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Symple Shortcodes Version 2.0

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You remember Symple Shortcodes right? Your favorite free shortcodes plugin? Well what was a pretty awesome plugin just got better. Welcome to Symple Shortcodes 2.0 – more features, builder compatibility and more!

Feature Packed Free Plugin

First a bit about the plugin…

We realize there are a lot of free shortcode plugins out there but we’ve set out to make ours one of the best. By including full support for the TinyMCE editor so you can easily insert shortcodes without having to memorize them (or their parameters), including many shortcodes not normally found in free plugins (post grid, post slider, post carousel, pricing table, image carousel, image slider..etc) and proving full support for the Visual Composer page builderSymple Shortcodes will definitely stand out from the crowd! Plus we’ve added support for auto updates to make sure our users always have the latest version of the plugin as we strive to make it even better and bug free.

Easy shortcode inserting

Easy shortcode inserting

So What’s New In v2.0.0?

So instead of rambling along about all the awesome stuff (it’s best if you just download it and test it out) here is a little bullet list of the updates done in version 2.0.0 (you can also head over to the changelog if you prefer).

  • Plugin re-structuring – aka moved some files around and changed the way some core functions work
  • Updated included scripts
  • Updated the buttons to be flat and more modern
  • Updated the social icons to use a different set (soon to become font-icons instead)
  • Added some new modules previously available in the premium version only (Post Grid, Post Slider, Post Carousel, Image Slider, Image Carousel, bullets, font icon)
  • Added support for the Visual Composer page builder for most modules (tabs, accordions, toggles haven’t been added do to their complexity)


What You Shouldn’t Do…

I have seen a lot of developers carelessly dump the Symple Shortcodes plugin into their WordPress theme’s to make it look like they spent a lot of hard work and time adding great shortcodes to their theme (wrong). If you want to include the plugin for your customers please use the TGM Activation script and let your users know about the plugin so they can take advantage of all the features and updates. Plus, I have spent a great amount of time creating and updating this plugin, so a little bit of credit would be nice (as opposed to you taking full credit for something you didn’t do – shame on you!).

Now What?

Update your plugin or if you aren’t using it yet and want to give it a try download it via the button below. It’s important to note that not everyone will be able to update their plugin automatically because auto updates wasn’t added until recently, so if you don’t see an update notice in your dashboard please re-download and install the plugin (sorry for the inconvenience).

Download Symple Shortcodes

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  1. Simply Compelling

    I’ve heard a lot about this plugin lately but haven’t really ever used it (I think I tried the free version once a few years ago). I feel like this thing is now so good that I can’t not use it! I’ll be giving it a try soon.

    • Kyla

      We hope you love it 🙂

  2. Chris Raymond

    Looks awesome! Thanks for your work.

  3. Emily

    Wow this is a Great News. Symple shortcode is my Favorited shortcode plugin of all time. I know there are many short code plugin out there but this one never hurt me when another seem to be (sometime). It is so simple and fast compare to some other big plugin that need many of settings. It does pick only what we need. I like that you keep this concept, don’t put tons of function on it lol I can simply click 1-2-3 and done my job.


    • Kyla

      Aww thanks 🙂 ad we’re happy that it’s worked out so well for you

  4. Lateef Adewale

    Awesome. Thanks for making this plugin available for free. I have a question please. How can i achieve a landing page like that in Total with other theme

    • Kyla

      Hmm – which landing page are your referring to? For the Symple SHortcodes demo we used our Zero theme, but if you’re talking about the Total landing page we created our own custom theme 🙂

  5. logeshnkl

    The Symple Shortcode toolbar icon is not visible in my Post / Page Editor.

    • AJ Clarke

      Make sure your plugin is up to date and try clearing your browser cache.

  6. mcgregormedia

    Symple Shortcodes is a great plugin but since version 2.0.0, the site says the plugin needs updating (which it doesn’t). We have Symple Shortcodes in use on several clients’ websites over three different hosts and on each and every site, the plugin claims to require updating, despite being the latest version.

    • AJ Clarke

      I have tested this and I can’t recreate the issue at all. I also see 6,000+ people already updated using the auto updates function and no one else seems to be having the problem. Have you tested with another theme? Some theme authors dump the plugin into their theme’s manually (bad) and it can cause issues or they rename the plugin folder so instead of it being “symple-shortcodes” it’s something else, please check. Have you tried re-downloading and installing it?

      I can push out version 2.0.1 later this month also and hopefully that fixes the bug on your end by changing the version number…

  7. toddneufeld

    Thank you for updating to 2.0. I’m a big fan of this plugin!

  8. sldesigns

    Hello, I have been using this plugin with a theme for a variety of websites. I know the theme I am using is a little outdated but an older version of this plugin worked fine. After a certain update, I can install the plugin but I can’t activate it. When I do, it gives me this error:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare symple_carousel_shortcode() (previously declared in /home/sldproject/public_html/dev/301663/wp-content/themes/DEFAULT/functions/shortcodes/carousel-shortcode.php:15) in /home/sldproject/public_html/dev/301663/wp-content/plugins/symple-shortcodes/shortcodes/shortcodes.php on line 1481

    If there is any insight you can provide to make it work with the theme I’m using, that would be great, otherwise, I’ll just have to find a different solution.


    • AJ Clarke

      The problem is the theme you are using appears to have the plugin built-in. You’ll need to contact the plugin developer to either update the built-in version of the plugin or consider switching to a better theme such as Total 😉

  9. crossbow

    Hi AJ, did the Image Slider go away? It’s still on the demo page, but I cannot find it in the Shortcode generator.

    • AJ Clarke

      Because the image slider requires you to enter the attachment id’s it’s a bit tricky to use without a page builder which is why I didn’t include it in the Shortcode generator. If you are using the Visual Composer though it would be available.

  10. mijavera

    The slider and post gallery option confuses me. Is there a tutorial how to add the slider to a new post and to only include a couple of newly uploaded pictures??

    • AJ Clarke


      These modules display your latest posts they aren’t setup to display specific images by default. However, if you are using the Visual Composer you have access to a few more features such as the ability to insert an image slider/gallery and specify the exact images you wan’t displayed.

  11. Bkaminer

    Hi, I have been using this great plugin for years. It stopped working when I upgraded from wordpress 4.2.2 to 4.5.1 Are there know issues, including with the newer jQuery libraries? Do you plan to update the plugin?
    Thanks, Brian

    • AJ Clarke

      The plugin has been updated to fix any issues with WordPress. If you still have issues please re-download and update the plugin via FTP or delete it and re-install it. Previously the theme didn’t have automatic updates but now it does!

  12. alextee

    Thanks for the great plugin, I have one question though, where can I find the image slider option?

    • AJ Clarke

      The Image Slider option is actually for use with the Visual Composer plugin only it can be added manually but it’s a real pain in the butt to locate your image ID’s for usage.

  13. Simon Lüthje

    I don’t want to use the Visual Composer, but I would love to use the image slider. Can you please tell me how to use it?

    • Kyla

      You can still use it as a shortcode. For example you can use the posts slider like this: [symple_flexslider post_type=”post” count=”5″] if you want to use the image slider you would do so like this: [symple_attachments_flexslider_shortcode image_ids=”1,2,3″]. If you check out the php file in the plugin at symple-shortcodes/shortcodes/shortcodes.php you can find all the parameters these shortcodes accept.

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