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Builder by iThemes is an excellent example of a complete page builder framework. Page builders are a highly sought after WordPress framework and theme feature. They allow you to organize modules for navigation, headers, content, widgets, footers, and other website elements without having to dive deep into code. Builder was first released on December 2009, but since then has been cultivated to keep up with current web design trends. In fact, Builder will be making another big step this month, and will be fully responsive in October 2012.

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Easy Layouts

A key benefit of using Builder is the page builder capabilities. You can create custom page layouts on your own in a matter of minutes. The layout editor houses all the modules and web elements to add to your pages. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Name your layout

2. Insert modules

3. Save and apply the layout

Layout Editor Video Illustration

Child Themes

Builder was designed to be used in conjunction with child themes. Currently there are 60 child themes available within iThemes. There are options for just about every type of website including resume, business, church, new baby, e-store, wedding, blog, etc. The child themes are a great place to start since they include a color scheme, typography, and a general structure for you to build on. Even better, if you invest in the developer pack all 60 child themes are included so no need to choose just one!

Customize child themes with the Style Manager Plugin. Change colors, fonts, images, sidebars, widgets, hovers and more with just a few clicks. And because you’ve edited your child theme, and not the core code, you can easily upgrade Builder when new updates are released.

Niche Blocks

Niche Builder BlocksCustomize Builder further by using “Blocks,” which are functionality add-ons. They are custom post types, custom taxonomies, and widgets that are specific to a niche website. Some of the special block options include sermons with audio in the Church block, events calendars and locations in the Events block, and a menu within the Restaurant block. No matter what type of website you need to create Builder is here to help you do it.

Awesome Support

Builder comes with loads of support options. There is a free “Getting started with Builder” eBook (that you can get by clicking on the image to the right) that introduces you to Builder. The eBook is full of helpful step-by-step tips for creating your first website with Builder. You can also access a whole archive of past Builder webinars that cover numerous topics including “How to Convert Your Site to Builder” and “Builder Basics from a Design Perspective.” And there is always the support forum for any topics not covered in the webinars, tutorials page, or elsewhere in the documentation. SO no matter what question you might have, you’re guaranteed to find a helpful answer somewhere on the iThemes site.

Responsive – NEW!

The new Builder 4.0 is now fully responsive, this means your site will adjust to fit different screen sizes like phones and tablets providing a better experience for all your users. In this mobile age, providing a website that renders well on mobile devices is crucial for most websites and can really help increase your reach in your market and target more potential customers/readers.

Builder Responsive

Get Builder

iThemes offers three Builder packages. Each one includes varying degrees of options to suit anyone’s needs or budget. And with any Builder license there is no limit to the number of sites you can build and develop using the theme.

The Builder Foundation license includes Builder Core and the Foundation child theme series. The Foundation child theme series includes 5 child themes with a good range of color palettes to start with.

The Builder Theme Developer Pack includes the Builder Core, all 60 builder child themes, all new Builder child themes released for one year, Builder Style Manager Plugin for minor adjustments, LoopBuddy to add more functionality within your content, and and entire year of support/updates.

The Builder All Access Pass includes all 80 iThemes classic themes, the Builder Core, all 60 builder child themes, all new Builder child themes released for one year, Builder Style Manager Plugin, LoopBuddy, and a full year of support/updates.

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  1. natethegreat says:
    I'm a builder fan and love the new responsive blank child theme - it is a great starter point and the default style ( while it is suppose to be a starting point ) is better than many final website deigns i see on web today - As a designer, I can appreciate the the amount of detail and thought that must have gone into this product and can't wait to see what is coming next week - " Not only is builder responsive but the ithemes support and developers are too and that just means - GET READY!!! " Great work Chris!!! I'm a freelancer and didn't see the coupon code above and just wanted to let you know You can save 50% OFF for any Developer Package when purchasing at iThemes.com by Valid Coupon Code following: RESPONSIVE50 I bought it and created a site within a matter of a few hours... So easy - I actually use builder to do quick wire-frames.... : ) That is awesome advise and news about the "blocks" didn't know about this - I'm about to get busy!!! : )
    • AJ Clarke | WPExplorer says:
      AJ Clarke | WPExplorer
      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a comprehensive review! I am sure our readers will love to see a review from a real Them Builder customer ;)
  2. please, help! trying to set up your theme Adapt. All images are stored in nextgen gallery - not working output thumbnails in this case, it works if thumbnail display of library wordpress
    • AJ Clarke | WPExplorer says:
      AJ Clarke | WPExplorer
      Not really sure what you mean. Either way for WP featured images to work they must be in your media library - for security reasons.
  3. Forgive my English, I use google translite :o( I will try to describe in detail the problem. In the subject widely used post_thumbnail that work just fine, if a miniature set the standard media library WP, but if you use the base NEXTgen Gallery, a thumbnail is displayed only in the admin side - in the subject, it is not displayed. If you choose any other theme WP - then the same record of the thumbnail NEXTgen Gallery beautifully displayed. I do not know anything about programming, but I think the Problem in the way display URL in the theme "Adapt". Well, in the derivation of thumbnails in your blog, portfolio and highlights... p.s. if you are handy - then a full translation of this theme in Russian - docs.google.com/open?id=0B8vc6VECpv1fNTVJeGNnamROc1U
    • AJ Clarke | WPExplorer says:
      AJ Clarke | WPExplorer
      Sorry I still am not really sure what's going on. Sounds like maybe an issue with NEXTgen. This theme uses only native WordPress functions for all the featured images. Have you seen the video, does it help? http://www.wpexplorer.com/videos/adapt-theme-guide
      • Yes, I saw the video, thank you. but it does not solve the problem
      • I found a lot of references to this problem http://wordpress.org/support/topic/featured-image-not-working-with-nextgen-gallery?replies=23 but it is impossible to apply solutions to your theme
        • AJ Clarke | WPExplorer says:
          AJ Clarke | WPExplorer
          I'm sure there is a way to get it to work. I don't have experience with the Nextgen plugin and simply don't have the time to install it and test it out. sorry ;(
      • understood. sorry. You were my last hope
  4. Nextgen galery pluging wery nice and not proplems.
  5. Wade McMaster says:
    I honestly think the builder them is the easiest customizable theme framework made for WordPress. They definitely did a good job of keeping things simple.

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