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NinjaFirewall WordPress Firewall Plugin

NinjaFirewall WordPress Firewall Plugin

Price: Free
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Theme Info & Details

NinjaFirewall (WP Edition) is a sophisticated and lightweight Web Application Firewall that can block threats even before they reach your blog. Because it loads before WordPress, its plugins and themes, it offers some unique security features not available in any other plugins. With more than 280 security rules, dozens of firewall policies and a powerful filtering engine able to detect Web Application Firewall evasion techniques used by advanced hackers, it provides a very strong level of security to WordPress.

NinjaFirewall brute force attack detection system is the fastest one available for WordPress. It can add a password protection or a captcha to the login page without loading the blog, which allows it to easily block any brute force attacks on WordPress, including distributed attacks. It can write the offender’s IP address to the Syslog server in order to work in conjunction with other third-party applications that can interact with the Linux kernel firewall like Fail2ban.

The firewall filtering engine contains a large set of security rules used to prevent most known vulnerabilities to be exploited, but also specific rules used to block generic threats (e.g., SQL injection, cross-site scripting, remote code execution etc.) and a heuristic detection engine to detect and reject unknown vulnerabilities, also known as “0day”, such as administrator-level privilege escalation attempt or PHP object injection, among many others. Security rules can be automatically updated every hours to ensure the blog is protected against the latest threats.

In addition to rejecting and blocking hacking attempts, it can sanitize incoming data on-the-fly so that suspicious input can be cleaned up before being safely re-injected into the HTTP request. HTTP headers, including cookies, can be manipulated for better security.

NinjaFirewall includes a real time detection engine, a file integrity monitoring scanner and an anti-malware using the popular Linux Malware Detect (Maldet) signatures and is, to some extent, compatible with ClamAV signatures as well.

Events like plugins and themes installation or deactivation, login attempt, admin account modification are immediately notified to the blog administrator.

Note: NinjaFirewall runs only on Unix-like OS (e.g., Linux, *BSD); it is not compatible with Microsoft Windows servers.

NinjaFirewall Features

  • Powerful filtering engine with multiple encoding support
  • Detects and blocks WAF evasion techniques
  • Sanitizes variables name and value
  • Large set of firewall policies
  • Hourly security rules updates
  • HTTP headers and cookies hardening
  • Brute-force attack protection
  • Anti-malware
  • Real time detection
  • File integrity monitoring
  • Events notification
  • Multi-site support
  • IPv4/IPv6 compatibility
  • Activity log and statistics