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20 Great Admin WordPress Plugins

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You and I have reviewed quite a number of useful WordPress plugins in the recent days. I mean, our ongoing WordPress plugin adventure has already revealed our picks for the social media, BuddyPress, memberships and more.

That’s well over 100 plugins! But never once have we reviewed WordPress admin plugins. Does no one care about the backend? You see, most of the WordPress plugins we reviewed in the above linked posts have so much to do with the frontend. However, the plugins we will review today will help you to take charge of your WordPress admin duties among other things.

Are you a WordPress developer? Stay tuned. Are you a WordPress blog administrator? Stay tuned as well. Looking forward to customize your WordPress admin area? We have you covered too 🙂 Checkout our list of some of the best free Admin WordPress plugins (just click on the images to download the plugins). Enjoy reading and share your much loved comments at the end!

Disclaimer: WPExplorer is an affiliate for one or more products listed below. If you click a link and complete a purchase we could make a commission.

Admin Menu Editor

Admin Menu Editor WordPress Plugin

Looking to customize your admin menu items? Want to add custom menu items to your admin menus? Admin Menu Editor gives you all the power you need to build a one of a kind admin menu. You know, something you will love. There is just so much you can do with this plugin. For instance, you can edit menu titles, change menu icons and set access rights, drag and drop items easily, easily create sub menus, hide an entire menu (or individual menu items) and create custom menu items that point to external links.

You can even restore all of your default menus at the click of a button on the of chance that you mess something up. To sum it up, the plugin is coupled with ease of installation and use. What’s more? You can choose between the free and the pro version. Obviously, the latter comes with extra features.

Codepress Admin Columns

Columns Editor WordPress Plugin

If you have been meaning to transform your WordPress admin screens, Codepress Admin Columns is the plugin you’ve been waiting for. The combined effort of Codepress, Tobias Schutter, David Mosterd and Jesper van Engelen, Admin Columns comes with over ninety (90) custom columns as well as the ability to enhance your clients’ admin panel easily, options for sortable and editable columns to make your work easier, ability to import and export functionality, easy integration with other plugins, custom fields for all your custom needs (See, you are well taken care of) and full documentation. Add life (and so much utility) to your admin area with Codepress Admin Columns.


WP Optimize WordPress Plugin

Is your WordPress site slower than usual? Guess what, your database could be the problem. One way or another, junk always finds its way to your WordPress database. This can lead to a sluggish website and cause a couple of WordPress errors. What to do? You must optimize your WordPress database from time to time. At the same time, optimizing your database can be an uphill task if you don’t know the first thing about PhpMyAdmin.

Enter WP-Optimize and the day (alongside your database) is saved. This special plugin has over one (1) million downloads, an impressive rating of 4.6/5.0 and will help you to optimize your WordPress database automatically. WP-Optimize will rid your database of stale post revisions, spam and trashed comments, trackbacks and pingbacks just to mention a few. You can see more features on the plugin’s page at

Quick Page/Post Redirect

Quick Page/Post Redirect WordPress Plugin

With a great rating of 4.7/5.0 and over 550K downloads, Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin adds ease to redirection. Are you looking to redirect users to other pages easily? The following features will reveal why Quick Page/Post Redirect is the redirection plugin you need. Features at a glance include global options to customize redirect links in bulk, current WordPress version compatibility, custom post types (and other plugins) integration, option to redirect users to a new or the same window, ability to add rel=”nofollow” attribute to links, redirect 404 error pages and more. Take redirection to the next level with Quick Page/Post Redirect plugin.


Adminer WordPress Plugin

Can’t (or won’t) manage your MySQL databases manually? The Adminer plugin gives all the power you require to manage your WordPress database(s) from the more familiar WordPress admin area. How cool is that?

You can do anything from browsing tables to running SQL queries and performing database optimization among other functions. It’s really basic, and you will have fun if you like getting inside your DBs. Adminer is compatible with WordPress 3.9.1 and WordPress Multisite, so, and I’m guessing, you’re well covered. It has more than 100K downloads and a bright rating of 4.8/5.0.

Debug Objects

Debug Opjects WordPress Plugin

Hello WordPress developer! Looking to analyze errors and better understand how to develop with WordPress? If you said yes, Debug Objects is exactly what you need. Boasting of a 4.9/5.0 rating, this easy to install and use plugin provides a great deal of information such as memory usage, operating system, WordPress version, page load time, query info, cache info, cron info, FTP and SSH definitions, cookie definitions, shortcodes and much more. Developed by Frank and Inpsyde GmbH, Debug Objects is a great plugin for every WordPress developer out there.

