Several Moodle users today, are turning towards WordPress as a marketing, e-commerce and blogging solution, to popularize their e-learning website and increase sales. However, since WordPress and Moodle are two independent platforms, having users navigate across both can affect their experience – and not in a good way.

Well, one option to ease a learner’s plight is to make the login and course access simpler. And that’s exactly what the Single Sign On extension for Edwiser Bridge does.

With the Single Sign On extension, users can simultaneously log into either the Moodle and linked WordPress site, by entering login credentials only once. It works both ways! A user can log into either the Moodle or WordPress website, and be logged into the corresponding WordPress and Moodle sites respectively.

Logout works just as well too, by having to perform the action only once, students do not need to worry about not logging out from both websites.

With a simple setup, this plugin assists WordPress-Moodle integration and makes it easy for users to access both sites, as they have only a single set of credentials that they need to keep in mind.

A shortcode is also available, that can be placed anywhere on the WordPress website to allow login.

This plugin works seamlessly with the WooCommerce-Moodle Integration plugin too.

Single Sign On Plugin Features

  • User is logged into Moodle when he/she logs into WordPress
  • User is logged into WordPress when he/she logs into Moodle
  • Simultaneous logout from WordPress & Moodle when logged out from Moodle
  • Simultaneous logout from WordPress & Moodle when logged out from WordPress
  • Shortcode to display login link on WordPress
  • Translation ready and Language Packs included