SiteGround WordPress Hosting Giveaway (closed)

Just last week we introduced you to SiteGround’s awesome hosting options for WordPress. We even gave you a behind the scenes tour of what their GoGeek plan has to offer, and showed you just how easy it is to get your website setup. Well if you fell in love with SiteGround you’re in luck, because they’ve given us 3 hosting plans to give away to our awesome readers. Or if you don’t want to wait, just click the button to save up to 60% on SiteGround Hosting today!

Save 60% At SiteGround

SiteGround Giveaway

SiteGround is a great host to consider when looking for WordPress Hosting. They have supercharged features including affordable plans, one-click WordPress installation, auto updates to WordPress, daily website backups, round the clock support, top notch security, super fast servers plus more. Best of all, now is your chance to win FREE WordPress hosting for a year from SiteGround!

You read that right. Our friends at SiteGround have been kind enough to give us three (3) one-year subscriptions for their GoGeek hosting plan (a $359 value each) to giveaway to our readers. All you have to do is use the LockerDome widget below to enter for your chance to win. And remember to come back each day to retweet for even more entries 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So what are you waiting for? Enter now for a chance to win a GoGeek WordPress Hosting plan from SiteGround for an entire year completely for FREE. This includes support for multiple websites, 20GB of web space, includes a free domain name, SiteGround’s exclusive WordPress SuperCacher, a free year of SSL certification, priority SiteGround Support, an awesome staging module and so much more. To learn more about SiteGround, and to see the GoGeek plan features in detail checkout our SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review & Startup Guide. Or visit SiteGround to see what else this awesome host has to offer.

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Post Author: Kyla

Hi! My name is Kyla, and I'm the VP at WPE. Although I'm still new to WordPress, I love every bit and I have fun sharing what I learn with all of you!

