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Premium WordPress Plugins of the Month: June 2016

April 29, 2018
Premium WordPress Plugins of the Month: June 2016

114 WordPress plugins hit the CodeCanyon marketplace in June. But which ones are the best? In WP Explorer’s Premium Plugin of the Month series, we single out five plugins with the most potential – and best of all; no plugin costs more than $32. Without further ado, let’s dive in. In no particular order…

Disclaimer: WPExplorer is an affiliate for one or more products listed below. If you click a link and complete a purchase we could make a commission.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro

Ultimate Affiliate Pro

Affiliate marketing is one of the top ways for people to make money online. Most advice surrounding affiliate marketing is targeted at the masses – those looking to earn affiliate commissions. But what about the people on the other side of the fence – what if you you want to start your own affiliate scheme?

If you’re selling products of your own, perhaps you fancy enlisting the help of an army of affiliate marketers. This can expand your product’s reach significantly and skyrocket sales. To entice affiliate marketers in, however, you’re going to have to reward and compensate them. Enter the Ultimate Affiliate Pro plugin.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro lets you launch and manage your own affiliate program. You set the commission levels, then let the plugin handle the rest – including automatic payouts using PayPal or Stripe. Commissions can be fixed or percentage amounts, plus they can vary depending on an affiliate’s “rank” – affiliates can move up the ranking ladder by fulfilling preconfigured requirements.

You can also configure performance bonuses to reward your most prolific affiliates. And, to ensure your affiliate program is competitive and lucrative, you can choose to offer lifetime commissions, so that affiliates can earn from their referrals for months to come.

To encourage signups from top affiliate marketers, the plugin also ships with seven registration and seven login templates. There is an extensive back-end dashboard area for affiliates, too, which allows them to track their performance and how much they’ve earned. You can customize this affiliate dashboard to your heart’s content, plus there are two skins to choose from.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro Screenshot

Ultimate Affiliate Pro also integrates with third-party services, including WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and all major autoresponder services. When you consider the potential this plugin has to increase sales and boost your bottom line, the $32 price tag represents exceptional value.

Mega Countdown

Mega Countdown

Successful internet marketers have long understood the importance of the scarcity and urgency effect. Headlines such as, “only 12 products left,” and, “offer expires in 27 minutes,” will encourage customers to act fast due to fear of missing out.

If you want to leverage these conversion-boosting effects, look no further than the Mega Countdown plugin. Recently released on CodeCanyon, the plugin is available for just $16.

The plugin lets you display limited time and limited amount promotions. You can configure countdowns to a specific date or until a certain amount has been sold. However, you can also create arbitrary countdowns – for example, counting down from 10 minutes every time.

For events that benefit from more people attending, you can also set the plugin to count upwards to generate social proof. Mega Countdown also supports session tracking, so that users can’t simply refresh their browser to restart the clock.

Mega Countdown screenshot

The countdowns look gorgeous and are available as pop-ups and slide-ins. They are fully customizable, too, with a choice of backgrounds, font styles, and unlimited colors. You can even specify the countdown triggers – button activated, time delayed, or exit intent. You can also place them anywhere within content using the plugin’s dedicated shortcode.

Snax – Viral Front-End Uploader

Snax Viral Front-end Uploader

Snax is a first-of-its-kind plugin, designed to take viral websites to the next level by encouraging epic levels of visitor engagement. With Snax, visitors can submit viral content to the front-end of your website.

As this is primarily a social media plugin, the content has to be quick and “shareable” – that means images, galleries, videos, and other social media posts are all supported.

However, the most exciting prospect is open lists – and we all love a good list post, right? Open lists give your visitors the opportunity to add their own submissions to an existing list post. Your audience can then up- and down-vote these submissions, so the cream rises to the top.

Snax makes submitting super-easy, with a useful social login feature – over 20 social networks are supported. There are social media sharing buttons galore, too, and every user-submitted item can be shared.

Other useful features include a dedicated widget, seamless BuddyPress integration, and compatibility with the vast majority of WordPress themes. A really fun and unique plugin, Snax is available for $25.

Fly – WordPress Pricing Table

Fly WordPress Pricing Table plugin

There’s a reason why so many businesses display pricing tables so prominently on their websites. For starters, they allow visitors to compare and evaluate the options available, which empowers them to make an informed decision. Studies have also shown that the way you present the available options can push customers up to a higher price point – and that’s awesome news for your bottom line.

If you want to add pricing tables to your website, check out the new Fly WordPress Pricing Table plugin – pick it up for just $16. Although the plugin is brand new, it looks simply fantastic. It ships with an impressive collection of 32 gorgeous designs.

Fly WordPress Pricing Table Style 1

These pricing tables are also fully responsive and boast eye-catching CSS3 transition animations. They can contain anywhere between two and six columns, plus there are plenty of customization options. These include the full collection of Google web fonts, Font Awesome icons, and 13 color options.

Fly WordPress Pricing Table Style 2

You can add pricing tables anywhere on your website using the plugin’s dedicated shortcode. Overall: super-easy to use, and stunning, clean designs – what more could you want?

Creative Device Mock-ups for Visual Composer

Creative Device Mockups

Creative Device Mock-ups is arguably the most comprehensive mockup plugin available for WordPress. It’s also fully compatible with CodeCanyon’s record-breaking plugin, Visual Composer.

The plugin lets you create visually stunning, fully responsive mockups. These mockups can be used to showcase just about anything – including images and charts. However, you can also create dynamic mockups featuring image carousels, videos, Google maps, and many of the other elements supported by the Visual Composer page builder. This makes it a great plugin for portfolio websites as well as landing pages – mobile app developers will find the plugin particularly useful.

Creative Device Mockups Screenshot 1

Perhaps most impressively, the plugin ships with a whopping 60+ mockup styles. Included is a mockup for just about every device you can think of – iPhones, iPad, iWatch, laptops, and computer monitors. These devices are available in a variety of colors, plus you can switch them between landscape and portrait view.

Creative Device Mockups Screenshot 2

The Creative Device Mock-ups plugin costs just $15 from CodeCanyon.

Final Thoughts

And that concludes June’s plugin list – fingers crossed you spotted something new and useful! Every plugin featured today cost $32 or less, making them an affordable way to introduce exciting functionality to a WordPress website. We’ll be back next month with five more premium plugins.

With thousands of plugins available on CodeCanyon, it would be impossible to cover each one. Let us know what you think of these plugins in the comments section below, and feel free to add your own recommendations!

Article by Shaun Quarton WPExplorer Author
Published on: July 7, 2016
Last updated on: April 29, 2018
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