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Website security is always a hot topic, especially since you never really can be too secure. WordPress is used by 25% of all websites which is great, but it also makes WordPress a target for hackers. So step up your game, and beef up your website security with a few easy steps. We’ll show you why and how to secure your WordPress website using iThemes Security.

About iThemes Security

iThemes Security

We’ve talked about WordPress security threats before, and how to recover your website if you should get hacked, but today we’re going to focus on prevention. The absolute easiest way to add an extra layer of security to your WordPress website is with a plugin. iThemes Security Pro is one of the best security plugins on the market. Why you ask? Well this plugin covers multiple fronts when protecting your website and all you have to do is install it.

Multiple Layers of Protection

Whether you’re using the free version or Pro there is lots to love about all the ways iThemes Security is looking out for you and your website. Both offer great security features to help you rest easy.

One of the best features is the Security Status board. From here you can see all of your site’s vulnerabilities at a glance, organized into various priorities. Here’s a snapshot so you can see what I mean (apparently my localhost site is not secure – good thing no one else can get at it!).


The plugin makes it easy to fix your issues. For example, still using user id 1 (or just the general “Admin” named user account)? Just enable iThemes Security’s Change Admin User option. It’s as simple as checking a box. Other easy changes include the options to change the Content Directory and Database Prefix (although you do need to allow the plugin to write to your wp-config file).

Another great feature is the ability to lock out specific hosts, users and usernames that are giving you trouble. This is an effective way to shut out annoying spammers or other users abusing access to your site.

Plus, the plugin was designed to keep you informed. iThemes Security hand delivers (ok, it technically emails) you database backups for safe keeping, and there are plenty of alerts you can enable to contact you if something is going on. And there is even a Security Log full of data that you can reference anytime right from your dashboard.

Why You Might Want To Go Pro

The free version of the plugin great, but iThemes Security Pro includes even more features, plus support & regular updates for each year you renew. What other features does it include? I’m so glad you asked!


Added 2-Factor Authentication means that you and anyone else logging into your website will need to use a generated code to login. This feature work with mobile apps (Google Authenticator or Authy) as well as email, so you can use what’s easiest for you.

Strong passwords are a must, and pro includes a Strong Password Generator inside your WordPress dashboard. But that’s not all, with iThemes Security Pro you can also add Password Expiration so users are forced to change their passwords regularly, ensuring they follow security best practices.

Other features include Limit Login Attempts to prevent brute force attacks on your website, File Change Detection to alert you if someone has mischievously accessed and altered any of your site files, Google reCAPTCHA Integration and Hidden Login & Admin Pages for improved login security, and more. Visit iThemes to see all of the plugins features, but Pro really is worth the extra money for the added security you’ll receive.

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Wrapping Up

Let us know if you’ve tried either of the iThemes Security plugins and what you thought. And don’t forget to enter the giveaway above! This is an awesome prize, so remember to enter every day!

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  1. I used itheme security for awhile. They are many configuration but easy to follow the guide. I now using Ninja Firewall instead (Just yesterday!) I also use BackupBuddy from iTheme it is really good plugin. I am exciting for the Deployment feature. I am going to try it and make a review also. Hope to win this prize so I will have more article to write about :D
    • AJ Clarke says:
      AJ Clarke
      Hi Emily, Would you ever consider writing for us here at WPExplorer? We are always looking for contributors and you have always been one of our top followers ;)
  2. Mike Patterson says:
    Google verification is a very good option to increase WP security. Prevention from Word Press Hacking is very essential indeed.

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