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Beyond Multisite Plugin for WordPress Multisite

Beyond Multisite Plugin for WordPress Multisite

Price: $16-$30
Disclosure: If you click the links below and purchase the item we may make a comission.

Theme Info & Details

Beyond Multisite is a premium WordPress plugin that helps the super administrators of a WordPress multisite to manage their network of sites. It gives them more control, more information, and more protection against spam. It also helps them clean the network and reduce the database size by deleting unwanted comments, revisions, and sites.

Beyond Multisite can list the sites, that have activated a plugin or a theme. This is very useful if you plan to delete a plugin for example, but you do not know if it is used by any sites.

It fights spam thanks to a customizable captcha for all WordPress forms, and an option to ban the last used IP address of a given user. Recovering from spam attacks is also easier thanks to the feature to bulk delete large amounts of pending comments with links in them.

The features of the plugin are grouped in separate modules, which can be turned off and on. To see all the modules along with their features, see further below.

Beyond Multisite is fully translatable with a program like Poedit and the provided .pot file. Thanks to the smart processing algorithm, the plugin works great with networks with a large amount of sites.

The required WordPress version is at least 4.6, and also multisite has to be enabled. It can only be network activated.

There is a comprehensive documentation included, along with a shorter quick-start guide. The documentation is also available online.

Purchasing the plugin is done only once, there are no monthly or yearly fees required to use it or to get updates. All new versions released in the future are free for all customers.

Beyond Multisite Plugin Features

  • Plugin Control Module
  • Hide certain plugins from the administrators of sites in the network by network disabling them
  • Enable some of the network disabled plugins only on some selected sites
  • Mass activate or deactivate plugins on multiple sites or all sites
  • Cleanup Module
  • Mass delete comments by selected criteria
  • Mass delete revisions by selected criteria
  • Mass delete sites by selected criteria
  • Activated in Module
  • View all sites where a selected plugin is active
  • View all sites where a selected theme is active
  • Pending Users Module
  • View non-activated users
  • Manage non-activated users: activate, delete, resend activation email
  • Search non-activated users
  • Ban Users Module
  • Ban users and their last detected IP from login, signups, and submitting comments
  • Insert HTML Module
  • Add HTML code globally to the head of all sites (or only some)
  • Add HTML code globally to the footer of all sites (or only some)
  • Captcha Module
  • Display captcha on the WordPress forms: login, lost password, reset password, comment, blog signup, user signup
  • Choose what characters to use in the answer: only digits, only English letters, both
  • Choose captcha answer length: between 3 and 5
  • Choose captcha image height: between 60 and 120 pixels (with increments of 10)
  • Email Users Module
  • Send emails in bulk to all multisite users or to chosen users only
  • Advanced user targeting: by their ID, by their role in all sites, by their role in some chosen site(s)
  • Option to let users unsubscribe from future emails
  • Shortcodes available for user names and username
  • Improvements Module
  • Show the ID of users in the network users screen
  • Show the ID of sites in the network sites screen
  • Show a link to the dashboard of sites in the sites column in the network users screen
  • Remove the version and author of plugins from the plugins admin page, when viewed by site administrators
  • Few more small improvements like these