WP GeoIP is a country specific redirection WordPress plugin. Ever needed a reliable tool for your WordPress based website to help you redirect visitors by country? Look no further! WP GeoIP Country Redirect enables you to auto detect your users countries based on the IP Address and take action based on your input.

With GeoIP it’s possible to manage your website traffic by redirecting visitors from different countries to specific posts or pages. You can use it for a bunch of advantages like:

  • Land the user to a country specific page / website
  • Direct visitors to the correct pages within a multi-lingual translated website
  • Drive away non-business related countries
  • Show a page with an offer only available for specific locations
  • Redirect customers to the proper storefront pages for taxes
  • The only limit is your own imagination!

You have a few complex features as well like IP Address exceptions, All Countries excepting one rules, No Redirect parameter in the URL, Once Redirect cookie feature, etc. And you can see more plugin features below!

WP GeoIP Country Redirect WordPress Plugin Features

  • Redirect by Automatically Detected Country
  • Redirect Whole Website (Sitewide)
  • Redirect a Blog/Site Single Category
  • Redirect a Single Page
  • Wildcard Redirects
  • Once Redirect (Cookie Based)
  • Uses GeoLite data by MaxMind
  • Plugin Admin Panel
  • View Latest Activity
  • 6 Months Support Included
  • Updates & Documentation