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WP Auto Post Link Title Attributes WordPress Plugin

Price: Free (Licensed under GPL)
Documentation: Theme Docs
Changelog: Theme Changelog

Stop worrying about defining title tags for your links in your WordPress posts. The plugin will automatically filter your post content and locate any links that are missing the title attribute and apply one based on the link text or if the link is surrounding an image based on the link alt or title tag. Title tags are important not only for SEO but also for screen readers (for the visually impaired).

Adding title tags isn’t the easiest thing to do in WordPress but also when writing posts you or your blog authors may forget to apply the title tags, this plugin will do all the work for you so you don’t have to worry.

How it works? The plugin will scan your post on the front end and locate any link without a title tag and add one. The plugin will do the same thing whenever you click to edit a post, this means whenever you update a post your links will be given a title tag so the next time it’s loaded on the front-end the links already have them and the plugin won’t have to parse the content again.

Plugin snippet…

This is just a screenshot of the plugins code so you can get a quick glance at how it works:


Plugin Features

  • Automatically adds title tags to text links without title tags
  • Automatically adds title tags to image links without title tags based on the alt tag or the title tag as a fallback
  • Parses content on the front-end and on post edit
  • Title tags are cleaned up so they will be all caps and without any underscores, dashes or html tags
  • Uses the PHP 5 DOMDocument class to parse the HTML which is more efficient then using regex
  • Free GPL licensing