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  1. LifeBot says:
    Siteground was my webhost of choice way back in 2007. Then I moved on. It would be nice to comeback from where I started to see what all changed. Nice to see it still around. Would love to win.
    • momalina says:
      Siteground is my new favorite yes! Awesome follow them on twitter #siteground. Great addition to wordpress.
    • NorCalDave says:
      Looking at new hosting service and Siteground looks to be a winner. Thanks for the info!
  2. osama says:
    Great giveaway , sitegroung is a great hosting option especially for wordpress
  3. Elmer Bautista (WebMaster) says:
    I win! :D
  4. Keely says:
    Good luck everyone. I've never tried WordPress Hosting so would love to try it out!
  5. MaxOz says:
    Great Giveaway thank you Siteground & WPExplorer
  6. Javier Piedragil says:
    Good oportunity to get free hosting!
  7. Dhaval Pathak says:
    Awesome giveaway.....I'm part of it...
  8. Sagar Gholap says:
    I'm really excited to be able to try out the GoGeek plan SiteGround offers. It's always better to be able to test things first than putting our hard-earned money in to something.. ;) I hope I win. Good luck to all! :)
  9. Denis says:
    Wow, that's really a big opportunity .. waiting for the prize and to start a good business
  10. Mairaj Pirzada says:
    Sounds fantastic! Entered the giveaway.. hoping to win.
  11. Rajiv Mohan says:
    I like site ground very much, its the best WordPress hosting recommended by many WordPress community leaders.
  12. Adewale Lagos says:
    I need a new host. I moved to WP Engine from Bluehost almost the same time AJ Moved WP Explorer over to them because AJ Clarke is one of the peeps i respect in the Wordpress community. WP Engine is cool but i had been paying through my Nostril to keep my business running. I first heard about Site Ground wordpress hosting on Shoutmeloud but am not convinced and now that my favorite website is talking about them, may i know if you have moved WP Explorer to Site Ground or you planned to. I need to win and move my other site to them for a start.
    • AJ Clarke says:
      AJ Clarke
      WPEngine is expensive, but it is worth it for us (we now use the Enterprise plan). That said, Siteground is also awesome (maybe equally) but much more affordable. I wish you luck on the giveaway!!
  13. Adewale Lagos says:
    I am looking to win one. I need alternative host
  14. paresh says:
    Thank you for the opportunity to earn free hosting account
  15. Bhavesh Patel says:
    I would love to win this opportunity for my Online Blood Bank Of Gujarat
  16. rmiller3000 says:
    I would love, love, love to win this hosting giveaway!
  17. Scott says:
    I have been using Siteground since 2008 and have never been disappointed. I have tried others, but always come back to sitebground. In fact, I just launched a new site on Siteground for one of my clients this morning.
  18. Heather says:
    I'd love to try Siteground's WordPress hosting
  19. lagalga says:
    Pretty nice contest! :)
  20. momalina says:
    Good Luck guys :-)
  21. Betty says:
    Really could really use a GoGeek hosting plan.
  22. Paul Bruckshaw says:
    Thank you for the excellent giveaway, this will be very useful as my current hosting is due to end shortly.
  23. Daniel Luzz says:
    Muito obrigado e parabéns pela campanha.
  24. tiagotiago Rocha says:
    I've been using siteground for more than a year. They're awesome, fast an easy to work with. Their support services is amazing.
  25. Tony says:
    Thank you for this amazing giveaway and hope I am the lucky winner!
  26. Amit Mojumder says:
    wow, thats a huge thing. would love to get a free account on site ground for wordpress experimentation.
  27. pabloluisrey says:
    seems great, the only thing that kept me out of siteground is the fact that they don't accept paypal, but their cache based on varnish seems great
  28. Adil Sudan says:
    Thank you
  29. Bailey Dexter says:
    I've been looking into this for awhile now, sounds like an amazing prize! Thanks for the chance to win!
  30. Nik Cree says:
    Does SiteGround have servers in Australia?
    • AJ Clarke says:
      AJ Clarke
      I'm not sure to be honest, but I do know they support the CloudFlare CDN.
  31. John says:
  32. Husayn Jamal says:
    Thanks to the awesome people at SiteGround and WPExplorer for this giveaway. I've never used anything other than a shared hosting plan, so I'm looking forward to trying Wordpress specific hosting
  33. premine says:
    I use siteground on one of my projects and it's a really kick-ass hosting.
  34. Paulo. (@paulo_vida) says:
    SiteGround in Brazilian lands! You awesome!!
  35. vuongdaovan says:
    Hope I'll win! :)
  36. Tan Nguyen says:
    I have used SiteGround for awhile now and have great experience with them. Hope to win to continue using their service.
  37. Red Jun Suminguit says:
    Wow! Another cool giveaway from WPExplorer and SiteGround! Thank you!
  38. Brian Meagher says:
    What a great giveaway! I'm looking at changing hosts, and so far, SiteGround is winning! Now, if only I could.... :)
  39. thuita says:
    WPexplorer is always a productive read ...
  40. Junpri Bintang says:
    This is a great giveaway. I am a fan of Wordpress, and I will be love to host my wordpress in Siteground.
  41. Webdesign Stuttgart says:
    Like it ! :-)
  42. rudzwijaya90 says:
    Great!! I would like to say this is great to know such a free hosting giveaway! Thank you for the program, I want to win it!
  43. Nathan Yiangsupapaanontr says:
    I recently viewed SiteGround's web hosting plans and thought that the prices were worth the specifications of the host.
  44. Robby Akasi Pradana says:
    good giveaway :)
  45. bquerrywp says:
    Would love to win a year of hosting!
  46. Fred says:
    Looking foward to winning and creating my portfolio site.
  47. Art says:
    Awesome giveaway deal ;)
  48. Lamberbee says:
    I have a request for moving an Woocommerce webshop to a faster hosting service. Would Siteground be a good choice, even if the location of the webshop is in Europe?
  49. Consuelo says:
    SiteGround is a highly respected WordPress hosting provider. Love to win one of the hosting plans.
  50. Tate says:
    Heard about SiteGround for a while now, it would be awesome to test it out for a year :)
  51. Nick Papamichail says:
    Good luck everyone, thank you Siteground & WPExplorer
  52. Robert says:
    Would be AWESOME to switch to hosting provider with better WP performance.
  53. Nicolas Messer says:
    Lot of buzz around SiteGround these days...would be lovely to win a subscription to their hosting plan and see what all the talk is about.
  54. danny says:
    Would love to try out their hosting! I'm trying to get away from my reseller account and this would be great to try out!
  55. Andrea Colombo says:
    Thumbs up for SiteGround. Nice giveaway, I hope to win
  56. Ruthie Chinyere says:
    So far I really love Siteground. I use them for all my projects.
  57. ncishecki says:
    I love contests! :) Would love to win this chance for a host.
  58. Christina says:
    What a great prize!!! This would really help out with the start up cost for my freelance business. Thanks for all the great blogs too.
  59. Michael says:
    This looks good - would love to put a few clients on this platform to compare to GoDaddy hosting. If it compares favorably, would move up to 25 accounts over.
  60. Marcelo Gerais says:
    wow! im really apreciate to experiment the siteground host! im getting a lot of bugs with dreamhost and ipage
  61. valentin says:
    Would love to win a year of hosting!
  62. Eloise says:
    What's not to love about fast, reliable, and affordable (free) wordpress web hosting.
  63. Trisha Cupra says:
    Siteground is the hosting company that comes up every time a group of WP developers and designers talk about hosting.
  64. Andrew says:
    This is so cool of them to do this
  65. Ingram says:
    I love siteground
  66. Sandipan Mukherjee says:
    Best of luck to myself :D
  67. Andita Sely Bestoro says:
    Wow, I won. Thank you AJ. And many thanks to WPExplorer and SiteGround. :)
    • Kyla says:
      Congrats! We hope you enjoy your year of free hosting :-)
  68. Trisha Cupra says:
    I'm a winner! Thanks heaps for the prize!
    • Kyla says:
      No problemo - SiteGround was awesome to give us 3 plans to giveaway. Enjoy your prize :-)

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