8 Of The Best WordPress Portfolio & Gallery Plugins

If you’re a creative-type, showing off the quality of your work will be one of the most influential factors when it comes to securing work. As such, displaying your work in a stylish portfolio is fundamentally important.

The default version of WordPress allows you to add images to posts and pages, but this is rather limited — if you’re serious about attracting new clients, it just won’t cut it. Remember: if you’re claiming to be a professional, creative individual, then you need a professional looking, creative portfolio, right?

The good news: there are loads of great portfolio plugins available for WordPress, to allow you to build a beautiful showcase for your work. Many of them are beginner-friendly, and come with enough customization options to make your portfolio your own. Today, I want to introduce you to seven of my favorite portfolio plugins.

Essential Grid Premium WordPress Plugin

Essential Grid

Essential Grid bills itself as an all-purpose grid building solution with unlimited possibilities, and is available from CodeCanyon for $25.

The plugin comes with an impressive 30 skins, and also allows you to build your own skins using a drag and drop visual editor — these can be saved and exported. Each skin comes with its own layout and overlay style, many of which are animated. You can add images, videos, audio, WooCommerce products, blog posts, client logos, and carousels to your grid, giving you the versatility to create any type of portfolio you want.

Adding a grid to your website is as easy as choosing the content (you can choose posts, pages, custom post types, or gallery), refining it by selecting relevant categories or tags, then pasting a shortcode to the relevant post, page, or widget area. All grids are fully responsive and can be filtered down by visitors — you can turn this option on or off.

Aeolus Creative Portfolio Free WordPress Plugin


If you’d prefer a free plugin for displaying your portfolio in an eye-catching way, look no further than Aeolus Creative Portfolio. The plugin lets you display your work in a stunning, modern-style parallax showcase, or by displaying chunky thumbnails in a column showcase — you can choose one, two, or three columns.

The portfolios are fully responsive and the plugin supports unlimited colors for customization. The column showcase includes a stylish animated overlay for when visitors hover over an item, which provides additional information about it. Adding an item to your portfolio is incredibly simple, and the plugin’s drag and drop interface makes it extremely easy for you to re-order your items. You can add the portfolio anywhere on your website by using a shortcode.

Easy Media Gallery Premium WordPress Plugin

Easy Media Gallery

Easy Media Gallery Pro is without doubt one of the most versatile gallery portfolio plugins around, and will set you back just $24 — there is also a free version of the plugin which includes more limited functionality.

You can add images, galleries, photo albums, image carousels, videos, audio, and even Google Maps to a portfolio. The plugin optimizes images for SEO by automatically adding alt tags and title attributes to images. It is also highly versatile, supporting videos from 15 sources and audio from three sources.

Easy Media Gallery is user-friendly, allowing you to add items with just a few clicks. It is also super-easy to customize the positioning, colors (unlimited colors available), and add special effects to items in your portfolio. As an added bonus, the plugin supports ten different lightbox styles for when visitors click on an item in your portfolio. The portfolios are fully responsive and you can choose to add filters for easier navigation.

Nimble Portfolio Free WordPress Plugin


Nimble Portfolio is a feature-rich, free portfolio plugin for WordPress users. The plugin lets you add posts, pages, custom post types (including WooCommerce products), images, and videos to a gallery. The galleries themselves looks clean and stylish with attention-grabbing circular thumbnails.

The galleries are fully responsive and can be filtered down by visitors to make it easier to find the items that interest them. You can select the number of columns to include, as well as the icon displayed when a visitor hovers over an item. When a visitor clicks on one of the thumbnails, a lightbox pops up to display the expanded image, video, or audio file.

The Nimble Portfolio plugin can be extended by purchasing premium addons. There are currently seven available, each costing £6.99 (roughly $11) — two skins, four lightboxes, and one sorting feature extension.

Media Grid Premium WordPress Plugin

Media Grid

Media Grid is a user-friendly, premium portfolio plugin that allows you to build beautiful, responsive grids using an intuitive visual grid builder. You can add images, videos, audio, WooCommerce products, text, and image sliders to your grids. When visitors hover over an item, an overlay is displayed which provides additional information — if they click on it, a stylish lightbox appears, from which you can add a further description and display social sharing icons.

All grids can be filtered by visitors to help them find what they want. There are also plenty of customization options: you can set border size and color, margin between images, and the overlay color. If you don’t have time to endlessly customize your grid to find the perfect setup, there are ten one-click presets available. You can add your grid to any page, post, custom post, or widget area using a simple shortcode.

You can also extend Media Grid by adding more overlay styles by purchasing the Media Grid Overlay Manager add-on for $11.

Grid FX Premium WordPress Plugin

Grid FX

With four unique skins, Grid FX is a highly versatile portfolio plugin, available for $17 from CodeCanyon. It allows you to place images, videos, audio, blog posts and WooCommerce products in stylish grids, Pinterest-style galleries, and image carousels.

