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Last week one of my fellow friends (Pippin from PippinsPlugins.com) released an awesome WordPress plugin called “Simple Full Screen Background Image”, which as the name suggests is a plugin which allows you to easily set an image as a full-sized background for your site.

What makes this plugin different then the default “background” panel in WordPress 3.0+ is that it scales your image automatically with the browser, so regardless of the browser size the image will always fill the screen, even as you re-size the browser live!

How To Use The Simple Full Screen Background Image Plugin

  1. Step 1: Download the plugin
  2. Upload the folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder
  3. Activate the plugin via the “plugins” menu in your WordPress dashboard
  4. One activated go to Apperance –> Fullscreen BG Image
  5. Choose your image from your media gallery or upload a new one
  6. Select the size you wish to insert and click “insert into post”
  7. Now a preview of the image will show below
  8. Click save options and you are done!

Simple Full Screen Background Image Plugin Screenshot & Video

Below is a screenshot of the admin panel for this plugin showing you how simple it is to set up your background image!

Below is the full video tutorial and demonstration showing you how to set up the plugin and define your full width background image via the plugin’s admin.

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