WordPress Security Plugin by ThreatPress protects and monitors your web site by checking your site’s plugins & themes for known vulnerabilities, scanning for malware, blacklisting, phishing, injected spam from Google Safe Browsing servers, PhishTank, Malware domain list and Spamhaus ZEN.

If you are on the blacklist of any of the search engines, ThreatPress will let you know that your site has been compromised. WordPress is a secure platform but the most common security holes are found in poor coded WordPress plugins or themes. Therefore it is very important to add some extra layer security and monitoring to your web site.

With an increasing number of brute-force attacks, it is necessary to secure your WordPress login page. This plugin will help you with that. If a user fails to log into your web site, the plugin adds a short delay before you can try again. This stops hacker attacks to WordPress login page. It’s a simple and effective way to keep hackers away.

You can also force users to change their passwords periodically. Regular password expiry is a common requirement in many security policies. We recommend changing passwords every 120 days, or 4 months, so with this setting, you can force users to change their passwords after a certain number of days.

There are so many security plugins out there, but they can be overkill for bigger sites. ThreatPress security plugin is designed with performance in mind and it has a user-friendly interface for those who are not familiar with complex security settings.

ThreatPress Plugin Features

  • Checks your site’s plugins, themes and WordPress core against our database of vulnerabilities ThreatPress WordPress Vulnerabilities Database
  • Scans your site for WordPress core changes, known malware, blacklisting status, phishing, injected spam from Google Safe Browsing servers, PhishTank, Malware domain list and Spamhaus ZEN. ThreatPress SiteScan
  • Scheduled scans
  • Email alerts
  • Login protection to lock out brute force hacks
  • Password expiration
  • 100% focused on security and performance
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