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Advanced Forms Advanced Custom Fields WordPress Plugin

Advanced Forms Custom Fields WordPress Plugin

Price: Free
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Theme Info & Details

Advanced Forms is a powerful form builder which takes advantage of the flexibility of Advanced Custom Fields. It gives you access to the full set of field types provided by ACF such as repeaters, date pickers, and galleries as well as ones provided by third-party plugins. This robust base makes Advanced Forms the perfect form builder whether you are creating a simple contact form or a custom user editing experience. The minimal amount of styling provided makes it easy to integrate your forms with any theme.

The plugin comes with a simple interface for defining emails sent to your admins or addresses provided through the form. It also has the optional ability to automatically save form submissions to an entry which can then be accessed through WordPress. On top of this forms can easily be restricted to a specific schedule, only logged in users, or to only allow a certain amount of submissions.

Advanced Forms has been built with developers in mind and provides a wide variety of functions and hooks to make creating custom forms a breeze. With just a tiny bit of code you can create forms which generate posts, edit user profiles, register people to events , or anything a front-end form could need to do. The extensive documentation is constantly updated as the plugin grows and contains both guides for common use cases as well as references for functions, actions, and filters.

The plugin is available for free directly from where it has a five star rating and is consistently updated with new features and bug fixes. Support is provided directly by the author either through the support forum or privately over email.

Advanced Forms Features

  • Use all ACF field types in your forms, including repeaters, flexible fields, image uploaders, post selectors and much more
  • Define your form configuration through the familiar ACF interface
  • Automatically save all form data to entries in WordPress which later can be easily referenced and adjusted
  • Define emails to be sent to admins or visitors containing the form data. Perfect for contact forms and other notifications
  • Restrict your form so it’s only available to logged in users, during specific times, or limit the number of submissions
  • Add custom restrictions with a simple hook, for example to limit your form to a user role
  • Create your own form logic by hooking into form submissions. All form data is accessible through a simple API
  • Setup your form to create/edit users, posts and more with minimal amount of code
  • Define forms and fields programmatically to easily integrate with your plugin or theme
  • Reference the extensive documentation for information about all the actions and filters provided, as well as guides detailing common use cases