Tweet & Get It WordPress Plugin Helps You Get More Followers

Tweet And Get It For WordPressThe other day I was doing a little browsing and I came across a new WordPress plugin called “Tweet & Get It” which you can download at the plugin directory. This plugin will allow you to set up your download links on your sites so users will first have to follow you on twitter in order to access the download.

For example if you are giving away music, ebooks, coupon codes, WordPres themes, icons, psds…etc only those that are currently following you on twitter will be able to access your giveaways.

Plugin Features

“The Tweet And Get It” plugin, although free, comes packed with all the features and options you’ll need to set up the plugin to best fit your needs.

  • Create as many buttons as you need, there is no limit
  • Set up a Tweet for each button you create
  • Upload all the files you want (check your WordPress settings for limitations >> max upload file size)
  • Get a shortcode for each button.
  • The shortcodes can be used in Posts / Pages / Widgets / Excerpts …
  • Full Dashboard to manage your buttons
  • Overview of all your shortcodes
  • Easily translate the plugin into your language
  • Tweet&Get it ! is already available in English, French and German.

Tweet And Get It Screenshot

How To Use The Plugin

The plugin is pretty self-explanatory but basically the way it works is you create a bunch of buttons, each linked to a specific download then you use the custom shortcode generated for each to add the button in your post editor. You can easily create as many buttons as you want and show them wherever you want..posts, pages, widgets, excerpts..etc.

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