WPExplorer Holiday Cheer iPad Air® 2 Sweepstakes (OVER)

Today is our last day of holiday cheer, but we have an awesome prize for you! We’re giving away one (1) 16GB iPad Air® 2 to one (1) very lucky reader! We know you’ve all worked very hard this year, and we appreciate that you’ve been reading WPExplorer all this time.

We Gave Away an iPad Air® 2

WPExplorer iPad Giveaway

To enter, just use the Rafflecopter widget below. Let us know how you would use an iPad, follow us on social media, sign up for our newsletter or just leave a comment letting us know how long you’ve been following our blog or which of our posts has been your favorite.

And just so you don’t have to read the fine print, this sweepstakes is only open to legal residents of the United States of America who are 18 years of age or older (void where prohibited). You can read the full rules in the widget. While we’d love to open up the contest to all of our readers, the legal terms get very (very) complicated so it’s just not possible at this time (we’re sorry!).

Why We Gave Away An iPad

Thank You

WPExplorer has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years, and it’s all thanks to our readers! It’s because of all of you that we’ve been able to turn WordPress into our full time job. WPExplorer started out as a blog operated by one guy out of a college dorm room. Now it’s a full fledged business and a reputable brand in the WordPress community with a top selling WordPress theme, an entire team of amazing authors who continue to impress us with each article they write and handful of awesome support gurus who can provide you with some of the best WordPress knowledge on the web.

Thank you so much for helping us make this happen, and we hope you have a very cheerful holiday season!

Post Author: Kyla

Hi! My name is Kyla, and I'm the VP at WPE. Although I'm still new to WordPress, I love every bit and I have fun sharing what I learn with all of you!

