WordPress 10th Anniversary T-Shirt Giveaway! (Over)

Happy birthday to WordPress! It’s just about a decade old, can you believe it? I sure can’t. Everyday I learn something new about WordPress. To honor this CMS we’re giving away 10 t-shirts for WordPress’ 10th birthday!

A Little About WordPress

WordPress is super popular, and has consistently garnered interest since it’s introduction on May 27, 2003. It’s now so popular that over 100,000 new WordPress run websites are created everyday. WordPress is easy to use and setup (as we all know), so it’s no wonder that roughly 20% of all people on the web choose to use WordPress. If you want to add anything to your website there is sure to be a theme, plugin, or widget that meets your needs. Restaurants, magazines, law offices, veterinary offices, personal blogs, and so much more all rely on WordPress to keep their site running. I personally can’t imagine using anything else. And it’s because of all of these people that I, and thousands of others, are able to make a living. So thank you WordPress! And thank you to everyone using it!

And just in case you wanted to learn a little bit more about WordPress, Yoast put together this super informative  infographic about WordPress Stats last year. And if you poke around the WordPress.com site you can learn some neat facts about WordPress and see some of its statistics.

Previous Giveaway (Now Over)

Enter for a chance to win one of 10 FREE t-shirts! To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’re giving away 10 of the commemorative WordPress 10th Anniversary T-shirts. If you’re chosen as one of the winners we’ll order the shirt of your choice (black or silver) and send it straight to your doorstep (possibly with extra WPExplorer swag).

DISCLOSURE: This giveaway is NOT sponsored by Automattic ( WordPress ). The staff here at WPExplorer will purchase the T-Shirts for the winners and send them.

Show Some Love For WordPress

Even if you aren’t entering the contest we want to know how much you love WordPress! WordPress is basically our entire life, and we’d love for you to leave some comments about how WordPress has impacted you.

Post Author: Kyla

Hi! My name is Kyla, and I'm the VP at WPE. Although I'm still new to WordPress, I love every bit and I have fun sharing what I learn with all of you!

