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Gravity Forms to PDF Auto-Fill Solution for WordPress

Gravity Forms to PDF Auto-Fill Solution for WordPress

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Set Up Auto-Responders with the Gravity Forms to PDF Auto-Fill Solution!

One of the best ways of building bridges with your existing and potential customers is keeping them in the information loop at all given times. However, it is nigh impossible to send emails manually, every time they fill up a form on your website.

The better alternative is to pre-define auto-response emails that can be sent out to your subscribers, when they fill up any form. The Gravity Forms to PDF Auto-Fill Plugin is one such solution, that generates PDF files of the information entered by your users and sends it automatically once the form is submitted.

How Does the Plugin Work?

First you need to create a Gravity Form and enter whatever form fields you require. Next you create a PDF Template with the exact same form fields that you created for the Gravity Form. Now all you have to do is set the name of the Gravity Form field as the name of your PDF template and then upload and publish it from the Auto-Fill settings. This is how your Form is mapped.

Next up is the Email-template where you add the recipient email ids and write your own. You can also add a customized message here for your auto-responder, to be used as a notification.

An added advantage is that not only can regular form fields be mapped using this plugin, but additional fields like radio buttons, checkboxes, and conditional entries can also be included. Here, you need to map the PDF template with all the multiple options that can be checked, so that every eventuality gets covered.

Once all of these settings are in place, the plugin starts sending out automated PDF files as attachments in emails whenever a user fills up the form on your website, with all the details for his record.

The Advantages?

Using the Gravity Forms to PDF Auto-Fill plugin has multiple benefits; the user knows exactly what details have been entered for future reference, like the email address or the password; you get a copy for your database should the need for one arise later; and most importantly, the user knows that all his data is being handled with the utmost care!

Note that the plugin has some prerequisites, which need to be in place before it can be installed and used. This includes the addition of the PDFTK files to your server’s root folder; you might need to contact your server administrator for this, in case your website has a shared hosting plan. Also, PDFTK has known compatibility issues with CentOS 7, so that is something that needs to be checked on.

With all prerequisites and settings in place, the Gravity Forms to PDF Auto-Fill plugin makes sending out auto-responders to your customers a breeze!

Gravity Forms to PDF Plugin Features

UPLOAD MULTIPLE DOCUMENT TEMPLATES: To auto-generate PDF documents, you will need to upload document templates. You can upload an unlimited number of PDF document templates.

MAP DOCUMENT TEMPLATES to FORMS to EMAILS: You can map multiple document templates to multiple Gravity Forms. These forms can also be mapped to multiple email templates.

CREATE PDF DOCUMENTS ON THE FLY: PDF documents can be created on the fly on document submission.

CREATE MULTIPLE EMAIL TEMPLATES: Email templates used to send email notifications can be created as many as needed.

AUTO SEND E-MAILS: Auto-Email notifications, with the created documents can be sent, on form submission. Email notifications can be manually sent as well, using an option in the admin dashboard.