Customization is King with this plugin, with over 80 different styling options. You can choose from a range of skins, lightbox backgrounds, title animations, colors, and buttons. You can also set how many items will appear in the portfolio, the size of each item, and the number of columns.

To improve navigation, visitors can filter down the grids to find what they are looking for. Adding a portfolio to your WordPress website is as easy as pasting a simple shortcode into any post, page, or widget area.

Go Portfolio Premium WordPress Plugin


Go Portfolio is a highly customizable, responsive portfolio plugin, available from CodeCanyon for $22. Go Portfolio includes four different “styles”, all of which look stunning with an array of overlays, thumbnail size/shapes, animations, and visual effects.

Users have an unlimited number of colors to choose from, 600+ Google fonts, plus they can choose the sizing and spacing of each item to get the grid just to your liking — you can also choose whether your grids are filterable. Go Portfolio supports images, posts, videos, audio, and WooCommerce products, all of which can be combined in any grid. You can add as many grids as you want to your website, which is done by adding a shortcode to the relevant post, page, or widget area.

EnviraGallery Premium WordPress Plugin

Envira Gallery Lightbox

Of course we can’t forget EnviraGallery. This plugin is yet another great option for adding responsive image galleries to your WordPress site. We did a full EnviraGallery review not long ago, but just to hit the high points this plugin includes lightbox support, custom margins, image cropping, mobile gallery options, custom thumbnails, support for custom gallery classes (great for developers) and so much more. Plus there are plenty of add-ons for any other feature you might need, like Pinterest integration, tags, slideshows, skins, fullscreen support and more.

Final Thoughts

If your prior work is an influential factor in you securing new clients, displaying your work in a portfolio is an absolute must. Remember: the way you display your work will say almost as much about you as the work itself, so show it off with pride — there are plenty of great WordPress portfolio plugins out there, so you have no excuse for a shabby-looking portfolio. Or, if plugins aren’t your thing, have a look at our previous portfolio WordPress theme roundup or our portfolio themes gallery. There are tons of great options available to you!

Are there any awesome portfolio plugins I’ve missed off this list? Let me know in the comments section below!

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Post Author: Shaun Quarton

Shaun Quarton is a freelance blogger from the UK, with a passion for online entrepreneurship, content marketing, and all things WordPress.

