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Amazing Traffic Boosting Sources for Your WordPress Blog

May 30, 2017
5 Amazing Traffic Boosting Sources for Your WordPress Blog

Seeing as you’re here already, we bet all our money you’ll agree when we say: getting the best traffic boosting sources for your website is no easy task. Yet you need traffic to get your business up and running. Some need little, others more. You, you want as much targeted traffic as you can, and you want it now.

If you’re looking for the best traffic sources for your WordPress website, we have a startling confession to make. We forged into the unknown looking for just five, but the huge number of traffic sources we discovered left our mouths wide agape.

For this very exciting reason, we are at this very moment making the executive decision to offer you as many traffic sources for your WordPress blog as we possibly can! So instead of getting just a couple, you get a dozen amazing traffic sources you wish you knew. If that sounds like your kind of deal, venture forth sailor, it’s your big day!

How to Get More Traffic to your Blog

1. Create Awesome Content

Here’s the deal: People are looking for content, which is why there’s traffic to begin with. Soooo…it’s best to have the content, don’t you think? Quality outweighs volume any day, which is why we say content is king. Before you think about generating traffic for your blog, you must have good quality and targeted content.

Whether you’ll affiliate, consult or sell something, it’s only wise to have some nice content powering your website. How else will you impress upon the minds of your prospects? Mix things up a little as well, because multimedia is awesome for engagement. Use images, infographics, videos, charts – name it!

If you’re not following, we just said…

Content is Great for Engagement

…and SEO too! Multimedia content means users spend more time on your site, which means more engagement for you. It also shows Google search crawlers that your website is worth its salt since users don’t leave immediately. Just create what you’d consider premium content, but then give it away free.

Do you know what happens next? They (Google) reward you with better SEO scores, which means more traffic for your WordPress website. Let’s look at a couple of content tactics that you – in your own very unique way – left lying around for far too long.

2. Keep Your Target Audience in Mind

How many times will we ask you to write for human beings, not search engines? Eh? Tell me, how many times? If you write with your target audience in mind, you will create content that resonates with them. More importantly, you will create content that interests your target market.

You don’t need a rocket scientist to show you how communicating with your target audience is great for traffic generation, and ultimately, conversions. As you create your content, consider your ideal customers and identify their unique needs; their unique interests. Meet these needs via your content and your wares will sell automatically.

3. Post Regularly

If you can post twenty articles a day, well and good. You post once a week? Well and good. Perhaps you prefer one post a month to everything else. Who is to question your schedule? As long as you keep posting, all is good.

Search engines will love you since you have the latest content on whatever the searcher need. Your readers will love you too. Best is to create evergreen content that always seems fresh. On top of updating old posts, create new articles to keep activity booming.

You could use an editorial calendar or outsource. I have used selected RSS feeds to keep activity on my blog. Who knew you could generate traffic with the WP RSS Aggregator plugin? One easy way to keep things going is to create “How-Tos” or post series.

4. Make Your Content Easy to Share

Using call to actions prompting your readers to share useful bits of information from within your posts has a positive impact on your social shares, hence traffic generation. There are numerous plugins such Better Click to Tweet that makes this all too easy.

Couple that with some social sharing buttons and you have your golden goose. If it’s hard for your readers to share you content, you’re missing out on a huge traffic opportunity. More so when there are countless social media plugins for WordPress to help you out.

5. Link to Internal Content

Improving on-site content discovery boosts the amount of time users spend on your site and helps search engines index more of your content. It also leads to residual traffic whenever a reader shares any linked content.

Link to other related posts on your site to boost visibility for these posts. You can go a step further and use dynamic content. This just means using a plugin/widget to display related posts, most shared posts, latest posts, most commented posts and so on.

6. Create Giveaways

Despite millions of years of evolution, scientists can’t wrap their heads around what happens to the mind whenever we see or hear the term “free”. It’s crazy considering most of us will do just about anything to get free stuff.

Which is precisely why content designed like giveaways soar on wings like eagles. I have seen WordPress theme developers, affiliates and bloggers use giveaways to drive huge amounts of traffic not only to their websites, but also social media profiles and so on.

If you’d like to give it a try, consider giving away your most popular product or a hot product within your niche. Of all content traffic generating sources, giveaways show true promise. You get your ROI almost immediately plus you can use nifty tools such as RaffleCopter among other giveaway plugins.

7. Piggyback on Trends

Have you ever seen professional surfers ride waves like it was magic? They always wait for the big wave, and once they have one, they ride it magnificently to shore. That’s called piggybacking surfing. Otherwise, they would paddle to the shore, which ruins the sport.

In similar fashion, always be on the lookout for breaking news (also known as viral news) and trends within your niche. Trends register huge volumes in search engine results, and you can adjust your content to take advantage of this. You can keep track of trends using Google Trends among other tools.

8. Test Your Content

If you’ve been at it for a while, you must have established the following pattern with article marketing. There are posts that seem to pull the entire universe to your website, and there are posts that disappear into oblivion never to be found again.

It’s important to analyze your content to know what’s working and what isn’t. Do you remember that post you published awhile back that brought in a lot of user feedback? What did you do? Did you add an image? Was it an infographic? A giveaway maybe? With this info, you can create only content that resonates with your people.

