Elegant Themes Lifetime Membership WordPress Giveaway (over)

Elegant Themes  has generously given us 3 Lifetime Memberships to giveaway to our readers! Each lifetime membership gives you access to every single theme, plugin, and PSD on the site plus a lifetime of updates and support (a $249 value!). An Elegant Themes Lifetime Membership is a fantastic prize – so make sure to enter this WordPress giveaway everyday!

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A Little About Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is home to many Premium WordPress Themes, all of which are unique and useful. Whatever project you have on your hands, there is sure to be an Elegant Theme that is a perfect fit. Portfolio, Blog, Restaurant, Music, E-Commerce – Elegant Themes has them all! Plus they all come with powerful options thanks to the ePanel. Change color schemes, edit menus, switch your layout, include advertisements, manage your SEO, integrate code (like analytics), and even review support docs right from the ePanel. It really couldn’t be any easier.

Elegant Themes Premium WordPress Plugins

elegant themes plugins

Don’t be deceived by their name, Elegant Themes has plugins too! And they’re pretty awesome. Their HandHeld Mobile Plugin helps you create a mobile version of your site in a snap, so any theme (responsive or not) can be viewed from mobile devices. The Drag & Drop Builder Plugin allows you to create beautiful (and elegant) page layouts without having to dive into code. Simply use the intuitive builder plugin to drag and drop, re-size, and nest modules. Then there is the Anticipate Maintenance Mode Plugin that shows visitors a “coming soon” page while you’re making changes to your website (don’t worry – your regular pages are visible to you when logged into the admin panel). Lastly, the Elegant Themes Shortcodes Plugin has all of the lovely shortcodes you see in the Elegant Themes demos. Buttons, slideshows, social media, pricing tables, testimonials and so much more – use the shortcodes to customize your theme!

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This giveaway is now over – sorry you missed it!

Giveaway Details

  • How many winners? – 3 random winners
  • What you can win? – a FREE lifetime Membership from Elegant Themes, which includes: Every Theme, Every Plugin, All Photoshop Files, Premium Support, Perpetual Updates (a $249 value!)

The Latest Elegant Themes Themes

We love so many of the themes in Elegant Themes’ portfolio, it’s too hard to choose our favorites. So here are a few of the most recent themes they’ve added!

StyleSHop E-Commerce WordPress Theme

StyleShop E-Commerce WordPress Theme

StyleShop is a beautiful e-commerce WordPress theme perfect for creating an elegant and easy to use online store. The theme is fully responsive, and even has a special mobile layout, to make it easy for customers to browser your site on any device. Plus StyleShop includes great features like customer reviews, helpful breadcrumbs, and the ability to run specials/sales. Learn more by clicking on the button below.

StyleShop WordPress Theme

Fusion Business Portfolio WordPress Theme

Fusion Business Portfolio WordPress Theme

Fusion is a bold business portfolio WordPress theme that is a great fit for small businesses, entrepreneurs, agencies and more. This theme has sharp features that are sure to make your cutting edge business stand out. Unlimited colors, responsive layout, client showcase, homepage slider, and a services section are just a handful of the options that come with Fusion. Click on the button to learn more about this theme!

Fusion WordPress Theme

Harmony Music WordPress Theme

Harmony Music WordPress Theme

Harmony is a stunning music WordPress theme designed for musicians, record labels, agents, venues and anyone else in the music industry. With the ability to add recent news, a comprehensive events calendar, the option to upload albums and new songs directly to your site, and e-commerce plugin integration (eStore and Simple PayPal Shopping Cart) this theme is a clear winner for any music site. Checkout more of Harmony’s features by clicking on the button.

Harmony WordPress Theme

Post Author: Kyla

Hi! My name is Kyla, and I'm the VP at WPE. Although I'm still new to WordPress, I love every bit and I have fun sharing what I learn with all of you!

