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Hide My WP WordPress Plugin

Price: $16-$30
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Theme Info & Details

Hide My WP is an awesome WordPress plugin that disguises the fact that your website is run on WordPress. This plugin controls access to your PHP files helping to protect your website from malicious attacks.

WordPress is a very popular website platform, and as such that means there are plenty of hackers trying to break into WordPress sites each day. You need to protect yourself and your website. Hide My WP is a great addition to your security protocol, and since it’s so easy to install and setup there’s no reason not to add it to your WordPress site.

Hide My WP works by hiding important PHP files (wp-login & wp-admin), minifying your CSS stylesheet, changing you plugin directory, changing the upload URL, changing query URLs, changing author permalinks, change/disable feeds, disable WordPress archives and taxonomies, and by hiding all other WordPress files (readme, license, etc).

Another great feature of Hide My WP is that the plugin will actually notify you if someone is poking around your files. You’ll be able to see the IP address, agent, referrer and username of who it was so you can instantly see if it was just you (or your web developer), or if it was someone else. The plugin also comes with a custom 404 page, options to replace words in your HTML output file, body class cleanup and more. This is an all around great plugin that you should consider for you website since you can really never be too safe with your WordPress site.

Hide My WP WordPress Plugin Features

  • Protect Against Hackers
  • Hide wp-login
  • Hide wp-admin
  • Change Theme Directory
  • Remove Theme Info On Stylesheet
  • Replace Default WP Classes
  • Minify style.css URL
  • Change Plugin Directory
  • Change Upload URL
  • Change wp-includes Folder
  • Change Ajax URL
  • Change Query URLs
  • Change/Disable Author Permalinks
  • Change/Disable Feeds
  • Disable Archives, Pages, Taxonomies, etc
  • Hide All Other WP Files
  • Replace Words In HTML Output
  • Notify Admin of Others Using FIles
  • Compress HTML Output
  • Change Default WP Email Sender
  • Custom 404 Page
  • Remove Menu Classess
  • Cleanup Body Classes
  • BuddyPress Compatible
  • Great Support