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The New WordPress Conversion Boxes Pro Plugin: A Detailed Review

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So, you have an awesome website with a lot of great content and you get a decent amount of traffic, but you don’t have a lot of subscribers yet. How can you get more visitors to subscribe to your site and create more value for them? One highly effective way is to use conversion boxes.

For those of you who are still relatively new to blogging and haven’t heard of conversion boxes before, they are those forms or pop-ups on websites that ask you to subscribe to the site, often in exchange for greater site access or free goodies. Conversion boxes are designed to increase a site’s subscription rate, or the number of visitors who subscribe.

One of the latest and best plugins on the market for creating conversion boxes on your WordPress site is the WP Conversion Boxes Pro plugin. In this post, we’ll explain what this plugin does and how you can utilize it, in addition to providing an overview of its many features.

What is WP Conversion Boxes Pro?

WP Conversion Boxes Pro is a premium plugin designed to enable you to create multiple conversion boxes on your site using email optins and calls to action. When used effectively, these two boxes can achieve different things:

  • An email optin is a box where visitors subscribe by simply entering their email address.
  • A call to action is a box in which you ask visitors to do something, such as subscribe to a newsletter or make a purchase.

WP Conversion Boxes Pro is different from some other similar plugins in the following ways:

  • You aren’t limited to just one conversion box; you can create as many boxes on your site as you want, with as many variations as you think are necessary for targeting different people.
  • It tracks a number of statistics for you, all the way down to who actually saw your box – not just who decided to subscribe.
  • You can use a two-step optin. This option allows you to display a link instead of a subscriber box. It’s a really nice option if you want to avoid being in people’s faces, enabling you to be more subtle about increasing your subscription rate.
  • It has settings available for catching visitors’ attention, such as making the box stick to the top of the page.

This plugin may sound a little intimidating with everything it can do, but don’t let that scare you. Its purpose is to boost your conversion rates and help you track your stats – which it does well without being difficult to use.


The WP Conversion Boxes Pro plugin has a ton of customization and placement options, and a number of other awesome features as well. You can create an unlimited number of boxes with a choice of five different types:

  1. Email optin (a simple email form)
  2. Video email optin (email form plus embedded video)
  3. Call to action (again, a simple form)
  4. Video call to action
  5. Two-step opt-in link

You have total control over the design of your boxes:

  • Choose from more than 45 templates, all of which have been tested and optimized for maximum conversion.
  • Create a custom template from scratch, or use the Custom Template Uploader for templates you’ve already designed.
  • Choose from more than 30 fonts for your headings, messages and buttons.
  • You aren’t stuck with stock text – you can personalize all the form messages.
  • You have custom CSS functionality, which means you have complete styling control over every single element in this plugin.

Other features include:

  • Full control over box placement and multiple boxes on one page.
  • High-impact settings: fade in/out effect, ‘sticky’ boxes and slide-ins.
  • Excellent statistic tracking functionality, made more powerful with Google Analytics.
  • A/B split testing (to see which of your boxes have the best conversion rates).

Sticky box

The plugin also integrates with all major email providers, and comes with free training material on using your conversion boxes effectively. And if you need extra help, full documentation and support are included.

How to Set Up Your Conversion Boxes

It is very easy to use this plugin after installation. The customization wizard takes you step by step through creating a box. So first things first – enter the name of your box. You can change this later if you don’t like it or come up with something better.

name new box

Select your box type and template.


The next step of the wizard is where most of the surface-level customization happens. For the box’s heading, message and button, you can select from a number of options for text color and size, as well as background colors. Then you can upload an image or video and adjust its size and position within the box.

After that come the settings for the box itself – you can customize the size of the box as well as its color, border and spacing. Finally, there is a section for any CSS customization you want to include.

customize2_more settings

Next you decide how your form will appear. You can change the box’s name, if you want to, and select your attention-getting features if you want any (this is the fade in/out and other options). Then you can update the form settings – choose font color and size for input text, placeholder text for the fields that will get filled in, enter a link where visitors will be redirected, etc.


Voila! You have created your box. Now set its placement.

box created successfully

You are now ready to publish your box and see what it looks like on your site. When you’ve added one or more boxes to your site, they will be displayed in the plugin’s dashboard. There you can see statistics for each box you create, as well as buttons for updating each box’s settings and running split tests.

boxes dashboard

Under the global settings, you can adjust the general settings for your boxes and email integration, upload a custom template, import or export boxes and view your license. You can also add a conversion box widget to your site in the sidebar or on a front page – this is done from the Widgets section under the Appearance option in the Admin menu.


How Much Does It Cost?

While there is a free version of Conversion Boxes available, it doesn’t have all the features of the Pro version and so won’t be as effective at improving your conversion rate. The Pro version has several pricing options based on who is using it: Basic is $27, Professional is $37 and Developer is $67. The only substantial difference between these options is the number of sites available in the license (one, five or unlimited, respectively).

Learn More About Conversion Boxes Pro


The WP Conversion Boxes Pro plugin is extremely easy to use, even if you’re new to conversions and subscriptions. It’s simple and effective – perfect for you if you’re serious about tracking and increasing your conversion rate. And with all of its customization features, boosting your conversions doesn’t have to be a bore.

What have you done in the past to increase your conversion rates? Do you already use this plugin? What has worked for you? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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