your main page incentivizes visitors to take action. Better still, you can show some fun stats; you know, such as the number of pets in your office, coffee cups drank and so on.

Since you are creative, the Counter Number Showcase plugin is a fun plugin to engage and convert visitors into customers. It’s a remarkable way to show clout. You can easily display the number of projects you have under the belt. Additionally, you can show the size of your team, awards, downloads, etc.

The Counter plugin ships with features such as fully responsive & clean design, customizable styles, unlimited counters, drag-and-drop, shortcodes, slick user interface – name it all.

The plugin offers a premium flavor, which ships with stylish backgrounds, over 20 design templates, widget option, parallax, etc.

CommentPress Core


CommentPress Core is an ideal solution for online learning, courses, project collaboration, and educational websites. It offers you all the tools you need to spark conversation on your course material without spending money on developers or time writing custom code.

How does the plugin work? According to Christian Wach, the developer, CommentPress Core “…allows readers to comment in the margins of a text. Readers may comment paragraph-by-paragraph, line-by-line, block-by-block or by selecting text.” Something like this:


CommentPress Core is the perfect plugin for creating engaged communities around your blog posts or documents. By the way, when you pair the plugin with BuddyPress, it is super useful. Further, CommentPress Core allows you to…

…annotate, gloss, workshop, debate: with CommentPress Core you can do all of these things on a finer-grained level, turning a document into a conversation. – Christian Wach

CommentPress Core is a fantastic plugin to get the conversation going on your WordPress website. However, the plugin ships with a theme to work.

Not to worry though; the plugin comes with three default themes in case you want to switch up the layout. Plus with necessary coding, you can customize the design.

Quiz Cat


You’ll surely want Quiz Cat on your website if you wish to get quiz lovers to become regular visitors to your website. You can have any number of quizzes, and many answers presented as multiple choices.

Coming up with the questions needs a bit of creativity on the part of the site admin. But almost everything else is taken care of by the plugin. Create custom messages to flash on completion of quiz. Different message can be flashed if a visitor cannot come up with the right answer.


The premium version of the plugin helps to build better quizzes. Personality quizzes and image based quizzes are supported by the premium version. It also takes care of email capture and entitles you to priority support by email.

Football Pool


Football Pool rewards logged in users on your website to play a fantasy football game with other users. They predict outcomes and earn points. Extra points are awarded for bonus questions. The level of interaction is heightened as each player can view the scores and charts of the contenders.

The database has information pertaining to the UEFA Championship in France, but can very well be altered for any other match.


Creating teams, adding bonus questions, automatic calculation of pool rankings and team standing, configurable scoring options, additional pages for info on teams make playing a fun pastime.

We hope you found a fun and useful WordPress plugin here today. With a little creativity, you can successfully boost interactivity on your WordPress website.

Which is your favorite fun WordPress plugin? Please share below.

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    I would like to suggest Stephino RPG for your list of Fun plugins. Host your own RPG for free.

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  3. Derek Ashauer

    These are great, but ya know what’s always fun? Confetti! I just released a free plugin that lets you easily add confetti to any WordPress page. Even your janitor will like it (since, ya know, it’s digital and there is no clean up)

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