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repubHub Headlines Widget WordPress Plugin

repubHub Headlines Widget WordPress Plugin

Price: Free
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Theme Info & Details

Want to republish world-class syndicated content on your site? The repubHub Headlines Widget is a WordPress plugin that displays the most recent trending headlines from the many leading publications participating in their syndication network. You specify which category of headlines (health, politics, sports, etc) to display and you can easily exclude/include specific publications.

Most important – and unlike any other widget you’ve ever seen – when you activate a headlines widget the plugin simultaneously creates a hosting page on your site which displays the full articles ON YOUR OWN SITE, keeping your traffic onsite. The single hosting page displays an infinite number of different articles, depending on which widget headline the reader clicked to get there.

The website editor can leave the widget to automatically update the article selection without any curation, or the editor can easily curate throughout the day using a few curation tools that are visible on the front end just to editors and admins.

The service is free, because ads are inserted into the iframe containing the articles which compensate the content provider and the syndication service (iCopyright). The republishing website monetizes the new page views with their usual ads above, below and to the sides of the article iframe.

For websites that want to augment their syndication activities with additional functionality, like the ability to select individual articles for republication or the ability to feed your own original content into their syndication network, you can instead install the iCopyright Republishing Suite plugin. It is also available for free, and can be found at

So, expand the depth of coverage you provide your readers with syndicated content from the world’s leading publishers! It’s free, it’s instant, and it’s easily customized to fit your editorial mission and your readers!

Item Features List

  • Display a widget containing recent trending headlines from world-class publication
  • When clicked, the headlines take the reader to the full article ON YOUR OWN SITE
  • You decide what topic of articles to display (sports, education, entertainment, etc.)
  • You decide which publications to include/exclude
  • Tools visible on the front-end only to editors and admins give you superpowers to further curate the widget if you like
  • You can replace a headline you don’t like with a fresh headline with a single click
  • You can exclude the headlines of any publication with a single click
  • You can easily republish an article permanently on your site, so it is prominently visible to your readers even after the headline scrolls off the widget
  • You decide how many headlines to display in each widget and whether to include thumbnails
  • It’s free! (Ads are inserted to compensate the content providers and iCopyright
  • The format of the articles automatically match your site’s look and feel
  • The widget headlines display with no latency
  • You can display as many different widgets as you like
  • You can even link your top nav directly to the widget’s hosting page, so a reader clicking Politics or Sports in your top navigation menu will come to a page automatically updated with the latest Politics or Sports articles
  • You earn money by surrounding the iframe containing the articles with your own ads