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10 Premium WordPress Add-ons You Must Have

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WordPress themes give you a great deal of customization power, and plugins take things a notch higher by adding the fun(ction) to the funfair. Then WordPress add-ons step in and spice things up by offering you even more functions, power and the ability to deliver quite a punch when it matters.

Today’s post is a collection of ten (10) amazing WordPress add-ons that will be great investments for you. Oh, if you didn’t know, add-ons are just plugins that are extensions for other plugins. See how you would add a turbocharger or nitrous pack to your automobile? The vehicle runs alright without these add-ons, but the kick of the turbocharger or nitrous pack cannot be ignored when you bring them to life! Add-ons.

UberMenu – Sticky Menu Extension


This add-on is an extension for the UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin. It plays one role and plays it very well. It gives you the ability to make your menus sticky. You can stick your UberMenu to a particular spot keeping it (the menu) in view even if the user scrolls all the way to the bottom of your page. Your web visitors will love your ingenuity as they can access the menu (and navigate your site) from wherever. This beautiful extension has over 2,900 purchases, an impressive buyer rating of 4.65/5.00 and costs just $4 bucks.

Get UberMenu – Sticky Menu Extension

Code Scanner Add-On For Security Ninja

Do you use and love the Security Ninja WordPress plugin? If so, you will love the Core Scanner add-on. Just as the title suggests, this add-on will help you to scan your WordPress core files with a single click. You will be able to: find faulty files, restore damaged file, fix exploits and file “accidents” such as unintended deletes or edits, repair WordPress auto updates and view the source code of your files.

The add-on comes with a friendly user interface that’s easy to use as well as detailed instructions to guide you. Core Scanner has a buyer rating of 4.39/5.00, over 730 purchases and retails at $5 bucks only. Keep your WordPress security tight with the Core Scanner add-on.

Themes Pack For Ninja Popups


If you use Ninja Popups to drive (up) user engagement on your WordPress site, you will love the extra popup themes that come in this theme pack. The pack ships with five new themes that come in a variety of colors. Other key features include: fully responsive and mobile friendly, very easy to configure and customize, free updates, translation ready, jQuery, dedicated support staff and more. This theme pack is exactly what you need to empower your Ninja Popups and/to increase engagement on your website. This WordPress add-on has a buyer rating of 4.50/5.00 and goes for $5 only.

Get Themes Pack for Ninja Popups

LIVE! For MyMail

For the lovers of MyMail Newsletter Plugin, now you can see “…who opens your newsletter campaigns in real time!”. You don’t have to wait for email notifications, you catch all the action Live! This addon works best with MyMail Newsletter Plugin version 1.5.3 or higher, and you have to enable Geo tracking on the settings page to see the location of your subscribers. Live! for MyMail is compatible with WordPress 3.8.1. The add-on has a buyer rating of 4.64/5.00 and sells at $10 bucks only.

WordPress Social Polling Plugin


Don’t let that last bit in the title throw off, this little darling is indeed a WordPress add-on. WordPress Social Polling Plugin was made for the popular WordPress Easy Polling Plugin, without which our little darling here won’t work. But when you get it working, you will be able to attract thousands (1000s) of new users, get 10x more likes, views and shares, and collect opinions from your target audience. The plugin goes for $6 bucks only, so why not get it?

Get WordPress Social Polling Plugin

Templatera – Template Manager For Visual Composer


Visual Composer is a #1 best selling frontend and backend Drag & Drop page builder for WordPress. With over 19,000 purchases and a buyer rating of 4.57/5.00, Visual Composer is the favorite page builder for many a web developer. As of the time of writing, this plugin powers over fifty thousand (50,000) websites. Templatera allows you to manage your templates in Visual Composer. You can “…create, manage and set control access to your templates…” depending on page post types and user roles. You can also import or export to or/and from other websites in a matter of minutes. Templatera packs a lot of other features such as automatic migration, 15 custom CSS themes (Bonus feature!), “Templatera” content element to update content across all pages at once, emplate access control either by content type or user roles, etc. Templatera has a buyer rating of 4.60/5.00 and goes for $10. The extended license costs $50 and its worth the investment.