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  1. I want to win because I really like your themes, they are the best. A very clean and cool design with a great functionality.
  2. Carlos Faria says:
    I'm a big fan of your work! I need a Membership, because I am creating a small business that creates small applications for Mobile. And he liked to spread out your work too. Thanks!! :D
  3. I would be more than happy to win the Elegant Themes Lifetime Membership, as I am a huge fanatic of Elegant Themes and their work. I have been working with the WordPress platform for more than 3 years but haven't got enough money to invest in such a valuable package, yet. I am also glad that I even have the opportunity to participate in such a competition, and I hope that I will be the lucky one out of the 3 winners. Good luck to everybody who participates! :)
  4. yees, pick me, pick me! :)
  5. Fery Wardiyanto says:
    Elegant Theme is one of the most awesome Wordpress theme developer (as far as I know), just wish me luck at this time! ;)
  6. Matt Zimmermann says:
    Wow...what a terrific contest. Elegant Themes have some awesome themes. Would be great to have a resource like this at my disposal. Good luck to all who enter.
  7. Elegant Themes rock!
  8. One please :)
  9. To use themes for my clients
  10. Pauly Pops says:
    Woh', these look awesome, well worth it.
  11. ElegantThemes is one of the shops which got the most out of WordPress, even if we talk about WordPress themes and more recently, plugins. I like the fact that they constantly release themes, and they all look awesome, trend-following and quite full of functionality. I wish Chris good luck with his shop and hope that I`m lucky enough to win! :)
  12. Craig Paterson says:
    Wow, great giveaway. A lifetime license for Elegant themes would be a great gift. They have some awesome themes!
  13. The first product of Elegant Theme that I experienced using was Anticipate plugin. It was so easy. I setup my landing page timelessly but still I produced a perfect website. Normally, you can't have something perfect in no time, but yes with Elegant Theme. I am hoping to have the membership of Elegant Theme so that I can continue with the awesome experience provided by ET
  14. Paul Sibley says:
    I'd like to win because I need to start building a new website for our Church and want to use WordPress - Elegant Themes will make that far easier; and give other opportunities.
  15. I want to win this contest, because i love WPEXPLORER a lot and tweeted, share, liked and recommend about it. Also i translated once a theme to Hebrew & will be happy to help translate more stuff :-) Good Luck every one...
  16. Utkarsh Bhatt says:
    I recently brought the Genisis WP theme, but due to the learning curve, I was not able to set up my website. Now I need a premium Wordpress theme because I don't have the money to buy another one after that huge loss.
  17. asmayasrib says:
    Please please please - can I win this time round :)
  18. Great giveaway as always, thanks guys! Elegant themes are awesome, so much choice of quality themes
  19. Badry Darkoush says:
    I used some elegentthemes themes before and I love them!
  20. Bryanlewis says:
    Love the work. I would love to win this.
  21. I've always loved Elegant Themes and have been wanting to try some of their work for a while now. A lifetime membership to the site would be a dream come true. Good luck to everyone and thanks WPExplorer for the awesome giveaway! I really love this site and the themes here are superb as well. Keep up the good work!
  22. monaburns says:
    I have a personal one year subscription to Elegant Themes now. I love their stuff. Been playing around with their newest theme StyleShop and it is super cool. Would love to have a full membership that includes the plugins. Especially, a lifetime subscription. :D Thanks so much for this opportunity. ~Mona
  23. I recently started as a freelancer, so a good collection of themes will really save me a lot of time and money. I really hope I win.
  24. Lifetime giveaway wow!
  25. Nicolas Messer says:
    If you already have a Developer Membership, will you be able to upgrade your existing account in case you win? Elegant Themes is awesome...high quality code and great looking themes!
    • AJ Clarke | WPExplorer says:
      AJ Clarke | WPExplorer
