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WP Replace Links WordPress Affiliate Link Plugin

Price: $16-$30
Disclosure: If you click the links below and purchase the item we may make a comission.

This product is currently under maintenance or has been removed.

Theme Info & Details

The WP Replace Links plugin is a premium WordPress plugin created to help you “hide” your affiliate links without actually “cloaking” them. Rather then redirecting your links the plugin actually adds a data attribute to the code so when a user clicks on the link it will open up the link defined for the data-link attribute rather then the one defined in the default href. This means your site won’t actually be creating redirections and you will be linking to real links (without affiliate codes) which not only looks better for the end user/visitor but also for SEO.

The plugin works simply via a shortcode “wpr_link” so you define the link that will go in the href and then the affiliate link. So it will look something like this:

[wpr_link href="LINK PEOPLE SEE" link="URL LINK WILL GO TO"]

The import thing is that the href and the link values MUST be set to the same domain otherwise it will not work. This is very important because sending people to a different domain would be considered spam. So essentially it’s similar to redirection plugins like PrettyLink┬áin the sense that it will go to a different URL then the one visitors “see” but it works in a potentially “more efficient matter” by not creating redirects.

The WP Replace Links plugin is a premium plugin (so it’s not free) and there are different pricing structures available based on how many sites you will use the plugin on. The base price is for a single site license and it goes up to 5 sites for the highest price. I think it would be best if there was an unlimited site option though so hopefully that is something the plugin developer will consider in the future.

WP Replace Links Plugin Features

  • Easy to use via plugin shortcode
  • Can help click-through rates on your site
  • Free plugin updates (1 time purchase fee)
  • Includes support from the developer
  • Default license is good for 1 site only – you will need to purchase a larger “plan” for more sites or purchase a single license for each site the plugin is used on
  • Plugin developer currently offers a 7 day money back guarantee
  • Could potentially help with SEO by replacing affiliate links with direct links