Get Templatera: Template Manager for Visual Composer

WordPress User Bookmarks For UserPro


An extension for the popular UserPro Profiles Plugin, this addon gives your users the ability to bookmark whatever they want from posts to custom posts and forum topics amongst others. Additionally, the add-on allows your users to manage these bookmarks efficiently. WordPress User Bookmarks for UserPro is easy to integrate to any WordPress theme. What’s more? You can test the waters with a demo account before buying 🙂 Other features include compatibility with all types of content, designed with AJAX, widget (for the sidebar), shortcode functionality and API for tech savvy users. The add-on has a buyer rating of 4.38/5.00 and retails at $10 bucks.

Get WordPress User Bookmarks for UserPro

Business Pack For Layered Popups


If you own a business website, you need to get everything right. That means you have to get your popups right as well. Now if you are lover of the Layered Popups WordPress Plugin (and Layered Popups Script), your business website will benefit greatly from this Business Pack add-on. With ten (10) multi-layer popups that are easy to use and customize, nothing should stand in the way of your creativity. This WordPress add-on has a buyer rating of 4.80/5.00 and costs $2 bucks only. Two bucks to give your business website a professional facelift in the popup department.

Get Business Pack for Layered Popups

Ultimate Add-Ons For Visual Composer


This single WordPress add-on adds a couple functions to your Visual Composer. Since we love numbers so much, this extension adds up to six (6) extra elements to your Visual composer, which  – if you’re wondering – will benefit your website immensely. The authors of this brilliant plugin (in a secret letter to yours truly) promised to add even more elements to this extension :). Did I pique your interest? Ok, good. This WordPress add-on will add elements to your Visual Composer Page Builder for icons, info boxes, lists, flip boxes, counters and interactive banners. This addon is fully customizable, has a front-end editor and is a real time-saver. It has a buyer rating of 4.97/5.00 and sells like hotcakes at $12 bucks.

Get Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer

NOTE: If you’re looking for even more awesome Visual Composer add-ons, make sure to checkout our premium multipurpose WordPress theme Total. We built our very own WPExplorer Visual Composer Extension for custom icon boxes, sliders, carousels, testimonials and much more.

Scheduled Scanner Add-On For Security Ninja


We take WordPress security seriously, so I thought I would add in a security add-on to keep you on your toes as far as the security of your WordPress site is concerned 🙂 Scheduled Scanner Add-on does exactly what you are thinking. It allows you to schedule automated security scans. These scans come with email reports and instant notifications in case some nasty hacker breaks into your online home. This add-on plays well with the Security Ninja Plugin, Core Scanner add-on and other plugins as well. It is easy to instal and comes with a friendly user interface. It has an appealing buyer rating of 4.39/5.00 and will set you back $5 bucks only.

Bonus: Easy Digital Downloads Extension Bundles


One last minute addition would be the various add-ons and plugin extensions for the Easy Digital Downloads E-Commerce WordPress Plugin. There are a lot of added functions you can tack on to this powerful e-commerce plugin. One option is to purchase the mega Core Extensions Bundle that will give you the flexibility of commissions, restricted content, conditional redirects, upsells, pdf invoicing, reviews, shipping, widgets and much more. Another great option is the Marketplace Bundle that makes creating your own online store with multiple sellers easy as pie. Or you can always pick and choose which extensions your want, and add more as you need them.

Get Easy Digital Downloads Extensions


WordPress add-ons give you extra functionalities and that’s a fact, but they can’t work on their own. You need to install the “parent” plugins they extend. That said, add-ons give you a whole range of functions that will be great for your website. Get the plugins that meet your needs and rock on!

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