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  1. oh its a wonderfull news! be mine!
  2. Affan Ruslan says:
    I started using WP about 4 years ago as a blogger, before turned into a developer 3 years later, making custom themes for clients and make living with WordPress. Happy Anniversary WordPress :D
  3. Jacob Eads says:
    I'm not sure if I would rather have the T-Shirt or the WP Explorer swag! :D
  4. WordPress is a powerful robust system capable of so much more than just a blog. I have adapted WordPress sites for business websites and eCommerce sites in the past. And its free :)
  5. Corey Freeman says:
    Wow. I've been using WordPress since I was like 14. (I'm 20 now.) I love this thing. It's definitely changed my life. Happy Anniversary, WP! I must have one of these T-shirts!
  6. Rad Moose says:
    I love WordPress as I use it to blog, for clients, for ecommerce and developing.
  7. espaciok says:
    Hi mi name is Jorge and I love Wordpress because it is a great CMS, easy to use and I can offer different solutions to my clients.
  8. slazhNpardede says:
    Happy Anniversary WordPress :D
  9. shawnhoefer says:
    The joys of WordPress I have been tinkering with computers since the dark old days of the Commodore Vic 20 and the Timex Sinclair. I've used Commodore's old OS, MS DOS and derivatives, CP/M, BeOS, Apple DOS and Systems 1 through 9, OS/2, Linux / Unix, MacOS X, Windows from 3 through 8. Along the way, I've learned to write code in dBase / Foxbase, Pascal, C, C++, Machine code, several flavors of basic, CSS, HTML, and a few more. In fact, one of the reasons I quit the computer science track in college was due to the way it was evolving. It seemed as though as soon as I had one language down, another would come along and I was a novice all over again. I realized I would have to spend the remainder of my life in school just to keep up. Graphic design - Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXPress and the like seemed far more stable at the time. Their features were getting upgraded, sure, but the upgrades meant tweaking my knowledge base - not unlearning and relearning all over again. However, even with the admittedly great programs, I spent a lot of time recreating graphics and editing photos to create a better advertisement or promotion or website. A lot of work went into every product or project and a lot more editing followed. Many long, sleepless nights and a lot (I mean A LOT) of coffee was consumed. More than one gray hair was sprouted, and, on rare occasions, a discouraging word was, indeed, heard. There, about 10 years ago, something changed all of that for me. This wee little program written in PHP was released by 2 people I had never heard of... some Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. That PHP was coupled with a bit of MySQL and WordPress was born. In fairness, I must admit I actually didn't start playing with it 'til around version 1.3 or thereabout. But I've been here ever since and I must say that it is the greatest thing since sliced bread... Now, instead of fiddling and fussing with code for hours (I still do this sometimes, but it's a lot less taxing as I generally know where to look, now), I can implement. Time is spent creating something great instead of just beginning the framework on which to maybe begin, someday, something that might be good... And even with all that, it's still growing and there is still so much I can learn, and I know that there is a great, sharing community out there to help me learn those things. They're on the Internet and at local meetups and WordCamps. It's more than a program. It's a community... a growing and evolving entity. Happy Birthday WordPress! And, many great returns!
    • AJ Clarke | WPExplorer says:
      AJ Clarke | WPExplorer
      Thanks so much for sharing Shawn! And best of luck ;)
  10. Mohsen Ghiasi says:
    10 years of power and love! Viva WordPress ;-)
  11. James Steinbach says:
    I'm a WP dev working for a small design agency - really enjoy WPExplorer posts & twitter links.
  12. Vivek Nath.R says:
    Happy 10th Anniversary Wordpress.
  13. Nice, be mine§
  14. bucurblog says:
    God bless America, God bless all staff on wpexplorer,God bless wordpress.
  15. Love this T-Shirt & service :-)
  16. the logo is smaller but i want it!!!
  17. I use wordpress since I was 15 (I am now 17) to share valuable content for students around the world. I hope to win this giveaway to celebrate the 10th aniversary of wordpress!
  18. Wordpress is awesome because its free, easy to use , customizable and there are so many superb themes to choose from to make my blog stand out from the crowd.
  19. WordPress is one of the top content management systems for sure, because of it's powerful engine and lots of very beautiful and various themes
  20. Thanks for this great giveaway.
  21. Elliott Stocks says:
    I'd love to win one!
  22. sherness (@ravenbran20) says:
    Congrats on 10 years! Seems like only yesterday that the web exploded and people had amazing sites like this to build their social identity with!
  23. Jimmy D. Rama Jr. says:
    Happy 10th Anniversary Wordpress, ur the best, and love it
  24. I love WordPress because it can do some very cool things and everyday leads to a new discovery.
  25. Ariane C says:
    Everything's here to make a blog post, from sidebar widgets to security and customization. Been using WP for over 3 years and haven't looked back since!
  26. I love WordPress because it makes web design/development easy!
  27. Omkar Walimbe says:
    Happy Birthday Wordpresss :) :D Using Wordpress from last 5 years :) .Due to it less learning curve it's best CMS for beginners. I've migrated over dozens of people from their plain static sites to Wordpress and they're very glad to have such a powerful tool with which they can manage their site without having any high level coding skills.