      If you were to win I'm sure Nick can work something out with you. Otherwise you could always cancel the current one and then get a new account.
  26. This is awesome , looking forward to using high quality elegant themes`
  27. Wow, this is really great. Elegant Themes has been my go-to theme site for years. Some of their recent themes are really way above the competition in all respects. Good luck to everyone entering…
  28. M.A. Bell says:
    I've been working in Wordpress for over 5 years now, and I have to say that Elegant Themes was one of the best discoveries I ever made! The themes are wonderful, and keep up to date with the changes as WordPress evolves. Now that they are offering plugins as well, the Elegant Themes package is a truly comprehensive resource and I heartily recommend it to anyone who is serious about developing creative, attractive, functional WordPress installations. I already have a yearly subscription to Elegant Themes, and It would be a wonderful thing to win a lifetime membership.
  29. Cristi Marian says:
    Great giveaway!
  30. Nice :)
  31. Leonardo Wyskiel says:
    Wow!! I want that lifetime membership!!! Thanks for the giveaway!!!
  32. johngjohnson says:
    Just an old dude, here, starting out on a new career. Haven't used Elegant Themes yet --- but I just spent some time on their site --- very well laid out, professional, appealing. I have been a follower on FB of WPExplorer and click thru to see what they are featuring. AND - did watch AJClarke helping out on a completely unrelated site last month --- it was refreshing to see someone jumping in to help on a WP challenge, impressive.
  33. The Mysterious One (@TheMysterious07) says:
    Finally! A contest which I love! Hope to win. :)
  34. kyp rios says:
    Wow, that's a huge givaway. Elegant themes paved the way in the premium themes market, only thing that worries me is they seem to have slown down on releases lately.
  35. Velinsky says:
    Great giveaway. These guys have the most stunning WordPress themes and plug-ins. Hope to get some from them soon ;)
  36. Limor Barenholtz (@Lem4) says:
    Great giveaway of great themes, and for lifetime - Why wouldn't I want in?? ;-)
  37. put me on the list :D
  38. Black_Claw says:
    Agreed, Limor. :D
  39. Costinel says:
    Great contest, hope I win!
  40. Dusty Meerkat (@DustyMeerkat) says:
    Elegant Themes - why? 'Cause they are awesome!
  41. Romanianmum (@romanianmum) says:
    Because they are antastic
  42. I develop websites as a hobby and I've always enjoyed Elegant themes!! I hope I win!!
  43. I am trying to expand my clientele and having solid themes to leverage would help out a lot and Elegant themes are great.
  44. I've never tried Elegant Themes, but I see everywhere that are well considered technically and for their prices. I didn't know about their plugins, good and interesting points. I want to try them and their plugins, the benefits are quite obvious ;-) Cheers, Gera
  45. Rex Louie Pilongo says:
    I love your themes! I badly want to win coz I want to use your awesome products in my projects. You guys are great!
  46. Ashmita Patel says:
    High quality and helpful articles and reward for reading them. you're so caring for your readers. All the best to other participant as well.
  47. David Wijaya says:
    I'm very interested to use this thme and I'd like to use this theme to make my website more attractive and more user-friendly David
  48. Great themes
  49. So excited! I've been eying these themes for months.
  50. Robert Ford says:
    I love Elegant Themes. I've built a lot of sites using their themes, and my clients are always very happy!
  51. Hence Wijaya says:
    Wow, The most incredible giveaway this year! I want it :-)
  52. Steve Heinrich says:
    They have some great themes! I have used them in the past.
  53. Richard Garcia says:
    I'm a fan of elegant themes and winning would save me so much money! :P
  54. This would be a lovely present to start the spring! :) Love the typography and the textures of the themes, and the impeccable functionality . Thanks for starting the giveaway !
  55. Imran Hunzai says:
    Free stuff is from heaven. So do I need the themes :)
  56. Some nice looking themes there!
  57. onikokoro says:
    Brilliant themes all around!
  58. Techtomic says:
    Worth a try! Looking for some beautiful themes, BuddyPress and MarketPress integration especially.