WP Super Edit

WP Super Edit WordPress Plugin

Do you always crave for more functionality from your wysiwyg visual editor? Do you always wish certain features were available? Wouldn’t that add fun to your blogging adventure? Are you tired of waiting for a plugin that would grant this wish? Well, the wait is over! WP Super Edit adds custom TinyMCE plugins and buttons to your visual editor, giving you more functionality to bring your content to life. Main features of this plugin include a user friendly drag and drop user interface, access to built-in WordPress options, extra TinyMCE plugins and buttons, easy installation and configuration options. WP Super Edit has a rating of 4.0/5.0 and over 250K downloads.

Testimonials by Aihrus

Testimonials by Aihus WordPress Plugin

Adding testimonials to your site is a great way of building customer trust around your online brand. Testimonials by Aihrus is a great plugin that will help you to slide text, images or videos to create rotating testimonials, slide mixed content, display testimonials randomly, add fade and other transitions to testimonials, filter content by category, id or tags ad more. With an impressive rating of 4.4/5.0 and over 450k downloads, Testimonials by Aihrus is best known for the following features: API to customize testimonials, friendly interface, CSS styling, shortcodes, widgets, and custom fields to add title, emails, location, company etc.

Participant Database

Participant Database WordPress Plugin

If you are planning to launch a WordPress membership site or already have one, you must have a means of building and maintaining a database of members. The Participant Database plugin is that means. This plugin will allow you to enter records individually, upload records from a CSV file or let the members create records on their own. This plugin is fully customizable, allows you to create multiple forms to collect records, includes awesome shortcode functionality, features form redirection upon filling, supports email notifications and more. Participant Database has a rating of 5.0/5.0 (the highest we’ve seen thus far) and nearly 100K downloads.

AJAX Live Spell Checker

Ajax Live Spell Checker WordPress Plugin

Spelling errors? We don’t want that now do we? This is a simple but powerful plugin built by Lab4Games (Kepo-ing Zz85). Ajax Spell Checker lets you catch spelling errors on the fly. It’s easy to install and use and integrates to Chris Meller’s Google spellcheck and Gassison Locke spellcheck services.

Firestats (+Charts)

FireStats WordPress Plugin

Obsessed with stats and traffic metrics? Are you looking to understand your traffic fully without ever leaving your WordPress admin dashboard? Firestats is just the WordPress admin plugin you need Firestats offers you a lot of insight about your traffic. After installing, the plugin will allow you to breakdown your traffic and see so much including the user’s IP address, country of residence, operating system, and browser type among others. Firestats Charts (a plugin on its own, but you can call it a WordPress add-on) adds detailed Firestats Charts, giving you reliable graphical representation of your traffic.

WordPress Mobile Pack

WordPress Mobile Pack WordPress Plugin

Don’t just create a responsive WordPress site that looks great on mobile devices, create a mobile application using the WordPress Mobile Pack and give your mobile visitor’s a richer user experience (UX). With nearly 600K downloads and an above average rating of 3.8/5.0, this WordPress Mobile Pack is designed for bloggers, content marketers, and publishers who want to acquire mobile readers.

The plugin works with Windows Phone 8, iPhone devices as well as Android phones and is compatible with major browsers. On top of that, WordPress Mobile Pack is compatible with the latest version of WordPress 3.9.1 and comes with great features such as a responsive interface, theming options, posts and comments sync, and analytics among many other customizable features.

Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin

People and Google bots dislike it when you send them to 404 error pages. If you didn’t know, broken links can hurt your SEO severely on top of sending potential customers away. So, how do you get rid of broken links? First, you have to find the broken links. This is where the Broken Links Checker plugin comes in. The plugin monitors your blog for broken links and notifies you immediately one is found.

Broken Link Checker best features easy customizations, edit links automatically from the plugin’s page, monitor links all over your site, adds rel=”nofollow” attribute to broken links to discourage search engine bots, filterable links, etc. The plugin has an impressive rating of 4.1/5.0 and over 2.5M (million) downloads (Aside: If you are looking to lighten page load, you can check broken links using an online service such as W3C Link Checker instead of installing a plugin).

Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator WordPress Plugin

As we saw in a recent post, WordPress security is a serious issue. Unless you have Vaultpress or a similar service, never leave the security matters of your WordPress to chance. The Google Authenticator plugin offers you two-factor authentication for you WordPress site. The entire operation runs on the Google Authenticator app. With a great rating of 4.8/5.0, Google Authenticator by Henrik Schack is the plugin you need to bolster your WordPress security.

Search Regex

Search Regex

Search Regex plays one role and plays it well. The plugin gives you the ability to search and replace any type of data on your website. Looking for pages or posts? Categories, tags or comments? You can find and replace anything you want with the click of a button. This plugin is meant to add ease to website migration. Remember how difficult it can get finding files after moving your site? Search Regex by John Godley works automatically and has an appealing rating of 4.7/5.0.


Adrotate WordPress Plugin

Do you work with many adverts? Perhaps you own (or run) more than a few sites that come with more than a few adverts? How do you manage the adverts? How do you keep sane? You chose AdRotate. With over 770K downloads and a rating of 3.8/5.0, AdRotate allows you to add and manage adverts easily. Basic level stuff; you manage adverts from a central dashboard that offers you plenty of options. You are really in control of your ads with this plugin. Arnan de Gans, the author, is confident you will love the AdRotate. Making money will become super easy, further claims Arnan.

