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Snippy Flexible WordPress Shortcode Builder Plugin

Snippy Flexible WordPress Shortcode Builder Plugin

Price: Free
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Theme Info & Details

Do you want to add custom HTML, CSS or JavaScript to a post or page but the WordPress editor is getting in the way? Not feeling like writing PHP to alter the page? Want to use that fantastic jQuery plugin and wished there was a WordPress version? Snippy is there to help out. With Snippy you can create custom shortcodes containing your HTML, CSS and JavaScript code and files. Upload the jQuery plugin to your WordPress installation, create a quick HTML bit, add it to a shortcode, and presto, the plugin is ready for use on your website.

Upload resource files like stylesheets and JavaScript plugins, reference remotely hosted scripts and styles on CDNs, create HTML snippets or style blocks, and combine all these code bits in shortcodes. Re-use bits over different shortcodes and alter a single bit to quickly update multiple shortcodes on your platform.

Each bit can contain placeholders. Placeholders are locations in the code snippet that will be replaced by a custom value. In this case placeholders are available in your custom shortcode as attributes. The values entered in the attributes will then be placed in the code snippet at the location of the placeholders. By defining default values for your placeholders your shortcodes become even more flexible. Snippy ships with a set of default placeholders which you can use to for instance access the current page id, return the current url and generate the date of tomorrow.

Snippy Plugin Features

  • Create custom shortcodes by combining resources and bits of code
  • Create HTML bits
  • Create JavaScript bits
  • Create CSS bits
  • Create remote resource bit
  • Upload stylesheets
  • Upload scripts
  • Automatic resource embedding when shortcode is used
  • Edit code online in the bit editor
  • Code highlighting
  • Use placeholders to make your bits more flexible
  • Ships with a list of default placeholders for accessing WordPress info