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The Best WordPress Podcasts on the Airwaves (What’s in My Earbuds)

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Ok, raise your hands if you like to listen to something while you work.

Was your hand in the air?

If so, this post is for you!

I raised my hand, too. Whether I listen toΒ  talk radio, streaming music, or podcasts, I like a little background noise while I work. You know, ambiance.

Tuning into a WordPress-flavored podcast is a great way to stay up to date on what’s happening in the WordPress world as well as get to know folks in the larger WordPress community.

I’d like to introduce you to some of my favorite WordPress podcasts. I’ll give you the scoop on the podcast host, the topics covered, and when or where you can tune in.

Disclaimer : There’s a healthy competitive spirit in the podcasting community. That said, the list below is in no particular order. πŸ™‚

My Top WordPress Podcasts

The WordPress Chick Podcast

WordPress Chick PodcastNew on the scene this year, the WordPress Chick Podcast is a great listen for the non-technical crowd. Authentic and down-to-earth, host Kim Doyal, discusses a variety of topics such WordPress themes, plugins, publishing tips, online video broadcasting, outsourcing, having fun at business and, last but not least, making more money with your online business.

Who’s behind it:
Kim Doyal

What it’s about:
Digital publishing, blogging, WordPress and making a living online.

When does it air:

Where you can listen:
iTunes or

WP Watercooler

WPWatercooler WordPress PodcastImagine Seinfeld (a show about nothing) mixed with the View (a show where women voice strong opinions) and you get the WP Watercooler. It’s a live video round-table discussion on a predetermined WordPress topic. The tone is lighthearted and fun, just like an office water cooler should be. Tune in during your lunch break for lively discussions and bad jokes.

Who’s behind it:
Jason Tucker and Chris Lema

What it’s about:
Round-table discussion on a variety of WordPress topics.

When does it air:
Live video stream Mondays at 11A PST

Where you can listen:
YouTube (live), iTunes, or

Matt Report

Matt Report WordPress PodcastThe Matt Report is an interview-style business podcast geared toward entrepreneurs, start-ups, and freelancers. Matt conducts video interviews with an amazing cross-section of WordPress professionals. Take a tour through the archives to get a “behind the scenes” look at some of your favorite WordPress rock stars. It’s awesome. I promise.

Who’s behind it:
Matt Medeiros

What it’s about:
Video interviews with folks who make their living with WordPress.

When does it air:
2 – 3x/week

Where you can listen:
iTunes or

Hello Dolly

Hello Dolly WordPress PodcastOut of the gate, this podcast promises to be more useful than the Hello Dolly plugin. While that’s a pretty low bar, the podcast does offer up good conversation for anyone involved in the WordPress community, including bloggers, designers, developers, and more. It’s easy, conversational listening.

Who’s behind it:
8BIT and WPDaily

What it’s about:
WordPress trends, the Atlanta WordPress community, and more.

When does it air:
Once a month-ish

Where you can listen:
iTunes or

The DradCast

DradCast Podcast for WordPressTake two incredibly smart WordPress entrepreneurs, pour up cocktails, give them a microphone, sit back, and enjoy. Brad and Dre invite a guest host each week to lead the discussion on all manner of WordPress topics. They’ve managed an impressive guest line-up, so it’s worth a stroll through the archives to hear from some awesome WordPress folks.

Who’s behind it:
Brad Williams & Dre Armeda

What it’s about:
A little bit of everything WordPress.

When does it air:
Live weekly video podcast, Wednesday 8PM EST

Where you can listen:
iTunes or

Your WordPress Engineer

Your Website Engineer PodcastProbably one of the longest-running WordPress podcasts, Your Website Engineer offers hands-on, practical instruction for operating and maintaining your own WordPress site. Each episode focuses on how to use a specific WordPress feature or a WordPress-related plugin or product.

Who’s behind it:
Dustin Hartzler

What it’s about:
Make amazing things with WordPress, DIY style.

When does it air:

Where you can listen:
iTunes or

Looking Forward

This final podcast mention isn’t on the air yet, but it is on my radar.


WP Bacon WordPress PodcastThe self-proclaimed “Most Badass WordPress Podcast Ever. Period.” I’ll be curious to see if it lives up those standards, but it’s hard to go wrong with… bacon or WordPress (at least in my book). Be on the lookout for guest hosts, interviews, and general WordPressery.

Who’s behind it:
Rob Neu and Bobby Brooks

What it’s about:
All things WordPress.

When does it air:
Look for the first episode in July 2013

Where you can listen:

And…. We’re Off the Air

Did I miss a great WordPress podcast on your list? Leave a comment below and share!

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  1. Matt Medeiros

    Wow this is epic – thanks for bringing us all together!

    One addition from me, would be the 4 other WordPress web shows I produce over on YouTube

    I haven’t converted them to iTunes yet, but the first in the series will be Week in WordPress and PressThis.

    Thanks again!

    • cdils

      Thanks for the share, Matt! I hadn’t come across your YouTube shows.

  2. Kim Doyal

    Thanks Carrie! TOTALLY honored to be included!
    And of course will be subscribing to the other podcasts… I listen to a handful of marketing shows as well.
    Thanks again!

  3. Phillip Flores

    Thank you for putting this together. Very very useful in keeping abreast of things happening in the WP world.

  4. Dave Jackson

    Oh man, you’re missing a GREAT podcast. I love the WordPress plugins A to z with John and Marcus.

  5. Todd E. Jones

    I’m curious Carrie, did you come across any that talked about the Genesis Framework much?

    • cdils

      It’s not a regular/featured topic on any, but the WPChick mentions it now and then. πŸ™‚ Several of the Copyblogger crew have been featured on the Matt Report, too. I think a Brian Gardner interview is coming up…

  6. Thebestearbuds

    Thanks for your posts πŸ™‚

  7. John Locke

    Hi Carrie:

    In the three years since this post, many more WordPress podcasts have hit the airwaves, and a couple on this list have retired. Here’s some additional shows people might want to check out:

    The WP Crowd
    WP Innovator
    Apply Filters
    Post Status Draft

    • Kyla Avatar Kyla

      All great recommendations John! If you’d ever like to do your own roundup for us let me know πŸ˜‰

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