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Essential Services to Help You Get the Most Out of WordPress

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WordPress is an incredibly rich and powerful platform. From powering simple blogs, through to full-blown e-commerce solutions for big brands – if you can think of it, WordPress can probably do it. Unlocking that potential can take time, experience and a bit of know-how though. When you’re strapped for time or simply aren’t sure how you can get the result you’re after with WordPress – it’s time to call in a pro.

Envato Studio, a freelance marketplace from the same company that runs ThemeForest, CodeCanyon and more, offers expert services from hand-picked developers who can help you get started with, and make the most out of WordPress. Read on for our roundup of essential services from some of the best WordPress developers in the biz.

Get it Working – WordPress Installation Services

Finding the perfect theme is exciting. Getting it working – well, that’s another story. It might have looked gorgeous in its preview, but many feature-packed themes take time and some know-how to get working just right. If you’re new to WordPress or simply don’t want the hassle of going through the motions to get things perfect, skilled developers can take care of the hard work for you – quickly and affordably.

And as an added bonus, if you buy any WordPress Installation Service from Envato Studio at the moment, you’ll get 1 year of free web hosting and a free domain name from InMotion Hosting! Check out the offer details.

WordPress All-In-One (Theme Setup, SEO, Security, Customization & More) – $50 in 1 Day


For only $50 Freelancer Besayer will install WordPress to your domain, install your theme, manage setup, provide basic customization and performance tweaks – the works!

WordPress Website Migration / Transfer / Cloning Service – $50 in 1 Day

Have you ever tried to migrate your existing WordPress setup to a new host or domain, while keeping everything in working order – and with a minimum of downtime? It’s tough. For $50 xstreamthemes can take care of the migration for you.

Add Features & Make it Your Own – WordPress Plugin Services

WordPress plugins can turn your humble blog into the veritable swiss army knife of websites. Whatever you can dream of, a WordPress plugin can probably accomplish it. Whether you need a hand developing custom functionality for your WordPress site, or want a pro to set up and optimize existing plugins for you, there are expert developers ready to help you out.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development – $300 in 10 Days


For $300, you can get a skilled developer to create a custom plugin for your WordPress installation. Simply explain the functionality you’re looking for in the brief and in a little more than a week you’ll have a WordPress plugin powering your solution.

WordPress Plugins Setup & Advanced Customization – $100 in 2 Days

Get your plugins working right, the first time round. For $100 hasanet will install and configure the right WordPress plugin to suit your needs.

Custom WordPress Widget Creation – $100 in 2 Days

Widgets in WordPress are powerful little things! From custom forms and tag clouds, to image uploaders and countdown clocks. Get a custom widget created to your specifications for $100.

Fix Bugs, Speed Optimization & Tweak Your Design – WordPress Customization Services

Bugs… Slow-loading websites… Generic design… We all agree that they’re not welcome on our sites. Luckily, they’re also easy to fix – if you’ve got the skills. Let a pro change the way your site looks, radically improve your pageload time and obliterate bugs, speedily and at bargain prices.

WordPress Theme Customization With A Smile – $150 in 4 Days


When you need deep customization of your freshly purchased theme, look no further. Make it your own in every way for $150.

WordPress Website Speed Optimization – $100 in 5 Days

How quickly your site loads is a huge factor for your SEO performance and visitor behaviour, affecting bounce rates and conversion. Make sure you’re providing the best experience and squeeze every last ounce of performance out of your WordPress site.

Fix Small WordPress or PHP Issues – $50 in 1 Day

Nothing screams unprofessional like a bug on your site. Get a pro developer to take a look at your WordPress site then diagnose and fix the issue for $50.

Upgrade Anything to WordPress – Convert Website or Designs to WordPress Service

Sometimes you don’t start with WordPress when building your site. If you don’t know what you’re doing it can be tough to make the transition from another platform (or PSD file) over to WordPress, but that’s why these folks over on Envato Studio are for!

Convert HTML to WordPress – $150 in 7 Days


Still diving into your site’s HTML code to update content? Wouldn’t it be so much easier to just use WordPress? For $150 take any HTML website and upgrade it to run on WordPress!

Express PSD to Responsive WordPress Conversion – $150 in 1 Day


You’ve got a beautiful layout. It’s pixel-perfect, trendy and is perfect for your needs. One problem… It’s just a design. For $150 you can take that PSD and breathe life into it – making it a fully functional WordPress website. Featuring responsive design and built with SEO in mind, this is an affordable and quick way to get your vision into a reality.

Wrapping Up

There are a huge amount of expert freelance services available on Envato Studio helping you to unlock the full potential of WordPress, without the trouble on your end. Check out the full range of what’s available and see how easy it can be to do wonders with WordPress.

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