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MapSVG Interactive Vector Maps WordPress Plugin

MapSVG Interactive Vector Maps WordPress Plugin

Price: $31-$45
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Theme Info & Details

MapSVG is a WordPress plugin (jQuery version also available) that helps you to create interactive vector maps. MapSVG works with SVG files which means you can edit any of the included maps in vector editing software such as Adobe Illustrator or InkScape (or any other which can save vector files in SVG format). Also you can draw your own interactive map or floor plan and use it with MapSVG.

MapSVG has built-in Database so you can create any type of objects with custom fields (real estate properties, companies, people). Objects can have different fields types such as text, textarea, select, images, etc.. You can connect each object to one or many regions on a map. You can show your custom objects as Markers on a map and also you can show objects as directory with filters and search near the map. All included maps are geo-calibrated which means you can add markers to those maps simply by entering an address or geo-coordinates.

MapSVG can create choropleth maps which allow you to show statistical information with different shades of a color. For example you can create a world map showing population for each country: countries with highest population would be bright-red, low population – dark red.

When you need to show text/html information for your objects you can use such options as Tooltips, Popovers (small pop-ups), or Details View (large responsive info box).

If you need to extend default functionality or styles – you can do that with numerous MapSVG event handlers and built-in javaScript / CSS editors with syntax highlight.

MapSVG Plugin Features

  • Maps of all countries of the world included
  • You’re not limited to built-in maps. Draw your own in Adobe Illustrator or InkScape. Remove regions or add new, change everything as you need
  • Custom database with unlimited amount of custom fields
  • Form builder (create a form which will be used to add new records into your database)
  • Search
  • Filters
  • Directory
  • Customizable templates
  • CSS editor
  • Markers with latitude/longitude coordinates
  • Create floorplans
  • Create village plans
  • Create interactive infographics
  • Create choropleth maps (show statistics on a map with different shades of a color)
  • Control panel with live preview
  • Custom event handlers – onClick, mouseOver, mouseOut, beforeLoad, afterLoad etc.