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AdBack WordPress Solution for Adblock

AdBack WordPress Solution for Adblock

Price: Free
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Theme Info & Details

AdBack offers you the opportunity to improve your knowledge about your audience using adblockers and about the effects of adblockers on your website and revenue. All you have to do is to install the plugin. It’s done in just a few clicks.

The adblocking phenomenon is constantly growing and makes the website and content creation a challenge. There are different websites categories: all are not affected in the same way, but all are at some point. Adblockers impact the display of graphical items and block elements used by e-commerce websites like security checkers for example. They also block third party tools like Google Analytics, which makes a part of your audience invisible. And of course, they also block ads. Adblocking represents a loss of 15 to 20% of the advertising revenue of a website, and it can be higher for certain categories of websites attracting an audience using more adblockers than the average.

AdBack’s objective is to help you re-establish a clear contract in the consumption of online free content and to find the just balance between free access to content and excess of ads.

AdBack offers two modules in one plugin: an analytics module and a monetization module.

The analytics module is completely free and helps you understand your adblocked audience behavior. With the plugin installation, you’ll access loads of statistics like the adblocker users rate on your website, the list of all the blocked elements, the amount of ad revenue you’re losing, as well as a lot of data about your users’ behavior. Thus, you’ll be able to identify user profiles which will be useful to address the right messages to the right audience.

Indeed, AdBack also proposes a solution to re-establish dialogue between website creators and adblocker users and to monetize this specific audience. Through a message, you can propose alternative solutions to advertising: answering a survey, subscribing to a newsletter, watching a video, making a micro-payment… AdBack’s alternative monetization solution is charged on a CPM basis but helps you recover up to 60% of your lost online ad revenue.

Besides, AdBack offers all WPExplorer readers 1 free month with the premium option ($79/month). Don’t wait anymore and take charge of the future of your website!

AdBack Plugin Features

  • Find loads of statistics about the adblockers with AdBack:
    • The number of activations/deactivations
    • The number of adblockers users allowing the acceptable ads of Eyeo
    • The type of adblocker used
    • The estimated lost revenue
    • The number of blocked analytics (Google Analytics, AT Internet)
  • Create automatic personalized reports with all the variables you’re interested in.
  • With AdBack, you can lock the access to your content to your adblocker users and display personalized messages depending on the different user profiles you’ll identify with our tool. Ask them to deactivate their adblocker or propose:
    • To answer surveys
    • Paywalls
    • Newsletter subscriptions
    • To watch a video ad to access the content
  • You can personalize your messages with colors, logos, different templates and themes.
  • Target the profile of your adblocker users depending on:
    • Geolocation
    • Browser language
    • Connection types
    • Operating system
    • Browsers
    • Desktop/mobile
    • Screen resolution
    • Page views
    • Bounce rate
    • Duration
    • Recurrence
    • Referral traffic