  28. Wordpress is amazing. Great CMS.
  29. dashingvishal says:
    I love WP because one of the easiest web development framework Thanks for Giveaway..
  30. Love this t-shirt ;)
  31. I love WordPress because it is flexible and endlessly customizable! :)
  32. Sabine Sabelis says:
    Love the shirt, not just cause I love WP (wouldn't dare to even think about any other cms) but I would love to see my wpgurufriend to have it as a surpise :-)
  33. Love WordPress because of it is very easy to use, customizable, and can be used for developing variety of websites. It surely is the # 1 CMS on the planet
  34. It's awesome giveaway.... count me in.
  35. Rafael Funchal says:
    We love WordPress here in Brazil :)
  36. Awesome shirt! I am in =)
  37. Kudret Çayıroğlu says:
  38. Ben vernon says:
    This would be awesome
  39. Craig Paterson says:
    I love WordPress mainly because of the community. There is none better!
  40. I love WordPress because it provides you with the ability to create anything. Only imagination is the limit.
  41. Mario Brandao says:
    Wordpress is compreensive and easy learning platform even for a newbie like me :D
  42. The most reliable, open source CMS that I can trust to hand back to a client and know they can maintain their site without hiccups.
  43. Petia Koleva says:
    I Love the Tee!!!!
  44. Happy Birthday WordPress!
  45. Phil Erb says:
    Happy Birthday WordPress!
  46. Frank Mohnhaupt says:
    A must for every wordpress fan ! :-)
  47. Joe Casabona says:
    10 years....I've been work WordPress for about 9 of them. Man how time files!
  48. bbbdj916 says:
    Nice Tee! Would be sweet to wear WordPress lol
  49. Brilliant competition & Loving the t-shirt :)
  50. Kelemvor says:
    Because it's free and easy to use right out of the proverbial box.
  51. Empty Mirror (@EmptyMirror) says:
    Hard to believe it's been 10 years - sure have been big advancements in that time! I love WordPress as it allows me to build a super powerful, flexible, and customizable website which I know will serve my customers and clients well too.
  52. Josephine Reijman says:
    Hi love WordPress and work with it every day, a great open source CMS! Happy Birthday WordPress!
  53. Happy birthday Wordpress! I've only used wordpress for 5 years but I love it more and more each day!!
  54. sam funkdub says:
    lovely shizzle
  55. sikedestroya says:
    Hey, I just love Wordpress :)
  56. atherdon says:
    HB WP. I`m with you!
  57. Tesur Rajan says:
    Happy Birthday WordPress! I just loved it, I have been using it for the last 3 years its simply the best CMS
  58. Steve Heinrich (@pixelswim) says:
    A decade of awesome! Don't get too wasted on your b-day WordPress :)
  59. I love WordPress because it's the easiest CMS in the world and it's Open Source.
  60. HB WP!
  61. Isabel Freire says:
    WP brings the best of flexibility of content and its impact to digital, easily:) Congratulations for this 10 years!
  62. Ambrocita says:
    Much love for WordPress because it help's me express myself in a creative way. Love the Tee because it expresses my GEEKY-NESS.
  63. Love it.
  64. Tùng Bj says:
    Very simple, easy use. Now, my website system always using WP :)
  65. i want you!!
  66. stefania says:
    Wordpress is the best!
  67. Chanel Adams says:
    Love the shirt!!!
  68. jakelichman says:
    I am a graphic designer and I use WordPress to power my personal portfolio site and we use WordPress for our company site! We love WordPress
  69. rodas30Ronald says:
    Work with Wordpress is very easy to learn.
  70. Wordpress is just damn awesome <3 Love it, love it!
  71. I used WordPress for a number of years as a blogging platform, but my sites were developed with HTML and CSS using Dreamweaver. Other developers suggested Drupal or Joomla for web development; I looked at both programs and decided that Joomla was not for me and Drupal seemed to have a pretty steep learning curve. I watched WordPress evolve into a program that was ideal for web development, and it was a program with which I was already familiar. I started using WordPress for site development and it has improved the development process and provided my clients with a better end product. Happy Birthday, WordPress!
  72. Ben4Short says:
    Really cool design for their birthday celebration.
  73. WP is most beautifull from all CMS area !
  74. Ten years... Wow! I'd love to wear a WordPress t-shirt. :-)
  75. I used WordPress for a number of years as a blogging platform, but I developed sites with HTML and CSS using Dreamweaver. Other developers suggested Drupal or Joomla for web development; I looked at both programs and decided that Joomla was not for me and Drupal seemed to have a pretty steep learning curve. I watched WordPress evolve into a program that was ideal for web development, and it was a program with which I was already familiar. I started using WordPress for site development and it has improved the development process and provided my clients with a better end product. Happy Birthday, WordPress!
  76. Fırat Demirel (@firatdemirel) says:
    Happy Birthday Wordpress! Long live WPExplorer!
  77. Lope Garcia III says:
    Thanks for the giver-away! Hope I can get one.
  78. Nice shirt especially with this addition, "possibly with extra WPExplorer swag". :) beside of the shirt, Im really happy to hear that WP has been turn to 10 years old this year. happy birthday and all the best for ya.
  79. Why waste more time ... with the Worpress we got the world! Happy birthday buddy!
  80. bryananthonylewis@gmail.com says:
    Happy Birthday Wordpress. I love WP because I use it daily to make money and live my life.
