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Pretty Link Pro Affiliate Link Plugin For WordPress

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If you run an affiliate website, Pretty Link Pro is the plugin for you. Pretty Link Pro is WordPress Plugin that will allow you to shrink, cloak, track organize and share all your affiliate and other links on your site.

But Pretty Link Pro is not your average link cloaker and url shortner, this plugin will completely transform your affiliate site by automating tasks, optimizing your links, keeping track of your affiliate hits, and so much more.

Shrink, Cloak, Manage and Track Links

Link Cloaker For WordPress

This plugin will allow you to quickly cloak your affiliate links making it look like external and affiliate links are on your site. You will have complete control of the url slug for your cloaked links and the method you want to use for redirecting your cloaked link – you can use 301 redirects for your affiliate links.

All the links you create will be tracked so you can see how many people are clicking them. This is really awesome for tracking your affiliate efforts and seeing where people are clicking the most or not clicking at all.

Automatically Replace Keywords

In the pro version of Pretty Link, you can set it up so that specific keywords are automatically replaced by your pretty link and  you can add a no-follow tag to it. By converting in-content text to links you can help boost your affiliate sales by having your affiliate links within the content of your site where your readers will see theme and be more likely to click on them.

Every good affiliate knows that in-post links have higher conversion rates!

Get Social With Pretty Link Pro

This link cloaking plugin for WordPress also comes with an integrated Tweet Badge and a Social Icons bar so you don’t have to install other plugins for this. The Tweet badge will show the current amount of times people have tweeted your posts and you can automatically add the social icons bar in your posts so people can share them easily.

You can also set the plugin up so it automatically tweets your pretty-links.

Pretty Link Pro Pretty Bar

This plugin will also allow you to add a customizable bar on top of any of your pretty links so when people click on the links they can see a bar with a link back to your site and a re-tweet link so people can tweet your affiliate pretty links! This is the perfect way to make some more money just by using social networks…let others do all the marketing for you.

Pretty Link Pro WordPress Plugin Features

  • Shrinks, cloaks, manages and tracks links
  • Automatically replace keywords with your pretty link (affiliate links)
  • Makes ugly affiliate links look pretty so your site will validate
  • Includes a twitter badge and social bookmarking bar
  • Optional Prettylink bar shows up on top of the link’s destination so people can get back to your site
  • Create a spreadsheet backup of all your links
  • Import/Export options to easily move your site if you sell it
  • Shows reports
  • Easily create groups of links
  • And much much more! – It is the ultimate affiliate plugin for WordPress