Redux Options Framework

Redux Options Framework

It’s a plugin. No, it’s a framework. Well, according to the authors: Redux is a simple, fully extensible and responsive options framework for WordPress themes and plugins. With a superb rating of 5.0/5.0, Redux Framework will simplify WordPress theme and plugin development by far. It offers you an extensible and streamlined WordPress framework to work with (they even have tons of premium Redux Extensions). This plugin will help you to hit the ground running where WordPress theme and plugin development is concerned. Checkout some of the screenshots we have up on Themeforest to see how much is possible with Redux.

Inline Comments

Inline Comments WordPress Plugin

Comments indicate how your target audience is responding to your message. You should never shy away from comments as a WordPress site owner. Instead, you should contribute to the discussion and make readers feel more at home. You should also make it your duty to encourage readers to leave comments using a plugin such as Inline Comments. What this nifty piece of code does is add “…your comment system to the side of paragraphs, headlines and other sections…” of your posts. The plugin is quite easy to install and customize and works by adding a bubble to the side of the selected section. Inline Comments was developed by Kevin Weber and has a rating of 4.8/5.0.

Floating Admin MenuFloating Admin Menu WordPress Plugin

Looking to wow your clients with some more space in the WordPress admin area? We bring you just the plugin for that. Meet Float Admin Menu, a super efficient WordPress admin plugin that re-positions your admin menu from the left to the top. You can expand the menu anytime you need to. The plugin is fully responsive, works with WordPress 3.9.1 and has an impressive rating of 5.0/5.0. I floated my admin menu and I loved it. It works upon activating.

Download Monitor


Do you serve digital products on your website? Would you like to monitor your download activity? If that is a yes, the Download Monitor plugin will help you to add and manage downloads using a friendly user interface (UI), add files while editing posts, include mirror links for downloads, track download counts, restrict and control access to downloads and more. Download Monitor has been downloaded over 620K times and has a rating of 3.9/5.0.

Hopefully you found a few new plugins that will help you with your WordPress site(s). Are you aware of any WordPress admin plugins you would like to see included here? Please share with us in the comments. Happy developing!

Article by Freddy author
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  1. Jice from elokenz

    That’s a great list Freddy. I am always installing broken link checker on all my websites 🙂
    You gave me the occasion to discover so many new plugins. Thanks !!

    • AJ Clarke

      Just make sure to install the broken link checker and run it, then de-activate it. If you leave it active it could cause your site to be really slow.

    • Freddy

      You’re welcome Jice! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Kevin Weber (@kevinweber)

    Hi Freddy,
    great thanks for this nice list and the mention of Inline Comments!!
    Best regards,

    • Freddy

      My pleasure Kevin. Inline Comments looks great. Thank you for passing by 😉

  3. Ashish Ajani

    Great list Freddy, I would like to suggest another wordpress plugin which can be very useful to administrators, that is WP Show Stats. Very useful plugin to see stats related to Pages, Posts, Comments, Categories, Users, Custom post types at one place with charts.

  4. kafediem

    Hi Freddy,

    Can you tell me please what plugin are you using to display the “Author” red button badge on your comments ?! Or is a custom made function ?!

    • AJ Clarke

      Actually it was a custom function, but a few users have asked us in the past so I decided to make it a plugin which you can now download for free on our site – Comment User Badge Plugin.

  5. Greg

    Did anyone proof read this article? “we even use it in out best selling Total WordPress theme’ Otherwise a well written article

    • Kyla

      We do actually 🙂 Pardon my “t” haha. And another fix you brought my eye to, we used to use Redux way back in early 2014 (for our admin panel) when this article was written – we no longer use the Redux framework, but we still do use a bit of Redux for custom widgets.

      Thanks though, I’ll be sure to update the post!

  6. rohit

    Thanks Freddy I have used your Plugins very nice it makes my business website really a business website, thanks for this Article

  7. Russ Tanner

    Is there a plugin that lets an admin see the most recently updated/accessed pages? For example, I find myself always having to go back to the Pages link in the admin menu and then searching for the page I want to update. I would love a plugin that lets me scroll over it and a pop up appears that shows me the last 5 pages that I accessed.

    • AJ Clarke

      Hi. This isn’t something included in WordPress but it wouldn’t be very hard to add to the dashboard screen. I actually found this free WordPress plugin called “Recently Edited WordPress Widget” which does exactly what I mentioned previously (adds a Dashboard widget to see recently edited pages).

  8. Sunday Ukafia

    The download monitor plugin is really useful. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Ivan

    Great list Freddy, I would like to suggest another wordpress plugin which AUTOMATICALLY hides admin menu items based on your using them – Useful Admin Menu.

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