  81. limecanvas says:
    Happy birthday WordPress. Just back from WordCamp Melbourne. Loving it.
  82. Congratulations to WordPress for 10 years! I love using WordPress because of how simple it is to install, and using it could not even be easier. :)
  83. Yousuf Tafhim says:
    WP easy to learn,easy to customize, reliable and most of all the helping community
  84. Ten years,,, Wow! I'd love to wear a WordPress t-shirt!
  85. OOPS. Didn't mean to post twice. The first time said I had an error. :(
  86. Donald B. Miller says:
    It's been the best thing for our website at work and my own personal site! Far easier than a traditional html web site.
  87. Tmzgames (@Tmzgames) says:
    Congratulation to WordPress !!
  88. I love Wordpress! Please let me win the tee... Seriously, I've been using Wordpress for 18 months or so now and the websites that can be built with it are so diverse, interesting and amazing! The developers are programming Gods, as are all those that write plugins and other goodies. I look forward to the next 10 years!
  89. Joby Franczek (@baldfatguy) says:
    I love the flexibility of Wordpress!
  90. .All the best for the Tenth Anniversary Wordpress
  91. I'm WordPress fan and proud of it. Love to win and wear a WP t-shirt.
  92. Hermawan says:
    i love wordpress the best free cms for me thanks wordpress and wpexplorer <3 love you all
  93. i witing for winner
  94. Perfect for summer, nice, simple yet effective. Just like WordPress!
  95. pick me, pick me! :)
  96. Martin Wilson says:
    Love Worpress and I love T-Shirts, what a great combo enough said!!
  97. I love Wordress, hope to win!
  98. Muhammadibn says:
    I discovered WordPress after Joomla! and I was quite glad to leave Joomla! and move on to a MUCH better platform! Wordpress is now my primary (CMS) for client work. Proud to be a WordPress user!
  99. Rex Louie says:
    Wordpress is simply the best CMS!
  100. It's a great platform for developing website!
  101. Nick Piakal (@niicaux) says:
    I love WordPress. Most user-friendly interface out there. Love it. And I sure would love to advertise it with a shirt here in Papua New Guinea. :)
  102. Nick Piakal (@niicaux) says:
    I love WordPress because it is too beautiful and is very user-friendly.
  103. Ramiro Ramirez says:
    Well happy birthday WP! Thanks for making my life easier! :)
  104. Sigit Prasetyo (@wdplusbiz) says:
    wordpress! i love this platform. very great for my website.
  105. Happy birthday to WordPress - outstanding CMS!
  106. WordPress is an awesome community and a fabulous CMS. Happy Birthday !
  107. Shea Bunge says:
    I've been using WordPress ever since I seriously started with web development. Today, WordPress is very much a big part of my life.
  108. Nicolas Messer says:
    Happy Birthday WordPress! Thanks for making my days more interesting.
  109. Imran Hunza says:
    Been using Wordpress for both work and personal projects for 3 years now. It's the most awesome open source CMS available with hundreds and thousands of people contributing in their own way to make it better and better. Happy Bday WP :)
  110. sreenath says:
    Happy b'day :) Keep rocking.. \m/
  111. RichardShire says:
    Happy Anniversary Wordpress, an amazing platform!
  112. Wordpress is simplicity at its best. Happy Anniversary and thanks for the giveaway.
  113. Happy BirthDay WordPress, your presence on the net make my work easy and special.
  114. Mario Gran says:
    There are many CMS, WordPress id the CMS.
  115. After 10 years WP has grown and so have I together with it, still lovin it and hope to see it grow out to be more wonderfull than it already is! Cheers WordPress! Love working with you!
  116. Marc D.L. (CreverMD) (@CSystems1) says:
  117. Aleksandar says:
    I've been using wordpress for the last 4 years, and i'm impressed. So much more than a blogging tool. Cheers, to more years of WP!
  118. Shiva Chettri says:
    There are so many reasons because of which I loves Wordpress, the most important being that it has helped us non coders to start a website or blog and earn income from the internet very very easily.
  119. Baptiste says:
    From France !
  120. Timothy Wood (@codearachnid) says:
    This is really awesome to have been a part of this from almost the beginning! WordPress has grown a great deal in such a short time, here's to 10 more years!
  121. Mario García says:
    It's been three years since I started to use Wordpress and I think it's a great CMS. I'm sure I'll continue to use it for the next years. Happy birthday WP!
  122. Michelle Davies says:
    Happy birthday Wordpress! Would love to have this t-shirt!
  123. Faisal Rachmadin says:
    Thank you so much for this chance. I love WordPress even I just started using WordPress a year ago. Happy birthday WordPress!
  124. Luuurv WordPress!It makes me understand PHP better and have a better overview of a website's architecture. Before, I was a designer fighting with PHP and now, although i'm no PHP wizz, it becomes easier not only to use the modules, but to actualy understand how they function and what they actually do and where. Thanks for making us designers feel more confident with code!
  125. Faison Zutavern says:
    In 2 weeks, I'll have used WordPress for 1 year. Would never have used it if not for my great job at a WordPress Dev Shop. By day two, I created custom post types and templates and now I'm a pretty strong WP Developer who enjoys using WP in and out of work!
  126. Worpress is free and easy to use
  127. Hasan Yasin Türkyılmaz says:
    I love wordpress because it is too practic
  128. Erica Eide says:
    4 years using WP - 5 custom websites plus my own! I love it.

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