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Premium WordPress Plugins of the Month: November 2015

April 29, 2018

There are literally thousands of WordPress plugins available on the CodeCanyon marketplace, making it difficult to pick out the really cool functionalities. To solve this problem, every month I do the hard work for you, scouring CodeCanyon to bring you the very best plugins it has to offer.

In other words, it’s time for November’s edition of WP Explorer’s Premium Plugins of the Month! As always, this post will feature four different plugins, with four different functionalities. That means there should be something for everyone, and I hope that you find at least one new plugin to enhance your WordPress website. With the introductions out of the way, let’s take a look at November’s best premium plugins.

Disclaimer: WPExplorer is an affiliate for one or more products listed below. If you click a link and complete a purchase we could make a commission.

MiniGO Coming Soon Plugin ($17)

MiniGO Coming Soon

In the early stages of a new project, it’s important to drum up as much interest as possible. This is often the difference between hitting the ground running and floundering around for a few months, waiting for things to pick up.

But what do you do when you’re into promotion overdrive, but you haven’t completed your website yet? You don’t want your potential audience to see a website under construction, but you need to refer them somewhere.

In such a scenario, your best strategy is to launch a “Coming Soon” page. Visitors get to see a neat-and-tidy landing page, while you’re free to work on your website behind closed doors. Everyone’s a winner. If you want to add a coming soon page to a WordPress website, look no further than the MiniGO plugin, available from CodeCanyon for just $17.

MiniGO allows you to add and customize everything a coming soon page could possibly need. This includes your logo, a tagline, an about page, a contact form, and an animated clock counting down to launch. If a visitor wants notification when you launch, they can hand over their email address (with MailChimp integration) or subscribe to one of your social channels.

MiniGO Coming Soon Page

So far, so good, but the plugin’s main selling point is undoubtedly the stunning full-page backgrounds. In total, MiniGO supports five different background types. They are:

  • Full-page video – embed self-hosted or YouTube videos.
  • Ken Burns slideshow – stylish slideshow with dynamic panning and zoom effects.
  • Fade image slideshow – standard slideshow, with fading transition effects.
  • Continuous fade – a dynamic background displaying gradual, continuous color changes
  • Solid color – choose a simple, solid background color, with a choice of infinite colors.

You can also overlay one of 41 patterns over your background, giving your coming soon page an even more distinct look and feel.

Cooked Recipe Plugin ($26)

Cooked Recipe Plugin

These days, food blogs are all the rage, with millions of people turning online every day to find mouth-watering recipes. In other words, food blogs are big business.

If you want to turn your humble food blog into a fully-functional recipe directory, look no further than the excellent Cooked Recipe Plugin – it’s one of the best recipe plugins available.

The plugin is incredibly easy to work with, largely thanks to the intuitive drag-and-drop recipe builder. This interface allows you to add images, ingredients, directions, and nutrition facts in just seconds.

The recipe pages look great, and can be tailored to your website with a choice of ten unique layouts. To assist your audience with the cooking, the plugin allows users to check off each step as they go, plus it includes an interactive cooking timer. To further assist them you can also embed any YouTube or Vimeo video on your recipe pages.

Cooked Recipe Plugin Screenshot

Cooked Recipe also allows you to convert your website into a community-driven cooking directory – users can submit their own recipes from the front-end. You can then quickly browse the submitted recipes and approve them to be published on your website in just a single click.

To further improve your cooking site’s usability, the plugin also includes an advanced search function, helping visitors find the recipes they want by breaking the recipes down into smaller categories. There’s a user rating system, too, and also built-in social sharing buttons.

Taqyeem WordPress Review Plugin ($17)


If you want to add premium review and rating functionality to your website, I recommend the Taqyeem WordPress Review Plugin – available for just $17. The plugin is fully customizable and adds super-stylish review summary boxes to your website – either at the top/bottom of a post, or anywhere on your website using a simple shortcode.

To accommodate an infinite number of niches, Taqyeem allows you to specify your review criteria – you can add an unlimited number of them, too. You can then add a summary and an overall rating to your review box, giving your readers an easy-to-digest overview.

Taqyeem Review Box

The plugin supports endless customization options, too, giving you the opportunity to craft stunning review summaries that fit with your website’s design down to a tee. This includes the typography (with over 500 Google fonts supported), infinite colors, and all text. There are also three review criteria to choose from: stars, points, and percentages.

The plugin automatically adds the relevant review rich snippet metadata, which is proven to boost CTR. It also allows users to add their two cents, with an overall user rating displayed directly below the author review. As an added bonus, Taqyeem supports a latest, best, and random review widget, giving you the opportunity to utilize your sidebars.

WooCommerce Events ($19)

WooCommerce Events

WooCommerce Events is a relatively new plugin, released in June 2015. It represents one of the best ways to sell tickets for your next event, conference, or fundraiser, by seamlessly integrating with the eCommerce juggernaut, WooCommerce.

WooCommerce users will feel right at home as events are added in the same way as products. This means you can add a description, images, and also a map to provide details for your events.

The plugin also supports multiple ticket types, allowing you to charge different prices for, say, Standard tickets and VIP access. Visitors then pay for their tickets using the standard, familiar WooCommerce checkout process. And, to avoid overselling – a nice problem to have! – you can restrict the total number of tickets in each category. You can add free tickets for an event, too.

After purchase, WooCommerce Events will automatically send an email through to guests, with professional-looking tickets attached. You can design your tickets’ styling from within the WordPress back-end, allowing you to create stylish tickets that reinforce your branding.

One of my favorite things about this plugin is the free companion app – available for Android or iOS devices. The app allows you to access a list of registered guests for any of your events, then check them off manually or via a ticket barcode scanner. Needless to say, this makes your doorman’s’ jobs that much easier!

Final Thoughts

And with that, we’re finished – my four favorite premium plugins for November. I hope there’s something new for you in this post, allowing you to introduce some awesome new functionality to your WordPress website. I’ll be back again next month with my next collection of four premium plugins. Until then! With thousands of plugins available on CodeCanyon, it would be impossible to cover each one. Let us know what you think of these plugins in the comments section below, and feel free to add your own recommendations!

Article by Shaun Quarton WPExplorer Author
Published on: November 10, 2015
Last updated on: April 29, 2018
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  1. Aanya Rajput says:

    Thanks for such a great list of wordpress plugins, but I want to know that how much plugins we can install to the wordpress blog as people says that more plugins will slow down the speed of blog.

    • AJ Clarke says:

      Hi Annya, you can have unlimited plugins on your site. The number of plugins doesn’t really slow down the site, it’s the quality of the plugins and what they do. Some plugins will take more server resources then others and some may be poorly coded to not take advantage of speed optimizations. I’ve seen websites with 50 plugins that are blazing fast and I’ve seen websites with 3 plugins that are VERY slow. It will also depend on your webhost which is why we always use and recommend WPEngine 😉

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