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Premium WordPress Plugins of the Month: November 2016

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Premium WordPress Plugins of the Month: November 2016

Looking for some innovative functionalities to enhance your WordPress website without breaking the bank? Then welcome to the November edition of WPExplorer’s Premium WordPress Plugins of the Month series!

Every month, we scan the latest releases on CodeCanyon to bring you the very best premium WordPress plugins. And, with an emphasis on keeping things affordable, no plugin featured today has a price tag above $30. If you’re interested, read on, as we narrow down the 100+ new CodeCanyon plugins from November to just five. In no particular order…

Disclaimer: WPExplorer is an affiliate for one or more products listed below. If you click a link and complete a purchase we could make a commission.

UberChart – WordPress Chart Plugin


If you want to add credibility to your blog posts, consider adding charts to them – it’s the easiest way for an audience to digest data. However, WordPress doesn’t ship with a ready-made chart-building solution, and so many webmasters choose to display screenshots of charts instead. This is problematic as, should data change or be added to, it’s difficult to update an image.

Enter UberChart, an awesome new chart plugin exclusive to CodeCanyon. The plugin offers an abundance of chart types – ten to be exact, including line charts, bar charts, and pie charts.


However, the plugin’s biggest selling point is the huge number of customization options it boasts – 240 customization options per chart. You can configure your chart’s color, font style, responsiveness, and animations, allowing you to create super-stylish charts for instant visual enhancement to your blog posts. From a data perspective, you also have full control over your axis and scales.

It’s simple to configure the charts, too. UberChart offers a back-end spreadsheet editor, plus you can upload data directly from Excel, Open Office, or Google Spreadsheets.

If you want a visually stunning solution for adding data to blog posts, UberCharts is great value at just $30. And if you’re still not convinced, here are a few more screenshots of the charts in action.


WooCommerce Checkout Page Builder for Visual Composer


We feature quite a few plugin extensions in our roundup, and Visual Composer and WooCommerce are the two plugins we see the most extensions for, by far. Well, this interesting new plugin extends both of them at once!

The WooCommerce Checkout Page Builder for Visual Composer is a self-explanatory plugin. It utilizes the insanely popular drag-and-drop custom page builder functionality from Visual Composer to redesign and optimize your WooCommerce checkout.

It supports four styles of multi-step checkouts, plus you can customize every field displayed on your checkout using drag-and-drop. You can also customize the pages that make up the checkout – including minicart, billing screen, and payment page.

By streamlining and improving your checkout, this plugin can increase conversions by enough to cover the $16 price tag in no time at all.

Premium Stock Market Widgets


If you run a website in the financial sector, your website could benefit from displaying financial data in the widget area. If so, perhaps you need the Premium Stock Market Widgets plugin. The plugin has dedicated widgets for single stock prices, multi-stock tables, and forex tickers.

For example, let’s say you’re writing a blog post on a recommended stock purchase. You could use the plugin to display a single widget for that particular stock.

On the widget screen, simply specify the stock you want, choose one of the stylish templates, and then select how frequently the price is updated. That’s all there is to it, and you’ll have a great looking widget that looks something like this:


The stock and currency prices are pulled in real-time from 40 of the world’s most popular stock exchanges – the notable exception is, to date, the Dow Jones Index. You can pick up the Premium Stock Market Widgets plugin from CodeCanyon for just $29.

WP Sheet Editor


In the past, we’ve featured plugins that let you upload spreadsheets to quickly bulk edit your WooCommerce products, stock levels, and prices. The WP Sheet Editor plugin does all this and more.

The plugin lets you manage your entire website. You can bulk edit blog posts, pages, custom post types, and media files, all via a simple spreadsheet. Let’s start by taking a look at how this plugin works.

The plugin adds a spreadsheet-style screen to your WordPress back-end. From here, you can edit the content of an individual cell just by clicking. For example, you could edit the post ID, title, alt text, description, author, and caption. You can even add or change your post’s featured image. And that’s all without ever leaving the WP Sheet Editor screen.

Of course, plugins like this are always going to be most valuable to eCommerce store owners – there are simply more moving parts, such as stock levels, costs, and prices. You can use WP Sheet Editor to manage your eCommerce store using the spreadsheet, too, and in much the same way. You can even make bulk changes using a formula – for example, you might decide to make sweeping 5% price increases across the board.

The WP Sheet Editor plugin can save you huge amounts of time, making it great value at just $25.

WordPress Book a Table Plugin


Our final premium plugin this month is the WordPress Book a Table Plugin. The plugin’s name is a dead giveaway as to who this plugin is targeted at – restaurants and café owners.

The plugin adds a stylish bookings widget to your site. Visitors enter their preferred time and date, and then the plugin returns availabilities that best match the visitor’s selections. If the visitor is happy, they simply fill in their contact details and specify the number of guests to complete the reservation. After the booking is placed, an email confirmation is automatically sent out to the restaurant owner and the guests. Job done.


WordPress Book a Table Plugin then allows you to manage your reservations via the WordPress back-end. Admins can add, edit, or cancel a reservation, plus the plugin’s specialist algorithm creates an optimized seating plan to maximize guest numbers. Restaurateurs can also specify a “latest booking” time, to prevent any guests showing up unexpected. However, best of all, the plugin can be used to handle booking requests for multiple restaurants – perfect if you run a chain.

With a price tag of just $30, Book a Table could prove invaluable to restaurant and café owners. It’s well worth checking out!

Final Thoughts

And that concludes November’s list. We’ve introduced you to five excellent, newly released plugins from CodeCanyon, with no plugin costing more than $30. This makes it an affordable way to add innovative features to your WordPress website to make it more stylish and user friendly.

With hundreds of new plugins released each month, it would be impossible to cover each one. Feel free to use the comments section to share your favorite plugins released this month. And as always, we’ll be back next month with five more premium plugins!

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