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  1. These portfolio plugins are really awesome and thanks for sharing information with us.
    • Hi thanks for this review! I used nextgen for many months but I switched to final tiles gallery and now I keep it, it has tons of features. I also bought the pro version for a couple of clients, very good plugin.
  2. sachin9034 says:
    Hii Shaun I mostly like Grid fx plugin, is best for me and very easily handle But here i get info about new plugins for portfolio thanks sharing with us Have good day Nice job
  3. Hi Shaun, Nice review... with so many plugins and features its hard to narrow down a favorite. I have been using Media Grid for the past year. LIke u mentioned its very flexible and the developer is super fast a making changes to support issues. Highly recommended... Thanks Mel
  4. Hello, i have a problem with tubepress plugin. when i play the first video is ok but can not play second or third … at all. who can help me? thanks for help
  5. imranmodel35 says:
    Hey, WpBean just added a new portfolio plugin to WordPress.org plugin repository. It’s called “Advance Portfolio Grid”. Check it out : https://wordpress.org/plugins/advance-portfolio-grid/
  6. Sarah Bright says:
    great effort in post good keep it up
  7. Highly recommend Gmedia Gallery FREE wordpress plugin. You can show galleries & slideshows, including 3D options, play music & videos. 14 modules will help you customize media content the way you like. Responsive on all devices.
  8. Hi, there is one more gallery that you should be added to the list. It's awesome, and developing very fast. Unite Gallery. There is a free version too. Check it out: https://wordpress.org/plugins/unite-gallery-lite/
  9. thanks for all those reviews
  10. GranthWeb says:
    Hi Clarke, thanks for this post. Cheers.
  11. iografica says:
    Hi, i want suggest you also our free portfolio plugin. You can find the plugin also on WordPress.org: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ig-portfolio/. Feel free to send us yours feedback!
  12. Wp Bean (Wpbean) says:
    Thanks for this nice listing of best portfolio plugin for WordPress. I develop a portfolio plugin also, it comes with nice quick view popup, nice animation and lots of cool features. Here it is available to WordPress plugin repository - https://wordpress.org/plugins/advance-portfolio-grid/ Thanks
  13. Useful collection of WordPress gallery plugins you have shared with us. Thanks for sharing. I'm currently using Envira wordpress gallery plugin.
  14. Davis Brown says:
    Oh sir! You have missed "NextGEN" which is very popular plugin. Thanks
  15. jtibbles says:
    Sometimes I've find that image gallery plugins for Wordpress are either too complex, too rigid or too expensive. Personally I prefer to have the majority of styling removed so that I can build my own theming around it. So I made my own gallery plugin that does just that - allows you to create a gallery but doesn't give you any fancy-pants style. It's called No Frills Gallery. It's free to use so please check it out and let me know what you think. https://wordpress.org/plugins/no-frills-gallery/ There is also a PRO version with additional features that might suit some developers with extra requirements. You can get that one here jamestibbles.co.uk/no-frills-gallery-pro/
  16. marliesmolema says:
    This is a super handy, super easy, lots of customizing plugin: WP Ultimate Post Grid :D It works with your existing posts so no extra hassle with porfolios and stuff.
  17. And what do you think about this new grid plugin The Grid - It's really impressive. Admin panel and possiblities are so great!
  18. Gastón Trussi says:
    Just Bought Essential Grid. I'm glad that they are the same developers of Revolution Slider. I'm sure EG would be a great addon to facilitate the portfolio grid building. Thanks for your post :)
  19. I'm trying to find a gallery plugin which enables members to upload a max. of 10 images to a given size. Would anyone know of such a plugin?
  20. Rahul Yadav says:
    Nice collection This will helps me to improve my blog. Thanks for sharing
  21. These are very much perfect for using for creating various portfolios within various views. These plugins allow adding unlimited projects containing images, videos, descriptions and titles for each portfolio as i see . I thank you author for sharing such nice plugins here .
  22. Wedding Cards in Pakistan says:
    Does anyone know of a photo gallery that includes a default filter like the CM Business Directory? Because I am looking for my web site i.e. japancardscollection.com I want my end user to filter the images by category? It would need to have a filter feature and sit under an existing lightbox that I do not want changed. Thanks for sharing valuable image gallery plugin list.
    • AJ Clarke says:
      AJ Clarke
      I am not aware of any plugin for this. I know there are plugins for adding categories to your Media library for sorting items, but I have never seeing one that also includes a filterable grid. What you could do though instead is create portfolio categories using Parent/child categories to display your items. This is something supported by our Total Drag & Drop WordPress Theme. Another alternative is to instead of using a "filter" to create multiple pages with different image galleries then at the top of each of these pages add a menu that links to the different pages ;)
  23. Jim Coffey II says:
    Hey Shaun, Great reviews. I personally appreciate your hard work putting it all together. There are so many different plugins and its hard to narrow down a favorite but while reading through these comments I'm very happy to say that I checked out WP Beans' comment and his portfolio. It just happened to be exactly what I've been looking for. So, thanks for letting him keep his link in the comments. I appreciate it. Keep up the great work!
  24. Hi Shaun. Great list! I maintain a WP Portfolio plugin called WP-Portfolio. It is a free plugin that supports custom uploaded images, lightbox, column or grid support and much more. However, the real focus is on automating a portfolio of web page screenshots (great for designers and referencing groups of websites) using ShrinkTheWeb's lifetime free accounts w/ optional freemium upgrades. I would love for you all to take a look at the latest major release v1.39 (2 days ago) and share your thoughts and feedback and consider it for inclusion in an update to this post or a follow-up. ;) Cheers! Brandon
  25. Juanfra Aldasoro says:
    Hey AJ! Great post. We at NiceThemes, have released Nice Portfolio recently. It's a great plugin, easy to use for any type of creator and plenty of hooks and templating system for designers and developers. Cheers!
  26. ukrnditsm says:
    Hi, friends, try the Grand Media plugin. Simply create albums, sort images by categories, add tags for images. Сool system for filtering images. Reads EXIF and Metadata, map geolocation (GPS) from files (tags, title, description). You can upload and manage your media library with free iOS App - Gmedia.
  27. Iftekhari says:
    Those who want to show their portfolio in the form of galleries can check out this plugin too - responsive Portfolio. It will expand a preview box and show a larger image along with multiple carousel images and some other content like title, description and buttons with links.
  28. Ervin Domonkos says:
    Hi Shaun, I'd like to suggest you yet another portfolio plugin that we've just pushed up to the WordPress plugin repo call a-folio. It shows projects in a responsive grid, where you can set the responsive breakpoints in wp-admin / plugin settings. Also it has a grid pattern editor that lets you use unlimited combinations of alignments.
  29. Charlinda Byrd says:
    Hello Shaun, thank you for this review! I'm new to the concept of grids and wonder which of these has an option for people to download the content of the grid? OptimisePress does it beautifully, where people when on the 'overlay' of the grid can choose to either preview the content or download it. Does this make sense? :)
  30. Anna Victoria says:
    Pretty good collection of portfolio plugins. Thanks for sharing. I want to add one best porfolio WordPress plugin in your list named Portfolio Designer. It has great features that any Portfolio WordPress plugin must have.

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