  59. I would like to wind as it will allow me to take my blog to the next level - both professionally and with design.
  60. We use the Lucid theme for our blog.
  61. luis castillo says:
    I want to win because your themes are very clean and cool design with a great functionality.
  62. So-ske HACHIYA says:
    I love WORDPRESS, and beautiful themes too. So I love Elegant Themes that was struck me by the beauty of it. I wanna be a big developer of WP! So I want to win this giveaway. Thanks!
  63. Eric Carroll says:
    I would like to win simply because I am learning more about WordPress themes and theming. (I've used Drupal for years and am moving towards WordPress, now)
  64. This would be such a sweet present for my birthday! I've been lurking on Elegant Themes sites for months now and saving up to get a membership. Wish me luck
  65. Daniele De Vuono says:
    awesome themes !!! keep the excellent work : )
  66. LukeTacyn says:
    I have seen some of their themes in the past and really love them. Didnt even know they did so many good plugins. Count me in!
  67. Thomas Refsgaard says:
    i love the elegant themes. They look so good, even.in Denmark :-)
  68. .::ethereal::. says:
    I would love a membership to elegant themes. I'm always perusing there for inspiration!
  69. yeah that's righttttt
  70. nomad-one says:
    I was previously an annual member but my subscription expired some time back and I would love to make use of the excellent themes elegant themes continuously release.
  71. Lane Lester says:
    With the current array of devices available, the great host of oldie but goodie themes are no longer useful. For my clients I need the best of the beautiful.
  72. Whoo! What a great competition.
  73. Jennifer Treece says:
    I would absolutely LOVE to win so that I can keep up to date with all the new themes and plugins Elegant Themes have to offer. They are gorgeous and there are so many to choose from!
  74. Be, speriamo di vincere!
  75. Damielle says:
    This is an Incredible value. Elegant themes are high quality and the fact that they keep adding new themes is a big plus. I'm also a big fan of their page builder plugin. Thanks WP Explorer for this opportunity!
  76. Rob Vonk says:
    The absolute stunning themes by Elegant Themes make my life as a WP developer much easier. So please let me win that lifetime membership. Elegant Themes: Thanks for making the web every time a little more beatifull, one site at a time!
  77. a really very nice idea .. keep going with your work and big success to all of us !!!!
  78. I'd like to win a Lifetime membership since I had my first experience/ try with wordpress and themes on my own site. I want more! ...possibilities, ...enhancements, ...customization possibilities, ...greater look and feel with the professional Elegant Themes WordPress Themes.
  79. I always wanted to try Elegant Theme, and having lifetime membership would made that easier :D
  80. Wolfgang says:
    I'm planning to start a few businesses and would need those amazing themes. Hopeing to win :-)
  81. Alberto Marx says:
    The wordpress themes are great, have beautiful graphics, are well organized and adaptive platform is pretty user friendly, I love your work!
  82. Leandro Jesús Bazán (@LeoBazan) says:
    It would be great if I win one of these memberships. Why? Because Elegant Themes' themes are awesome, that's why.
  83. Josephine Reijman says:
    Really love your themes! Would be totally great to win a lifetime membership!!
  84. Martin Wilson says:
    Would love to get my hands on Lifetime Elegant themes membership, these guys design and build some excellent Wordpress themes.
  85. These themes are inspiring.
  86. Mário Brandão (@patamardimagens) says:
    Just because design, usability, simplicity and flexibility all have one name, Elegant Themes, of coarse!
  87. Mukesh Mali says:
    Great giveaway! I should be participated now. Thanks for the Giveaway….Hope to Win this :
  88. Amazing opportunity to try out a great bunch of themes. I have been tossing up buying the themes so this is a fabulous chance!
  89. Thank you wpexplorer and elegant themes for offering this awesome give away.
  90. Can never go far wrong with these themes! Good clean code, great design.
  91. Auntypizza says:
    Awesome giveaway! I've been an Elegant Themes member for a few years now and an affiliate as well. I'd LOVE to win this.
  92. Jessica (JC) Zuzierla-Torpey says:
    I've always loved Elegant Themes, and I was a member for a year, but stupid me let me subscription lapse, as believe it or not, I couldn't afford it at the time for multiple reasons. For me, winning this contest would mean three important things. First, I'd be able to give my sites the professional make overs they desperately need; second, I'd be able to learn one interface (and not one for each theme) which will save time, and third, I'd have one less bill to worry about paying. Here's why: I was screwed out of almost $2000 from a former client, my husband was hospitalized (first for almost six months, second time for two months, third and fourth time for a couple of weeks each time) and he is now permanently disabled, so I take care of him full time, which leaves me working (also full time) to keep us alive. Currently, since branching out, I have more than 10 websites, and the free themes are not always what you want them to be, especially when running a website that is supposed to be professional looking. So, for those reasons, I hope I win, but if not, then I thank you for the chance, and I with good luck to everyone who enters.
  93. Brett @ IAMTHELAB (@IAMTHELAB) says:
    Count me in!
  94. I want to win this because Elegant Themes is the first place I visit for wordpress themes, before I knew about the other themes provider. First love if you might say :)
  95. Elegant themes is a fantastic resource for WordPress themes. Their themes are clean, versatile, and easy to stylize. I particularly love the "Evolution", "Flexible" and "Nimble" themes. I'm ready to climb Mount Everest, swim in the English Channel, or cross the Sahara Desert just to win one of these memberships. Well, err -- on second thought, how about something less life threatening -- the upcoming Bay-to-Breakers?? I'll be the old guy wearing the Elegant Themes T-shirt.
  96. Ben4SHhort says:
    This would be AWESOME to receive.
  97. nivijahnivijah says:
    this is awesome
  98. reza farrokhi says:
    Thank you wpexplorer and elegant themes.
  99. Wojciech Burda says:
    Why? Well - this is the true beauty of design; in this situation - lifetime membership may be is a stealing and if so - yes, I want to be the one who gets it ;) :)) I need to create your own website.
  100. TheeravatSuensilpong (@gd_ab) says:
    Hi, your themes are wicked. It will be excellent if I get them.
  101. Elwisz.Czosnek says:
    Its simple - HARMONY MUSIC is simple. ;-)
  102. cdickmanc says:
    A lifetime supply of quality, well-supported WordPress themes -- you'd have to call that a dream come true.
  103. keyser sose says:
    Hi, i don't want to win, but i just like spreading my email everywhere on the internet :))))))
  104. great giveaway
  105. margarida says:
    This would be a dream come true because I work in webdesign and I do a lot of wordpress sites, and to have all this design and knowledge and development already as a starting point for my projects would be amazing and work facilitating!
  106. Amazing!
  107. It's awesome giveaway..... i like win this.
  108. Ticket To Web (@TicketToWeb) says:
    I'd like to win because I really love Elegant Themes! They're really inspiring!
  109. Jordan Kueh says:
    Is "Because I'm awesome" an applicable answer? :P
  110. this is the awesome give away
  111. TAEL (@TAEL) says:
    I love Elegant Themes! <3
  112. Justin M says:
    Wow. Many more entire than normal.
  113. Sam Rush (@samrush313) says:
    Elegant Theme is one of the best template designers and developer Wordpress. Thanks Kyla for this news
  114. I am a regular member, become a Lifetime Membership would be great ... your work is fantastic... cheers!
  115. mark giufre says:
    Creating webpages for our educational technology programs for students with special needs. This would help so much. PLEASE!
  116. mohammad says:
    Themes of Elegant Themes is great
  117. Copinger says:
    i will be the happiest of all the people to win win a lifetime theme from ET, I like Elegant themes thats why am here to comment and also using ET for my clients i have so far used ePhoto,instyle,thesource,and the styleshop. Their support is second to none.Nick and the team are doing great job out and can wait to win of the lifetime giveaway.
  118. Those are such nice Themes. I would like to use them, but I have no money for that. Maybe I win some...
  119. Michael McNabb says:
    I love the elegance of these themes! Lots of functionality!
  120. Use Elegant themes exclusively. Very well designed and supported.
  121. Michael Carter says:
    Elegant themes are awesome. I have subscribed for a while and use them on my website.
  122. Elegant Themes has so many nice selections I don't have to create from scratch. No reinventing the wheel!
  123. I must admit I am a total web design and hosting noob. This would help me SOOO much!! I really could use the boost and although I've saved freebies, yours here are top quality. Would love to be able to use them without a big financial impact since my business just started in September with no support funding :)
  124. Elegantthemes gets constantly updated, has so many selections to choose from, and I'd be a fool to not want to have a chance at this lifetime membership. Thank you for this great giveaway :)
  125. elegant themes are so nice i love them <3
  126. Hi! Yes, also in Italy we follow you! We don't just eat pizza... ;) Ciao ;)
  127. Because themes are best, and seo friendly.
  128. I’m planning to develop my website.So i would need those amazing themes. Hopping to win
  129. Elegant Themes -- so appropriately named. Can definitely use some of their themes in forthcoming projects.
  130. Joel Couch says:
    I am an IT guy who came across the Elegant Themes collection a couple years ago. Very impressed with the product. I use these themes for non-profit companies and small startups that can't afford the price of a high-end site. I generally don't charge for these services as a way to help them build their business. A lifetime subscription would make it that much easier for me to help more people (next will be a lifetime subscription to ShutterStock).
  131. I Like your themese because they're really nice.
  132. I want the lifetime membership because I can use these themes at many sites of mine. These themes are awesome. I also want to write a review on Elegant Themes memberships but they are costly :-(
  133. I Want It ... ♥♥♥
  134. taking98 says:
    Elegant themes, You are so amazing...!
  135. Sarah Li Cain says:
    I love their themes!
  136. I currently have a one-year subscription and would love to have a lifetime membership.
  137. Great Themes
  138. RaminMTa says:
    Hi, It says Let us know you want to win :D Sure I Want! :D
  139. I just love elegant themes designs - would LOVE to have a lifetime membership!!
  140. I would love to win this :)
  141. i don't know how to code and nothing could be better than elegant themes for my blogs n websites. . thanks for this awesome giveaway :)
  142. Bethany ~ twoOregonians says:
    I've been looking into Elegant Themes, and I'd love to switch over to using them instead of my cobbled together free themes/amateur coding.
  143. Jonathan Krygsman says:
    Elegant Themes has some of the best, if not the best themes out there. A wide range to choose from with access to all of them at one low cost.
  144. Great giveaway
  145. Elegant Themes have a rather nice certain something about them that does their name proud. Good luck to everyone entering!
  146. Who wouldn't want to win these theme, they have got such a great collection of themes though.
  147. I want the lifetime membership because I can use these themes at many sites of mine. you are best :*
  148. Like the lifetime-giveaway. Thanks!
  149. Mehdi Khambari says:
    I Love WOrdpress!!!
  150. Michael S. says:
    I am building a brand new blogazine that will try to cover many different topics, from current events to arts and entertainment. While I am not myself a web designer, I am extremely picky that a theme be absolutely stunning and flawless. There are a lot of "choppy" themes out there, but ElegantThemes are indeed flawless and elegant.
  151. Andrea Garza says:
    I would absolutely love to get my grimy hands on a free membership of these awesome themes!
  152. I love Elegant Themes and would love to be able to use their themes to better the world!
  153. wasif ibnul husain says:
    i want to win one!
  154. chelle stein says:
    I had an elegant themes membership when they first started...would love to win a lifetime membership and use for an upcoming project I am working on!
  155. Kelemvor says:
    Starting a site for my wife all about Wholesome Healthy and Tradition living that focuses mostly on foods. Looking for a great theme but have no budget at all so this would be great.
