Upcoming Elegant Themes: Delicate News & Light Bright

I have some great news for all of you Elegant Themes fans and members. Nick has just informed us of 2 more upcoming themes that look freaking awesome!

The two new themes will be called Delicate News and LightBright. Both of which look to be very well designed and beautiful. As a member and affiliate of this premium theme site, I am exited to get a hold of these 2 themes for any future websites I may be cooking up. And if you are not a member and want to know what the hole deal is about, scroll down for my little explanation of Elegant Themes

Delicate News WordPress Theme

Delicate News is going to be another news-style website (as the name suggests) that is a bit less flashy then the previous one (the source) but just as elegant and beautiful.

Delicate News WordPress Theme

Light Bright WordPress Theme

Light Bright is a WordPress Theme that is inspired on other micro-blogging websites such as Tumblr. The idea behind this theme is that you will be able to create custom layouts for various types of content (photos, videos, quotes, links, etc). This way each type of post will have unique qualities.

LightBright WordPress Theme

What is Elegant Themes

If you havn’t heard of this site yet,  then it is about time. Elegant Themes is a Premium WordPress Theme website that works with a one time $19.95 membership and grants you access to all previous and future themes. Nick, the owner has released over 35 themes which makes each one around 50 cents or less. Basically, you will not find a cheaper theme anywhere else.

I have been a member and affiliate for this site for a long time and they have never let me down. The quality of all the themes is superb and so is the support. I would strongly recommend you check this site out if you want to pimp up your websites with some awesome designs.

Visit Elegant Themes

So what do you think? They look pretty cool huh…makes you want to join and get these themes as soon as they come out =)

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