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Helpie KB Advanced WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin

Helpie KB Advanced WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin

Price: $31-$45
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Theme Info & Details

Helpie is the most advanced knowledge base plugin made for WordPress. Helpie is your go-to plugin if you need to store, organize and learn the most out of your knowledge system. Helpie is for:

  • Websites that need documentation
  • Woocommerce websites
  • Websites with clients / members area and
  • For making wiki websites

Helpie is a complete KB plugin that you can depend on to run your knowledge base system with insights, advanced live search with content priority algorithm, frontend editing, user access restriction, automatic table of contents generation, style / branding and other power-packed features.

These are what makes Helpie so power,

Advanced live search with content prioritisation algorithm and partial match:
If you are building a serious knowledge base, then search is the most important tool for your knowledge base. A powerful search makes it easy for your users to find the most relevant information from a vast storehouse of knowledge. That is why with Helpie, the devs have made a completely new searching tool to incorporate all the qualities that makes searching powerful and simple to use:

  1. Content prioritization and weightage: Priority and weightage is given to content appearing in different places like title, post content ( exact position in post content ), tags, etc.
  2. Partial keyword match: Matching each word typed in the search box and checking each of them against the content. And each word contributes to the search results score.
  3. Live search speed: The developers have optimized the search system to work super fast even with thousands of articles in your knowledge base.

The search is still improved every now and then with enhanced search algorithms.

Helpie lets you create a powerful knowledge base with dynamic Insights into your users that helps you reduce customer support tickets, learn about problematic areas in your product / documentation and finally improve your User Happiness Index.

Frontend editing:
You can use the frontend editing features, including restricting the frontend editing capability to certain user roles ( say Authors, Editors and Administrators ) and use Helpie as a full-fledged wiki system. There are countless ways of using this feature to enhance the experience for your users.

Automatic table of contents:
The automatic table of contents feature generates in-page navigation links to the headings ( h1, h2, h3, etc ) you use in your article. And the links are arranged hierarchically based on the h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 tags. This is incredibly useful if you have a long piece of content that has to be organised properly and navigated easily.

Styling your knowledge base / wiki to align with the rest of the website is incredibly important if you want your branding to be consistent. Helpie lets you do this and goes further by elevating your knowledge base’s main page to be friendly and welcoming with vector overlays and color gradients.

Helpie works with all major themes and plugins. Yes, even those page builders. And it is most important to know that Helpie’s team provides premium support to all their users.


  • Frontend Submission / Editing with access control
  • Powerful Live Search : content prioritization, partial keyword match, super fast even with thousands of articles
  • Page Templates: Customize main page, single page, category page and search page, change sidebar positions or remove sidebar. Show multiple sidebars
  • Main Page: Many style templates for main page, column, order customization
  • Categories list style templates, drag and drop reordering, and include / exclude drag and drop
  • User Access Control by login, user role or password
  • Hero section customization, background image, gradient colors or vector overlay
  • Recent KB articles widget
  • Frontend KB stats widget
  • Table of Contents : Dynamic entire KB TOC, Automatic table of contents for current article using heading tags, Fix position or flow with page
  • Custom post type slug
  • Voting: Choose from classic or emo-voting
  • Comments: enable / disable comments
  • Many powerful shortcodes to create main page, categories list, recent kb articles, etc