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  1. I have been using Wp Explorer themes for several yeas now, I started with the Fashionista theme in January 2013. Great themes and great support too.
  2. Taylor Closet says:
    I love all the valuable info about WordPress that you provide, from the how-to's to the deals. I'm a beginner and you have given me tons of info to make me feel comfortable. You have been incredibly helpful. Thank you.
  3. I have been following wpexplorer for quite awhile now and you keep getting better and better.
  4. Now this is what I call a giveaway! Great job guys! Wish you an amazing 2016!
  5. I am a brand new follower!
  6. I've been following this site for around a year now. I first discovered this site for the free theme Pytheas (still using it on a site) and then re-discovered the site through Themeforest authors, and have kept actively visiting the site since then. The reason I keep coming back is for some of the helpful articles, such as the recent article providing details about the 4.4 WordPress update (http://www.wpexplorer.com/wordpress-4-4-release/), articles highlighting various plugins for specific purposes (a really helpful article was the one on managing editorial workflow). The site is certainly one of my main goto sites for WP info and tips. Thanks ;)
    • AJ Clarke says:
      AJ Clarke
      I am glad you are finding our content useful James! Thanks for the kind words ;)
      • No probs, your one of the theme authors that introduced me to the site. I use several of your themes from themeforest and have always been happy with the quality of the themes you've provided.
  7. steve weber says:
    I just stumbled across your site! I will be a follower from now on.. thank you for the chance to win such an amazing prize!
  8. Veronica says:
    This one is my favorite if I win!
  9. chucklasker says:
    I could use an iPad for sure!
  10. Been following the blog for a few months I think... I made use of some of your Black Friday deals, but I think your "White Screen of Death" post is my favorite!
  11. Your Friend Paul Successful Networker says:
    Hi! My name is Paul,and CEO of Life Steps 4 Success. I subscribe to your email on September 2014 and look forward to your articles. They are packed full of value (goodies!!) takes a few minutes to read and implement information, if everything goes perfect and correct; just in case I'm alone here usually I run into challenges; however, when done I'm happy as all get out. Keep them coming and let use show are accomplishments from doing (suggestion).
  12. Stacy D. says:
    I'm a new follower! I do love the posts about WP Themes!
  13. Heather S says:
    I really liked your "There’s A Plugin For That: 50+ Best WordPress Plugins Free & Premium" - it was super helpful - I also shared the post with my sis :)
  14. WordPress Tips: 15 WordPress Mistakes to Avoid at all Costs is my favorite post!
  15. I just found your blog. I'm in the process of creating my first website and some of your entry level posts have been hugely helpful! Thanks!
  16. yourtechadvisors says:
    I have been here on this blog for quite a while. I love all the quality information about WordPress and the fun give always. Always never fails to bring me back.
  17. I am a brand new follower! I am so glad that I found your site! I have been thinking about starting a blog so I will bookmark your website!!!
  18. Clarissa Hiciano says:
    Wow Awesome giveaway! I've always wanted an iPad . Happy Holidays!!!
  19. I am a new follower but I must say today's giveaway would be my favorite so far! Ha ha
  20. carol clark says:
    about a year or so i found your blog through this contest
  21. natasha lamoreux says:
    I actually started following but your site looks amazing. Very informative.
  22. Robin Islam says:
    First started with the short-code button post but it's been 2 years still following this blog. :)
  23. Ryan Bell says:
    This is awesome
  24. Gerry Humphrey says:
    This would be a great asset to me. I could use a "second screen" while I am working.
  25. Jaime López says:
    This would be really nice to have!
  26. Kevin Swagler says:
    I have been following about a year and always like the real-world, this is how you do it, posts.
  27. Miroslav Glavić says:
    I've been getting the newsletters on my Gmail account for a long time. I just switched emails. Don't use my Gmail much lately
  28. Harry Kalantzis says:
    I've been following since 2013 if I can recall correctly. And I really love your WP Themes Roundups, whether they are free or premium themes.
  29. Steve Miller says:
    I've followed your blog for about a year now. Keep up the great work!!
  30. heatherstmarie says:
    I've been a long time reader - since 2009. WP Explorer is a solid resource for all things WP, and I love the Total theme. One of the best out there. Period.
  31. Filip Covrig says:
    ițve been following wpexplorer since a long time, ive been a subscriber to the newsletter since the begining
  32. i follow your blog since i begin working in web agency, it's really helpful. And now you make giweaway :o
  33. I've following this site for few years and never disappointed. Keep going WPExplorer!
  34. haiman4real says:
    It's just too bad that the contest is not open to all nationals. I ain't a US Resident, but uses your content for my works. Thanks anyways. You have great contents
  35. Andrew Miller says:
    Nice giveaway! I found this post http://www.wpexplorer.com/restrict-content-member-wordpress/ useful as I was upgrading a client's Wordpress site to offer premium content to members
  36. Benjamin Mandzyuk says:
    I'm in!.. And thanks a lot for you really cool & responsive free WordPress themes!!! ;)
  37. Frank Mohnhaupt says:
    Nice game, thank u !
  38. Sasha-Shae says:
    Gosh, I've been following for so long now that I forget when, but it's been over 2 years for sure. I really enjoy tutorial posts that teach me how to either make plugins work on my site, or hack some code to get the results I'm after. Thanks guys.
  39. Daniel Żurakowski says:
    Although I've moved away from doing anything within Wordpress after my personal site went down I still stay dedicated to your emails that notify me about new interesting articles that WPEXPLORER provides. In fact you are the only resource related to Wordpress I keep following and enjoy reading for some time now.
  40. Joe Bond says:
    just started
  41. Birdiebee says:
    I am a recent follower but just subscribed this evening.
  42. I've been with you ... WPExplorer - for long enough. Happy holidays and have a great new year!
  43. Melissa Teears says:
    I am a brand new follower. Love the site.
  44. Ellen Casper says:
    I've been reading your blog for about 4 months - really enjoy it!
  45. David Richard P. says:
    I just found you! Very lovely of you to give us a chance to win this awesome tablet.
  46. I'm new and was referred from a friend. So far I love the Freebies section and the tutorials I have seen. Thanks.
  47. Lee Mckeon says:
    I am a new follower referred by my daughter
  48. Hi, I have been following you for about 2 years I think and like your newsletter. It would be great to have an iPad Air 2 as I'd like to use the app Paper53 for both work (explaining things visually) and sketching to relax! Have a great holiday :-)
  49. I just found your blog about 30 seconds ago, while searching for stuff about wordpress. I'm looking forward to diving in and browsing your site!
  50. Ben4Short says:
    I must say that I have used WPExplorer themes and really like them. I use them for business and couldn't be happier. Thanks.
  51. Christmas (st)Eve says:
    I've been following you guys for a few years. I almost always look through your theme directory first when I'm looking for Wordpress themes for projects. Also, you offer some of the better free themes around. Even though the Thoughts theme doesn't have any widgetized areas, it's still one of the more beautiful themes you can use for free. Thanks for all you do! Godspeed!
  52. I routinely read articles on WPExplorer Blog -- and have done so for at least 3 or 4 years. I find the articles to be very well written, contemporary and very useful.
  53. Abdur Rakib says:
    I am a occasional wpexplorer reader. Most of the time I'm actually here for the awesome freebies.
  54. Karrie Millheim says:
    I am a new follower :)
  55. metrothemes says:
    I’ve been following since 2010 ,Thanks AJ Clarke you inspired me a lot , now i am Elite Author on Themeforest . Thanks for all those helpful articles . Merry Christmas and Happy New Year .
  56. Isak Engström says:
    Excellent giveaway ?
  57. This is just what I looking for ... Waiting for a iPad also :) :D .. Though I was lucky never !
  58. Awesome man...! Just share with my friends .. Just awesome !
  59. Lori Newman says:
    Not sure how long I have been following, but this is an awesome deal! Could use this for my business for sure! Happy Holidays to all of you!
  60. Michael Bratek says:
    Have not been following that long so i'm not sure which is my favorite things/articles yet.
  61. David Smith says:
    I have been following your blog for over a year and I have enjoyed all of the great information that I have learned and also the reviews have been very helpful too.
  62. richschumacher says:
    This is a great giveaway from folks who do a great newsletter.
  63. Alejandro Urbina says:
    First time I've heard of the blog. Hope it turns out to be a good one.
  64. Tracie Cooper says:
    I am a new follower of a month or two!
  65. great idea for a giveaway
  66. Thomas Murphy says:
    I have been following your blog for about the 6 months.
  67. Allways interesting infos on this site. Following for about 2 years now and would love read it with an iPad Air ;-) Merry Christmas to you all
  68. I follow more than one year and got a lot of great tips

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