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The 9 Best Split Testing Apps for WordPress

April 29, 2018

You can spend all of the time in the world building your landing pages or prepping your site for the ultimate email list building campaign, but how do you know whether all of this works? There always has to be a point where you choose between two different styles for your landing page.

You’ve probably had to do this already. Do you know which one you chose and why? Was there any logic behind your decision at all, or was it just based on your own personal taste? Choosing pages, opt-in forms, buttons and every type of design based on your own preferences is one of the worst things that you can do. Why would you assume that everyone has the same tendencies and opinions as you?

The only way to make decisions online is with hard data, and that means testing your pages, themes, and titles to see which ones are the most effective for your site. A/B split testing is a method for serving up two test subjects (whether they be themes, pages, buttons, or just about anything else) and seeing which one works the best. The tools are plentiful, so let’s take a look at some of the best split testing apps for WordPress.

1. AB Press Optimizer


Handling your split tests is often a tedious process, so you need a tool that organizes each test you run so that you can come back and quickly reference the results. The AB Press Optimizer tool is a solution that displays elegant reports, and the interface is rather easy to navigate.

You can download the lite version from, but the premium version is a worthwhile investment since it works like a charm. You integrate it directly into your WordPress dashboard, and the minimalist design makes it easy for anyone to navigate.

The tool comes with real time reporting so that you can always check in on the site status and you can run an unlimited number of experiments on everything from buttons to themes. Unlike many other plugins and tools for split testing, this option doesn’t charge you any monthly fees — you simply pay a one-time fee and have it for life.

2. A/B Theme Testing


The A/B Theme Testing tool is a premium option that enables you to find the perfect theme for your website. I like this split testing tool, because you can pay a monthly fee and cancel it whenever you want. This way, you won’t end up spending too much money when you’re not implementing new themes and testing them out.

When you pay for the A/B Theme Testing tool, you also receive dozens of themes and plugins from the WPMU DEV library. The primary reason I would buy this testing platform is if I had no idea what to do in terms of SEO. The tool automatically distributes your visitors between the themes you’ve chosen and then it delivers a nice report to quickly view which ones performed the best.

3. Convert This


The Convert This plugin helps you run unlimited campaigns and extensive conversion tracking in order to see exactly which components you should get rid of and keep on your websites. The automated split testing platform integrates directly with your WordPress dashboard, so you no longer have to jump around to a brand new software when checking your reports.

The main reason Convert This stands out from the rest of the crowd is because it also tracks clicks, while other tools seem to focus more on conversion and split testing.

4. Nelio A/B Testing


The Nelio A/B Testing plugin is one of my favorite tools for WordPress because it looks wonderful on your dashboard and you don’t really have to learn much to get started with its powerful features. This plugin uses a freemium structure, so you can start out with the free version and upgrade later on if you want more features.

I like to consider Nelio as the Photoshop of the split testing tools, since it has tons of features. The main difference between Nelio and Photoshop — beyond the obvious — is that Nelio is easy to understand, whereas Photoshop can be a pain for beginners.

Nelio allows you to test titles, pages, posts, themes, widgets and more. The plugin also comes with some heatmap functionality, so you don’t have to just guess about where most people click when visiting your website.

The system is fully automated, and it doesn’t require any technical knowledge. The goal of the plugin is to drastically increase your conversions and make you more money.

5. Simple Page Tester


Simple Page Tester is designed to cut down all the steps it usually takes to test your website. It works by using a three step process in which you:

  1. Install the plugin on your website.
  2. Set up your test.
  3. Declare a winner based on the test results.

You can download the plugin for free from, or choose to go premium for a few additional features. The plugin is user-friendly and comes with some SEO components for monitoring how well you’re performing with search engines.

There’s another nice bonus here. Testing plugins often cause problems for caching plugins, but Simple Page Tester is completely compatible with the biggest caching plugins, so you don’t have to worry about breaking your cache.

6. Marketing Optimizer for WordPress


The Marketing Optimizer for WordPress plugin gives you everything you need in a testing tool, because you automatically get to track every single page on your website.

The plugin delivers a page list, which you can then filter through and test the pages that you select. Everything is easily manageable in one place, and you don’t need to know much about technology to implement this system.

7. Google Content Experiments


This is a unique plugin, because it connects right into Google systems. That enables you to get an idea for what they are looking for in terms of SEO and analytics.

You can implement this plugin to run your own split tests and then match up the results with analytic data for further improving your conversions.

8. Optimizely


The Optimizely plugin is one of my favorite split testing options, because it provides a dramatically easier way to test your pages and posts. The premium plugin is rather easy to setup on your website, and it has a code-free visual editor so that anyone can use it to create tests. The plugin generates real time ROI results so that you know what works and what doesn’t.

I particularly enjoy the multi-channel optimization so you can reach people no matter where they are and regardless of whether or not they are using computers or mobile devices.

9. Convert Experiments by Yoast


The Convert Experiments by Yoast plugin is not currently one of the most popular options from the company, but it still works great compared to some of the other testing tools on the market. Yoast never seems to disappoint, because you can work on both A/B and MVT tests for your site.

You can run a test on any one of your categories or pages and take a look at the reports to see which option worked the best.


Going with your gut may feel good sometimes, but it’s a killer when it comes to business. Stop thinking that every decision you make is so difficult. Instead, use a test to help see the reality of your business more clearly.

You’re not alone on this testing journey, so use one of the best split testing apps for WordPress and share your thoughts in the comments if you have any problems or questions.

Article by Tom Ewer WPExplorer Author
Published on: April 23, 2015
Last updated on: April 29, 2018
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