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userTrack - Mouse Monitoring for Wordpress

userTrack Self-hosted Heatmap Analytics WordPress Plugin

Price: $31-$45
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Theme Info & Details

userTrack is a self-hosted analytics plugin that records what visitors are doing on your site (page visits, mouse movements, clicks, scroll, etc.) and automatically generates heatmaps and playable records that you can view and analyze in order to understand user behavior. With userTrack you also get access to stats about your visitors like browser used, length of visit, user location, pages visited. More than that you can see the number of visitors currently browsing your site in real-time plus some cool extra stats.

userTrack is most useful when used to track visitors on newly created sites that are still being updated: by analyzing the data that userTrack provides you can take meaningful design-changing decisions that will lead to higher conversion rates and lower bounce rates.

Another cool feature is the tagging system: you can easily create triggers for customs actions like “if this user clicks the buy button add the [converted] tag next to his session” meaning that you see at a glance which of your visitors did a specific action on your site; you can also filter the user recordings based on tags, so if you want you can only watch recordings of users that hovered over the buy button but didn’t click it.

The WordPress plugin version of userTrack includes all features from the stand-alone version plus the ability to choose on which pages from your site to automatically enable tracking without touching a line of code. Being self-hosted you don’t have to pay any monthly fee for using userTrack and you can use it as much as you want or as much as your server can handle. Because userTrack uses a smart data batching system when sending the recorded data to the server the number of requests done for recording a user is small and should not affect in any way the performance of your website.

One more thing: userTrack supports multiple domains. You can install userTrack on a single server/WordPress site and track as many domains as you want by simply including a tracker.js script on the pages you want to record. Doing this you can now have a panel where you can, for example, see at once how many visitors are online on each of your websites.

Tip: Although the script is optimized and uses less resources, if you have a highly trafficked website it is recommended to install userTrack on a distinct server, not on the same server your site is on.

userTrack WordPress Plugin Features

  • Small script size ~2MB.
  • Low database usage ~5MB/1000 recordings.
  • Few AJAX requests for each recorded user.
  • Click heatmaps.
  • Mouse movement heatmaps.
  • Scroll heatmaps.
  • Downloadable heatmaps [BETA].
  • Full session recordings.
  • Visitors list containg: Country, IP address, Browser version, Screen size, Time of visit, Number of pages visited, Visited pages path, Custom user tags and auto-tagging
  • Basic page views/visitors graph and real-time visitors count
  • Can track multiple domains.
  • Login protected admin panel.
  • The ability to add userTrack users that can view data only for a specific domain.