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15 Awesome Google Chrome Extensions for WordPress

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Google Chrome is used by almost 26 percent of people scouring the internet for their favorite cat videos and sports scores, so it’s safe to say that Google Chrome extensions are here to stay. Many of them are rather helpful when it comes to making yourself more productive and useful at work and at home.

It’s no secret that Google Chrome is one of the best browser options, since it works well for fighting off viruses, and the speed is unparalleled. But what do Google Chrome extensions have to do with WordPress? Google Chrome extensions are nifty little buttons that show up in the upper right hand corner of your browser, which you can click and use whenever you want, similar to a bookmark. But they actually do something more than bring you to a website.

You’ll find extensions for saving items to cloud services, tracking your work processes, and even automating your social accounts. Let’s take a look at the best Google Chrome extensions for WordPress.

Google Docs to WordPress

Google Docs to WordPress

Many people write their blog content in Google Docs, so why not simply push this content to your WordPress site without having to copy things over and worry about formatting? This is one of the best Google Chrome extensions for WordPress, since I know so many people like to create their stuff in Google Docs. It’s just a quick button click to move your writing to WordPress.

WP Write

WP Write

WP Write provides a minimalist editor that you can open in your browser at any time. You can quickly link your WordPress site and log in to create your blog post. You basically take a step out of logging into your WordPress site, and you don’t get all the distractions of the WordPress dashboard.



ScribeFire is a rather popular editor that lets you link your blog network and post to all of your sites from one place. You get loads of formatting options and you don’t have to even open up WordPress. Post to multiple sites at once and consolidate your workspace.



MultiPress works with the “Press This” function in WordPress, so when you find something online that you want to publish on your own blog you can just use this extension to move it to your own site.

Comment Save

Comment Save

Using WordPress is about creating a community, and it’s a pain to keep track of all the comments you have posted all over the internet. Not only that, but sometimes you write up a long comment and it magically disappears for some unknown reason. This Google Chrome extension saves all your past comments so you can reference them in the past and find ones that you might have lost while writing a long comment.

Related Content by Zemanta

Related Content

This Related Content extension works nicely to find related content throughout the internet and deliver it on your WordPress website, as you write a blog post. For example, you might be writing a blog post about gardening, so this extension recommends images, articles, and videos that might relate to your post. It helps make your posts more engaging and valuable to your readers. Extension Extension

This is a nifty little extension that gives you WordPress notifications in your browser, along with the ability to create new blog posts and follow other blogs. It makes things a little easier so you don’t have to constantly open up your website whenever you want to engage with other people or just check if you have any comments.

WordPress Site Manager

Wordpress Site Manager

The WordPress Site Manager extension allows you to manage your multiple WordPress sites from one dashboard, but you can also modify some code and change around theme options. It’s not all that powerful, but it’s worth a look for those who are interested in a quick WordPress shortcut.



Have you ever stumbled upon a website and wondered what types of theme or integrations they are using? Use this powerful extension to get a peek into all the sites you view. For example, if you stumble upon a site and want to see what type of WordPress theme it is using, just tap into this extension to find out.

WordPress Style Editor

Wordpress Style Editor

Instead of using an FTP program to modify your CSS files, why not just use a simple Google Chrome extension that lets you make changes and save those changes quickly? This helps you surpass the restrictions on Google Developer Tools and you don’t even have to open up the files to modify them.

WordPress Version Check

WordPress Version Check

This extension is pretty simple. You can view a WordPress site and see what version it is currently on. This helps you keep a network of sites up-to-date without having to login to each one.

WordPress Admin Bar Control

Wordpress Admin Bar Control

I sometimes get annoyed by the WordPress Admin bar at the top of my browser, so this extension hides the bar with a simple click. You can always bring it back whenever you need to use it, but this simple tool helps you clean up your work space.

WordPress Stats

WordPress Stats

WordPress Stats is one of my favorite Google Chrome extensions for WordPress, because there is really no reason to open up your WordPress backend to take a quick look at your stats.

With this extension you can see what people are searching for to find your site, how many clicks are happening, and even where your referrals are coming from. The extension comes in a simple tabulated format so you can view your stats within seconds and move on from there.


Express Curate

ExpressCurate works with a plugin to help you find and create valuable content in a single place. You can edit your posts through this integration and find the best articles out there to give you ideas on what to post in the future.

It even includes a keyword dashboard to improve your SEO and reach out to people who are searching for the words you write about. It has a nice AutoCurate feature for when you find an interesting article. Simply click this button and it auto-populates the content into your own blog post so you can use it for reference or support.



Shareaholic isn’t specifically built for WordPress, but it’s one of the coolest Google Chrome extensions out there, and every WordPress user is looking for quick ways to share things to social media and other outlets.

Instead of logging into your separate social accounts every time you find something you want to share, just click on this extension button and you can share to various sources in a few clicks such as Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, and Evernote. I’ve always found that posting to these different accounts takes way too much time, and you don’t even know how well things will perform on social media. Cut down the time it takes with this quick little Google Chrome extension for WordPress.


If you have any specific questions about how to use or implement some of the Google Chrome extensions for WordPress above, let us know in the comments section below. Share your thoughts if you have some Google Chrome extensions that you can’t live without when integrating with your own WordPress site. Did I miss any? Now’s the time to speak up!

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  1. Paal Joachim Romdahl

    Thanks for the great list of Chrome extensions for WordPress!

  2. JoelH

    do not use pagexray it will stuff some of your wordpress plugins if you are editing your website

    • Kyla Avatar Kyla

      Oh no – thank you for the warning!

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