A/B split testing should be your friend in this regard. You can test varying headlines among other things to put a finger on the stuff that works. Here’s a short story. I have pitched for a handful of blogging jobs in my time. After millions of unsuccessful attempts, there was break through.

So I compared the pitch that worked versus the others that didn’t work, and lo! – there I found my saving grace. Quite an eye-opener it was. Today if I were to send out a pitch, I am confident 90% of prospects will respond. It’s crazy what a little comparison test can do for your business.

9. Reach Out To Industry Influencers

You can give your content a much deserved boost by reaching out to industry influencers, who in turn share your content with their communities. If you have an interesting take on a popular topic, try reaching out to experts in your field and ask for feedback.

First, those who care will visit your site, and if your content is as amazing as you claim, you are bound to increase your blog traffic via sharing. You can even explicitly ask these influencers to share your content, a tactic that has worked many times before.

Just don’t spam or nag anyone. Nope, you don’t want to go that route because nobody likes that guy. Compliments will soften the hardest of hearts, so sprinkle a few in your reach out emails for the extra kick. Hey you, your website is your livelihood, right? Just note some people won’t get back to you and that’s okay.

10. Social Media Traffic Sources

Right next to Google (okay, almost) in terms of traffic generation is social media. For instance on Facebook, you can reach a highly defined audience cheaply (if not for free). Start with social media profiles, if we haven’t already mentioned that.

Create an engaged community on these profiles and whenever you’re ready, feel free to try out Facebook Ads for as little as $3 per day. Additionally, get into the habit of “socializing” with the who’s who of your industry.

What does that even mean?

It means, comment on top pages within your industry and comment first. Make sure your comment is valuable or at least funny but relevant to the subject at hand. This way, you get plenty of exposure and if you have a relevant (not spammy) link, it means more eye balls for thy website.

Don’t be shy, visit these social media sites and do what a normal user (not a marketing guy) would do. Engage meaningfully in conversations that excite you and just have fun. Facebook, Quora, Reddit, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and popular image sharing sites among others are good places to begin.

Note that some of these social media networks offer you the chance to advertise your business. Usually, the service is relatively cheap but quite effective, considering these sites pull a lot of clout traffic-wise. Did you know Facebook has over a billion users? Now you know.

11. Guest Blogging

Undoubtedly one of the best traffic sources at your disposal, guest blogging allows you to build your brand, grow authority and send highly targeted traffic back to your website. It’s great at link building as well.

Whenever you guest blog, don’t do it just for the link. Think of it as an extension of your own blog. Would you publish fickle content on your own blog? I don’t think so. Create amazing content and approach big websites within your niche.

You will never run out of guest blogging opportunities, which means you will never run out of targeted traffic to keep food on your table and clothe on your back. Onibalusi of Write’s in Charge used guest blogging to launch an online business many would kill for. He started with 30 guest blogs, so it’s not thaaat hard all things considered.

Guest blogging works. In fact, it’s a favorite among all my traffic sources. It comes only second to search engine traffic, which leads us to the next part; SEO.

12. Search Engine Optimization

SEO in short, search engine optimization involves tuning up your website so that it shines in search engine results. Look, a searcher on Google is a highly motivated prospect, and if you can get him or her, your chances of closing the sale go up significantly.

I am having the feeling you’re afraid of SEO. Is that possibly because you believe it’s too technical? Perhaps you were swindled before. Maybe you simply don’t know what to do or where to start as far as SEO go.

Whatever the reason, SEO is a piece of cake. Showing up on the first package of Google, preferably in the top ten positions, is easy to hack. Just use the Yoast SEO plugin that takes care of most SEO tasks. Always, add the alt text to your images and simply create awesome content. What else is there to say?

Bonus: Blog Commenting

I know you have seen this before, but you probably don’t care about blog commenting because someone said it’s not as effective as other traffic sources. Well, Neil Patel made $25K from 249 comments. Comment first (within one hour after the post is live) and make the comment valuable.

This applies to forums as well. Frequent forums within your industry and engage in meaningful conversation. Answer questions and offer your help for free. Within no time, you will build authority and score traffic. Avoid mainstream blogs/forums in favor of niche sites that generate highly targeted traffic that’s great for conversions.

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Final Remarks

While you can draw traffic using any of the above methods, it’s best to combine a couple of traffic sources. With minimal effort and advertising spend, you can multiple your traffic ten-fold. We most definitely left out many other traffic sources.

As such, if we missed your favorite source of traffic, reply in the comment section to keep the conversation going. That, and please build an email list already. All the best as you generate traffic. Cheers!

Article by Freddy guest author
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  1. PlatterofGold

    Nothing new but I must say most of these tricks are still working. I have learned that blog traffic is a gradual process and it doesn’t happen overnight. Thanks for this article.

    • Kyla

      Completely agree – traffic is often a “slow and steady wins the race” scenario 🙂 Just keep at it!

  2. Godwin

    Hello Freddy! You got an amazing article up there about boosting blog traffic. Well I hope to also add a very important flavour to your recipe. Email outreaching is as well a gorgeous strategy that assists to heighten traffic level.


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