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Tweaky WordPress Service Bundles

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Tweaky, web customization specialists, recently released a host of web service bundles. These bundles are prepackaged based on popular requests from customers.  In response to the large demand of these services, Tweaky put together a list of fixed price bundles that you can pick from to improve your blog or small business.

Below are summaries of the different packages currently offered by Tweaky. Be sure to take a look at each of them – there’s sure to be one that can help you improve your website today! Plus Tweaky has a 100% money back guarantee (just in case you aren’t 100% satisfied) that should squash any hesitations you might have about investing in your site.

Conversion Rate Optimization Report

conversion-optimizationThis is a comprehensive review of your website from top to bottom using a system of 2X Conversion Methodolody and 6 Core Conversion Principles to test and assess your website to ensure conversion efficiency. A team of experts pick through your website and assemble a Website Conversion Optimization Report, a list of actions to address conversion issues, and wireframes (website screens for optimal navigation and performance) to be implemented by your developer. This is a great way to improve the quality of your visitors, and potentially increase your profits depending on the nature of your website.

Email Retargeting Group

Use Tweaky to zero in on users and correctly target them with specific emails and information. GetVero is a tool provided through Tweaky that tracks visitors actions as they browse your site, add items to a cart, fill out forms, etc. GetVero adds a cookie to a visitor’s browser after they enter their email address at some point on your site, then based on a specific ad, item, post, or anything else on your site you can focus your emails to them based on those actions the cookie records. This means you provide more valuable content to your users which may result in more interactions or purchases from them. With this Tweaky bundle you also receive a one on one consultation with an expert, Vero, and a follow up after your first Vero campaign.

Google Analytics Setup

google-analytics-setupGoogle Analytics is a great tool to track how your marketing efforts directly relate to sales, but it needs customizations to provide you with the best information possible. Enter Tweaky. With this package, an expert spends 30 minutes with you to teach you about Google Analytics and the strategy behind the customizations. They will also assist with setup, Webmaster GTools, e-commerce tracking, the establishment of 3 goals to track, Conversion Funnel, 3 custom reports, and 3 advanced segments. This bundle is especially helpful for e-commerce site that need to see how different marketing techniques translate to sales.

Migrate to WordPress

WordPress is easy to use and very flexible, so it’s no wonder that many blogs and businesses are switching to it. But what if you don’t know how or where to begin? Tweaky offers a thorough migration package to help you move your site to WordPress. A Tweaky staff member will go over the process with you, help you select a website design (or you could let them know that there’s already a  WordPress Theme you love on WPExplorer), and setup your site (up to 10 pages of content, additional cost extra). This is great if you’re new to WordPress or if you’re not comfortable transitioning on your own. With Tweaky, you know your website is in good hands.

Retargeting Setup

retargetingRetargeting is a great way to turn one time users into returning customers by keeping your brand on their mind. With retargeting you use cookies to provide certain ads for different customers. An example would be if a visitor came to your site and viewed a meal delivery service but didn’t compete a purchase, retargeting would allow you to show an ad for free shipping for your service when that person goes to another site. This package comes with a 20 minute consult, tracking setup, your first campaign creation, and a post-campaign review with recommendations.


PSD to HTML Template – Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor

Tweaky is here to help with all aspects of your website including email templates. They’ve even designed two packages to assist with conversion of PSD templates to HTML for both Mailchimp and Campaign monitor. In both cases a staff member will convert the file and check to be sure that the template works on a variety of browsers and devices. This allows you to have a custom email template that you love and know will work.

Email Subscription Multiplier

Newsletters and promotional emails are fantastic ways to get the word out about new content on your website. But how do you efficiently develop a solid mailing list? Tweaky recommends adding a subscription bar to the top of your site to entice users to signup as soon as they land on your page. Or add a popup that appears after a certain amount of time to make users aware of your newsletter. Lastly, you can also add a signup to your pages or posts, so that those using your content are consistently given the option to signup. The Tweaky Subscription Multiplier package comes with setups for Mailchimp, a fixed email subscription bar, a popup with set intervals, and a shortcode to insert your email signup wherever you need it. This package is a surefire way to increase subscribers in no time!

Malware Removal

malwareMalware is a nightmare, and can embed itself into every nook and cranny of your site without you even knowing. Even worse, when your site is infected you can be blacklisted by search engines preventing users from accessing your website. Tweaky is here to rescue you from this disaster. Their Malware Removal package covers a full site scan, Malware removal, whitelisting, and the installation and configuration of a security plugin for your site. And since Tweaky takes care of everything, and guarantees their work, you can sleep soundly knowing your site is safe.

Blogger Outreach Campaign

Bloggers have an influence over their audience and you can tap into that using Tweaky’s Blogger Outreach Campaign. This package include a custom influence database with 100 relevant websites within your niche. If you find anyone on the list that you feel doesn’t apply, just let Tweaky know and they’ll replace that site with a new one (when they say 100 relevant results, they mean it). This is a great way to reach out to those who share your interest and have them introduce you to their followers. Putting together a list of relevant influence could be daunting – but not with Tweaky there to help. Tweaky wants you to succeed, and they’ll even help draft a message to send to the 100 people on the list.

Google Apps Setup

goggleappsGoogle Apps provides a low cost alternative for your business to operate as a unit, even if your staff is scattered across the globe. Tweaky can help you with the processes of getting started with Google Apps They’ll setup your account, create up to 10 email addresses, create custom mailing lists, and verify your domain. This saves you valuable time that should be spent growing your business, and helps you get going with Google Apps faster.

Branded Landing Page

Building a site or making improvements takes time, and Tweaky now provides custom landing pages for you to use during your site(s) downtime. This package includes a custom responsive landing page with logo, tagline, CampaignMonitor email signup, and social media links. This way visitors know that you do in fact exist, and can sign up for your newsletter to be notified when you launch (or re-launch).

Wrap Up

All of the above packages are great ways to improve your website based on your own needs. For everything from core website functions to online exposure – Tweaky has you covered. If you plan on using Tweaky, or if you have already, let us know about it in the comments below! We’d love to hear about which service you used and what the results were for you!

Article by Kyla staff
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