  156. Brent Williams says:
    Great themes! Looking forward to working with the them!
  157. Huge fan of your work. I have an e-commerce and restaurant site to build this spring and your themes would be a perfect fit.
  158. I love your themes and would love to win them! Thanks for the chance!
  159. Loved to be able to play with all the cool themes as well as launch some website utilizing the themes!
  160. beautiful themes. I really hope I win
  161. Martin Hedegaard says:
    i Would love to win :-)
  162. inrphoto says:
    Love your Themes.
  163. Angelica says:
    This would be an awesome win!
  164. frankvvugt says:
    Awesome themes, would love the have these!
  165. I really like elegant themes, i never tried them before, but i can tell that this themes are great. I already have themes from themetrust and themeforest, it would be really nice to win this lifetime membership.
  166. pabloluisrey says:
    son buenos, en serio, y el soporte esta bastante bien
  167. Tricia T says:
    I want to win because it would be so awesome to get good themes for my blog.:)
  168. Kevin Moreau says:
    I already enjoyed Elegant Themes for 1 year, I'd love to make it last ever after
  169. The reasons for liking elegant themes are countless but special mention for their superb designs, app themes like elist , affordable and timely customer support via forums and tweets. Wish me luck this time. I would love to have them
  170. Tesur Rajan says:
    Really awesome giveaway! Looking forward to win this. :)
  171. Silas Coellner says:
    Elegant Themes are the best.
  172. rickhealey says:
    Sweet, I've always loved elegant themes. Great price, great looks.
  173. Matt Warren says:
    Because these are some of the best quality/priced themes I've ever seen.
  174. I really enjoy your themes and I really love the Drag and Drop Builder Plugin!!
  175. I would love the win the Elegant Themes Lifetime Membership as I am currently looking to change over to WP and have recently found your site. I would love to have one of your delicious looking themes as my own!
  176. Yousuf Tafhim says:
    I like your themes, some of them I will be using it for my clients :)
  177. iambryan says:
    Great themes and plugins :) Awesome giveaway
  178. I really admire your themes. Pick me to win ;)
  179. I love Elegant Themes! I would really love to win this! Thanks Wpexplorer for the great giveaway!
  180. Hamed Malek says:
    Great Chance !
  181. Elegant Themes -- so appropriately named -- truly elegant, beautiful & stylish designs. So, so would love to win this giveaway.
  182. Simon T. Thomsen says:
    Great giveaway:)
  183. One of my friends uses Elegant Themes on her blog and her site always looks fantastic! I'd love to win so I can make my blog look beautiful, too. :)
  184. My web designer screwed me up, I want to fix it myself now, but have no access to support.
  185. Lifetime Membership would be great as the themes rock and also it would mean you wouldn't have to pay every time an update comes out and you really need a new theme to comply with new technology. Kewl.
  186. Shravan Kale says:
    I need the Lifetime Membership because i run my own techblog and the themes provided on elegant themes are just too enticing. Trying to earn via advertising to afford the membership if I don't win this giveaway
  187. Marius Kreutzer says:
    Would be great, because your themes are just amazing!
  188. Well, why not give this a try? Good luck to everyone!
  189. Jeff Mosawy says:
    In my opinion, ElegantThemes are one of the best websites that gives us the best premium templates -- I DO LOVE THEM! I hope I can win this prize, 'cause I need it badly :P Why? Because it IS expensive!!!
  190. shane pilster says:
    I have used Elegant Themes a few times in the past and would be very appreciative for a lifetime membership. I've always recommended them to people looking for clean design and easy to use admin functions. Cheers and thanks!
  191. Sulayman Hamid says:
    I believe in spreading truth, spreading passion and spreading knowledge through the web Elegant themes have always allowed one to implement a site that not only has simple yet complex features but sites that are staggeringly beautiful. With a lifetime Membership (God Willing) I plan to show the world the beauty of Elegant Themes
  192. Katie Bardo says:
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