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Create & Deploy WordPress Client Sites With DesktopServer

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Why To Use DesktopServer

If you’re serious about WordPress Development and want to make things easier/faster when creating and deploying your websites you may want to have a look at DesktopServer which is a premium application that will allow you to create local installations of WordPress and then once ready deploy them to your live site.

Why You Should Work Locally

Why To Install WordPress Locally

Whenever making significant changes to your WordPress website you should do them on a test site first. Unless you know what you’re doing, working live means you risk coding errors, plugin & theme incompatibilities or even security vulnerabilities. It’s better to play it safe and use a staging area, and there is none more secure or isolate than a local installation of WordPress.

Working locally gives you the chance to change themes, install new plugins, add code snippets, customize settings and more all in a safe setting where your live website will remain in perfect working order. You can see which plugins play nice with each other, or test what your site will look like with a new theme. Plus, working locally has the added benefit of being a backup of your final design that you decide to publish to your live site.

Local installations are also typically much faster than live sites, saving you a ton of time if you’re a developer. Since your own computer is your server, you won’t be slowed down or experience any outages while you’re testing. You can tweak as many lines of CSS or PHP as you want without having to login via FTP or your hosting dashboard to make your changes.

And the last major advantage is that you can work locally anywhere since local installations are local, meaning no internet access required. So if you’ve got a client project due but you’re stuck on an airplane with $10/hr internet, or in a place with little to no access, just log into your local install. You can get your work done, not internet needed.

Now that you know some of the reasons why you should be working locally, we’ll tell you how! Now you could install generic MAMP, WAMP or XAMPP to your Mac or Windows computer but we can tell you that there is a better way. Use DesktopServer. They’ve streamlined the process of local WordPress installation making it easy for any level of WordPress user to get a local install up and running in no time.

Why You Should Use DesktopServer Instead Of MAMP or WAMP

Why To Use DesktopServer

Installing WordPress locally requires many steps, and if you’ve never done it before it can be quite a challenge. Not with DesktopServe though, this handy application makes local installation a breeze.

Simply download the version for your system setup (which you can grab from your ServerPress account under My Account > Purchases > View Details & Downloads), unzip your download, install the application and then follow the prompts to create your new local site & server (you can read about all steps in detail on the DesktopServer Getting Started Guide). That’s it – DesktopServer configures your serves and install WordPress for you, so all you have to do is follow along.

Want to locate a file? DesktopServe automatically creates a “Websites” subfolder within the “Documents” folder where you will be able to find all of your current sites by name, as well as themes and plugins within them.

What Else Makes DesktopServer So Awesome

DesktopServer by ServerPress does so much more than just install a local version of WordPress. You’ll have access to lots of built-in features to make your local install super powered. And while the free version of DesktopServer is great, especially for taking it for a test drive, you’ll really want the premium version which includes:

  • Add unlimited local websites (while the free version is limited to just 3)
  • Create a WordPress multisite
  • Copy WordPress sites with just a few clicks
  • Easily export & archive your local sites
  • Direct deploy a local site to your live server
  • Add “blueprints” for frequently used WordPress configurations
  • Use with popular plugins like BackupBuddy, Duplicator, BackWP Up, BackUp WordPress, InfiniteWP and ManageWP
  • And so much more! Just visit their site to see the full list of DesktopServer features.

DesktopServer: 5 Stars For Easy & Powerful Local Installs

We love how easy DesktopServer is to install and setup (goodbye MAMP), and are excited to try some of the more advanced features ourselves as we get started with more theme development here at WPExplorer.  You can also see our previous review of DesktopServer by Lucy Beer to learn what she thinks of this about this awesome WordPress resource.

Article by Kyla staff
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